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  1. Аccording to forecasts of analysts and experts in the field of crypto currency, bitcoin will grow in 2018 so it makes sense to invest even now, even now it's not too late
  2. Whether correctly I understood DRC it, as a matter of fact, there will be a big holdnig from many companies?
  3. I am attracted by the fact that every owner of an electronic wallet holding at least 1 DRC is a member of the Diamond Reserve Club and has rights, privileges and is eligible for benefits in accordance with its membership level - the more tokens, the higher the membership level
  4. I heard that the tokens of the Recoin will be preserved. Since one of the main goals of the REcoin Group was to function within the framework of the law, I understand that is why there have been changes
  5. In my opnion important to note that the Diamond Spare Coin is hedged by physical diamonds stored in secure locations in the United States and is fully insured for their full cost. Since one of the main goals of the REcoin Group was functioning within the framework of the law, this is a competent decision, especially since the precious metals market has always been popular and in demand
  6. The rejection of real estate in the direction of diamonds is a necessity because of the requirements of the USA legislation. Since one of the main objectives of the REcoin Group was to function within the law, this measure was taken solely for action within the law
  7. ICO REcoin started yesterday. The first investments were made. Someone will invest in this money? interested to hear your thoughts.
  8. Before investing it is important to understand what will be the volotility at the river, how much the course will grow, let's look at the week and if activity goes to invest 500 dollars, not more to start.
  9. I heard about the new crypto currency, protected by the US law, which should just be released in August 2017, its advantage is also that it passed full registration in accordance with US law.
  10. I have a positive attitude to new crypto-currencies, so if you do not want to take risks in the etherium you can invest in new crypto-currencies that will soon enter the market.
  11. one of benefit is banks and other financial institutions are required to keep personal records of all customers. A cryptocurrency system only records anonymous deposit and withdrawal addresses for each transaction without requiring any personal information. But have you heard about a new analog currency? It's true, there are not so many crypto-stores in which full compliance with the US law and guaranteed purchase of RECoin by 70% of its current market, if something will make concessions. In addition, this new currency has already been registered in accordance with US law, and this inspires confidence.

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