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  1. lol who knows who knows maybe new idea not be that pretty than with real estate
  2. I agree. Problems can be at all and they have found a good way out.
  3. i like how many of platforms is in the club and just tell story you can get a tokens
  4. yes i think too. bad that some people don't understand this
  5. i also don't like it but i think if they could, they would not change their idea. diamonds are not such a bad investment, their price is also stable and high.
  6. I think about investing in recoin or not. Wanna wait couple of days
  7. ahhahaaha lol that is me when recoin will start ICO
  8. Bitcoin is not good for business at all but some other crypto like ETH or ReCoin will be good. ETH because it popular and has a hight price, and ReCoin because it will be support by real estate in the future
  9. have that they a 70% return if you want to sell your tokens urgently?
  10. Closer to the end of August everything will return back to the crazy jumps, then.
  11. i am added to my list ReCoin too
  12. that is what i do too lol but is not good time fo buying BTC
  13. lol they has its own currency? or they paid real money: dollars, euro etc?
  14. ok guys, i mean that this operation has to many risk for to do it now, when we can't see all stage of develop ReCoin, It is REALLY good crypto, but for sure more of them is cool on the White Paper.