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  1. i think they just upgraded style not tech aspects or smth like that
  2. that is a fact! B U T creator should know about that trouble when think about ICO
  3. they should do it with out change real estate for smth new
  4. I liked the idea of real estate and it was really good. I believe that the creators did not go away from this so easily and find a way out. It is not right. Now you will try with diamonds and if something goes wrong again change direction again? I don't like it and what happened at all
  5. Well. How much did you invest in the ICO when it just started? I invested in ReCoin 1000$ yesterday. Did it enough or too much?
  6. I thought that the ReCoin would be popular, but 100 000? It is very much and it is so good! btw i invested 1000$ in it. Is there anyone else here who invested? how much?
  7. BTC trading is stressful too lol just leave this here...
  8. Small business may not be afraid, but it's big... Especially since none of the Silicon Valley not begins to talk about it, until then there will be problems with this.
  9. I don't believe something like this. Forex trading is also bullshit many of people lose a lot of money
  10. I am agree. I think until the end of the year it will be near 3000$
  11. Let's see how successfully it will working. But this already inspires confidence, despite some angry comments above
  12. Of course ETH. But I think that soon ReCoin will also be added here, because currencies with such a huge ecosystem and support have not yet been rise.