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  1. I mean the documents and licenses that are issued to bookmakers for work.
  2. e-Chat. Earn and communication

    but only on the e-chat. i will try but now i'm like 🤔
  3. e-Chat. Earn and communication

    true ahah. i waited when it happened and now we are here
  4. e-Chat. Earn and communication

    wow, progress. now you can literally earn on your likes :D i hear about smth like that before in some app
  5. I think so because there are people who are easier to go somewhere and betting than do it online. I do not see anything wrong with having an offline office, maybe someone wants to get cash
  6. if they have a development plan for the next couple of years, then they could think about it. many of the bets are done in these offices.
  7. Will there be representative offices in some countries, where people can come and do a bet?
  8. yes, you are right, but most of them surrendered before ICO ends if you know what i mean :D

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