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  1. why they can't?
  2. really? more reliable? bitcoin is jump as fuck it CAN'T be more reliable. some new crypto like ETH, litecoin, Recoin in the future is reliable, but bitcoin going to hell for a while
  3. I think the hardware is more expensive then buy a few coins
  4. most of currencies are very fast only BTC so slow etc so REcoin will be good in it
  5. Thank you, I'm doing it. for now I think for other purposes we need to wait for the development of this currency, and only then to decide.
  6. I think that this is the main goal of this currency, so with this problem will not be. I wonder how it will behave for other purposes?
  7. lol he said easy but true. i will find it funny: future when for al of important things for life, like cars, dress, food and etc we have some new cryptocurrency. this look like a future where we have all things for rent. recoin is only first step to this
  8. on the other news about august i think it is normal for cryptocurrency. in the one time all buying or selling. but yes, right now people are sell they crypto and currency falled
  9. The best way to make money with Bitcoin is to take the long view. The goal of any trading should be to increase your BTC stash over time and watch its USD value grow
  10. I would cash out half of my money from wallet, and I cashed half, because it is not known what will happen in the next six months. Well, we must live on something.
  11. Wow! That is something new. I think ReCoin will be great cryptocurrency. Where i can read more for it? In addition to their site.
  12. 1. Bitcoin is very slow, because it needs to be count up, every block is time. You can choose another currency like Ethereum, where it takes less time. 2. But if you want to sell bitcoin or exchange, it takes 30 minutes.
  13. wow, that is cool. I think no one expected this, only in dreams
  14. Agrees, in part with gold. In general, I think that it is worth investing now, because in 10 years there will be no sense. I think in 10 years it will be a way of storing money, but not buying and selling.