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  1. Will there be some instruction for beginners to understand such transactions?
  2. Have you already heard about REcoin?? http://www.cryptocoinupdates.com/recoin-the-first-ever-cryptocurrency-backed-by-realty-verifies-token-pre-sale-as-well-as-ico-introduce-dates/ "REcoin provides both investors and the average person a safer, more secure and superior alternative to storing their wealth in the form of digital currency" - I found this information on their website.
  3. I think their number will increase gradually, as the level of trust will increase too.
  4. How many BTC did you buy last week? Did you buy more or less?
  5. I think it simplifies transactions with the purchase of real estate, which is very important for people, right?
  6. What's going to happen after the hard fork in August? What do you think about this article? https://www.quora.com/Whats-going-to-happen-after-the-hard-fork-in-August-Will-Bitcoin-end-like-ETH-and-ETC
  7. Should I sell Ethereum that I purchased at $350 or wait? What are your thoughts?
  8. I will follow twitter of REcoin Love new information! Want to tell my father about "investing in the most widely known and trusted global charities"
  9. How do you make money with bitcoins? Let's talk
  10. Which has a promising future other than Bitcoin and Ethereum? I mean Ripple and Litecoin, who will be the best?
  11. Why is bitcoin the most popular cryptocurrency? On my mind Bitcoin already has established infrastructure. What do you think??
  12. Look. Just like sending Bitcoins anywhere. You get a receive address from the new wallet. Then, you go to your old wallet, and send the funds to the receive address of the new wallet. That’s it!