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  1. Why in the list of countries there are no such as France, Germany and Singapore? These countries have stable economic development.
  2. I want to know your opinion. Bitcoins price drop coincides with the messages about the recoin start. It is an accident? Or did investors turn their attention to the new crypto currency?
  3. I think another aspect is very important. The fiat currencies do not provide an opportunity to invest for average person with an average income from a less developed country. A ReCoin provides this opportunity. This is useful for crypto currency, it is useful for the world economy, it is useful for an ordinary person. The three advantages that the recoin provides are a good chance of success.
  4. Speed-up of transactions is due to the use of "blockchain" technology. I intuitively understand how this happens, but I can not explain it to you in a qualified manner. All data on real estate and its history and all data about the buyer's finances are stored in an encrypted form. The buyer and seller agree to the transaction. Change of ownership and transfer of money occurs automatically in a few seconds. The commission costs for this form of transaction are significantly less than in the case of bank transfers. A notary and a broker are also unnecessary. The technology is called "blockchain". You can easily find information.
  5. I think the main idea is not "simplification of transactions." To expedite and simplify transactions, special crypto currency is not needed. I think the main idea is to create an exclusive crypto currency, which will be provided with reliable tangible assets. ReCoin retains all the technological advantages of the crypto currency, but ReCoin is provided with real estate.
  6. I think that the idea of combining the crypto-currency with real estate is genius. Now ReCoin will cause more confidence. People who have conservative views about money will trust this crypto currency more than other crypto-currencies.
  7. I wonder how the fluctuations in real estate prices will affect the value of ReCoin. But in any case, real estate is a good guarantee for investors.
  8. I think it's very good. Crypto-currency, protected by real estate, will be well received by people. Conservative people will be much easier to accept the idea of crypto currency.
  9. I do not agree! Perhaps someone who makes a bet on a new unknown currency will make a significant profit. When the etherium appeared, it was not immediately perceived as an opportunity for serious investments. And now he almost became a leader! High incomes can only be at high risk
  10. ReCoin is a new proprietary cryptocurrency and is designed for a broad range of financial transactions while being backed by real estate held by 101ReCoin Trust in countries with developed and stable economy: USA, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, Switzerland.
  11. Do you think that people are not interested in implementing a blockchain in the real estate industry? Transactions with real estate are very expensive because of the need to pay for the work of realtors and lawyers. A blockchain removes this need. Of course, any transactions are not as important as health. But this is also a part of our life.
  12. I think that such arguments were also in those days when gold coins were introduced, and at the time when paper bills were introduced, and at the time when securities were introduced. Since the Crypto-currencies follow the same path, it can be predicted that they will become a natural means of payment
  13. It is necessary to get used to an unstable course. It'll be this way forever. This is the essence of exchange trades. If your character is so vulnerable, you will often face minor and major shocks.
  14. Non-financial use of detachment develops much faster than financial. This is a new level of storage and distribution of any information. The most important is the aiming spread. This can be storage and access to medical data, real estate transactions or control of food quality (as announced in China). It's just that people pay more attention to money.
  15. Bitcoin can be regarded as the currency of another country. For the euro, do not buy goods in the USA, and for a dollar do not buy goods in Madrid. Bitcoin is the currency of a country called the "Future". This future-currency already exists in the country "Now", but still has a limited scope.