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  1. BURP

    Could someone see if this project could be re-whitelisted? I have been receiving work.
  2. That is good for pool for maybe a month or so, till you get 150 - 500 GRC, then you can dip your feet into solo.
  3. @i7-8700k - love the nickname Try pool mining for a while - divert a few machines to it. Lovely to see more newbies - more people means a more secure people. @sacpop@untitled373 - You can use the exchanges if you want
  4. Is the CPU a Xeon? For pool mining, run LHC or Cosmology. Not many people like the hassle of LHC as it takes up Hard drive and memory but Cosmology, if you set it to 50% of cores at 100% util, it will get you some grc. Xeons are good at virtualization and Cosmology likes virtualization. You could have it so that in the day, you run Rosetta and Seti and at night, run Cosmology.
  5. Go pool mine for a few weeks to start staking youselves. You can just divert 1 or 2 rigs to gaining starter coins. An i5-6600k should get you 7-8 mag if BOINCing 24-7.
  6. @acandra007@symyk@Verhaeghe Louis@whyismyskingreen - try pool mining - most people in need of Gridcoin for staking - including myself - are mining in a pool. Pool mining is to some degree, simpler.
  7. Yes, some websites that provide information on other websites said that the domain had expired. The faucet was dry anyway.
  8. Cosmology@Home

    What specs on the CPU? The android devices are fine but the cpu... Definitely be a big part of a small group. My highest RAC is in Cosmology@Home. GPU projects are generally very competitive so I'd advise them unless you have a gpu. VGTU is fine as well. look on gridcoin.io
  9. I personally think that the best way is to do pool mining.
  10. Thing is, this is a site that is somewhat suspicious, I want to say. There are also other sites that do this. The things you need to do are not that great. Mostly ads and possibly would sell personal information. I would advise against it.
  11. To choose which projects to run, look at the graph on gridcoin.io - there is a graph for cpu profitability
  12. Cosmology@Home

    Seems fine now. This is a great project for CPU.

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