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  1. What specs on the CPU? The android devices are fine but the cpu... Definitely be a big part of a small group. My highest RAC is in Cosmology@Home. GPU projects are generally very competitive so I'd advise them unless you have a gpu. VGTU is fine as well. look on gridcoin.io
  2. I personally think that the best way is to do pool mining.
  3. Thing is, this is a site that is somewhat suspicious, I want to say. There are also other sites that do this. The things you need to do are not that great. Mostly ads and possibly would sell personal information. I would advise against it.
  4. To choose which projects to run, look at the graph on gridcoin.io - there is a graph for cpu profitability
  5. Try pool mining.
  6. Seems fine now. This is a great project for CPU.
  7. Rain is where gridcoin is randomly sent to everyone, I believe. like raining money except its grc .
  8. There is not much in terms of faucets. Try pool mining. How do you make it rain?
  9. - As not many people are willing to give out GRC right now, try pool mining.
  10. @#Coiner@ZombieWorm@GRC_Son@HassanShebli@golondrina@DaVeCor - As not many people are willing to give out GRC right now, try pool mining.
  11. For all those Newbies out there that are unable to get starter coins, consider pool mining.
  12. @johnmiller - The blk0001.dat is the blockchain. the client will sync automatically from now on, as long as it is open. Judging by the directory location, you are using Windows. I have experienced issues with the Windows client. The magnitude and stuff do not show right, though the blocks and transactions work right. It is good that you got the blockchain to sync. I find that many newbies seem to have trouble with the syncing part. @Zwirzu - If you are unable to get starter coins, many people are pool mining. pool.gridcoin.co or grcpool.com are the only gridcoin pools I know of. I'd love to know how you got the RPi client set up as I an still trying to figure that out. At night, I recommend that you get a large battery that you can charge with the solar panel so that in the daytime, the battery can use the extra power to charge itself and at night, it can power the RPi.
  13. For syncing, don't do it through the client, do it manually. even if you are pool mining, you still need to sync to the blockchain. Download the snapshot manually and copy the contents of the zip into the data directory.
  14. In what way are they not working?
  15. Also, what hardware are y'all mining on? Some projects will give you rewards faster than others, depending on your hardware. If you have an R9 280x or something similar, Go with Milkyway@home - It utilizes FP64 and that gen of GPUs accel at FP64