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  1. Yes, cryptocurrency can be used in stores and you can buy or sell things with it and most of the stores now accepted bitcoin as a currency. Although the price of bitcoin can be changed it will be no effect of buying or selling things from stores. forex reversal
  2. "Dear Trader, I am very happy to share some information about the brand new "Scalping Detector" indicator with you! Thank you very much for your interest! It's a unique scalping indicator for MT4 (Not EA/Robot) that works on ALL pairs and M1, M5 timeframes. "Scalping Detector" comes with a step-by-step user guide with screenshots, special tips and trading rules. It will help you get the most out of this new indicator. Every time there is a new trading opportunity, "Scalping Detector" will generate a new BUY or SELL Signal. Whenever a new signal is generated - "Scalping Detector" will inform you via pop-up sound alert, email alert or a push notification sent to your mobile. IMPORTANT: Signals NEVER repaint. If you get a new signal, it will stay there. The indicator WILL NOT change its mind and reposition the signal. "Scalping Detector" has also been equipped with a new Smart Exit feature that generates special exit signals which identify optimal opportunities to close your trades - before you even get a new opposite signal! The new Smart Exit feature combined with our special unique BUY/SELL algorithms enable "Scalping Detector" to give you reliable and powerful signals that you can use to make easy and profitable trades. No repaint, powerful and reliable BUY/SELL signals, special Smart Exit feature, 3 types of signal alerts and multiple trading styles will ensure the best results possible. I am 100% confident that you will be happy with the brand new "Scalping Detector" indicator. Get your own copy right now: https://bit.ly/2wgtboF To Your Success!"
  3. Best plan should be holding and I hope the market will rise again soon so we should not be negative about Bitcoin and should think positive. Click Here For More Info
  4. Binary Options Trading is the Fastest Way to Make Big Profits - up to 90% Profit / Trade at Every 30 Seconds! Close Option is a Powerful Binary Options Broker! USA Customers are Welcome! Special Promotion - 20$ Binary Options No Deposit Bonus and Free Entry to Weekly 300$ Binary Options Contest! Click Here to Open An Account for 20$ Binary Options No Deposit Bonus You can experience excitement, fun, and risk-free profits with participating in Binary Options Contest in Close Option Company. Contests will be held in similar environment of Real account and winners will have lots of prizes! If you want to Invest, Minimum Deposit is JUST 5$ and you can deposit using PayPal, Web Money, Perfect Money, Cryptocurrencies and More! On Close Option Trading Platform you can trade Currencies Pairs and Crypto Currencies Pairs!
  5. Daily 4-5 Signals Daily Gain 200+ Pips Weekly Gain 700+ Pips Monthly Gain 3000+ Pips Free trade Sl ,Tp, entry https://t.me/INCForexsignalsPro
  6. The Worldcore platform is known for its high quality. It has become a member of various influential organizations: Emerging Payments Association, Euro Banking Association and Ethereum Enterprise Alliance. - The world-known payment platform has announced a number of update packages including the creation of the new wallet for one of the most influential cryptocurrencies, new features for the users, notable collaborations. Worldcore Exchange
  7. https://worldcore.trade/ is a New cryptocurrency trading platform. You can buy and sell Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Ethereum, etc. The lowest fee on the market! Worldcore.trade
  8. I agree with GRANAT that youtube is the best place to have and get some good information about cryptocurrencies and ICO. You can find a lot of videos about cryptocurrency and other ICO to learn about it and you can make a good profit with the help of youtube videos. international payment services
  9. Learn a Complete Profitable Forex Strategy Learn Objective Entries and Exits Learn The Most Profitable PATTERN in Forex Market Learn Real Forex Trading here, for FREE!!! Click on the link to access this amazing 9 Days Video Course: http://fxtradingformula.com/complete-forex-strategy-t/
  10. The world-known payment platform has announced a number of update packages including the creation of the new wallet for one of the most influential cryptocurrencies, new features for the users, notable collaborations. - Worldcore ICO raised over $25m - Trade the world's first token of well-established EU-regulated payment platform operating for over 3 years. WRC token trading is LIVE on HitBTC and OKex
  11. Worldcore is a money transfer service that has provided banking services since 2014. Worldcore recently announced plans to launch cryptocurrency services while developing its own blockchain technology. As part of the company’s plan, they’ve announced an ICO in October 2017. Token holders gain a cut of Worldcore’s profit. WRC Token
  12. I have bought a lot of WRC tokens recently in ICO. WRC token ICO raised over $25 million. I am planning to buy more because I think it is time to buy While such a low cost - it's time to buy.
  13. Yes, I also agree with TROPYC we should use private sales after a lot of research and care because some may be a scam and you can lose your money. payout solution
  14. Which is the best Cryptocurrency exchange? Bittrex or Binance? Free Forex Signals
  15. Anyone have a experience with youoption.de? I saw, that they have a leverage up to 1:200 in crypto?

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