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  1. I agree completely. Coin Dev needs to take a serious look at all of the other coins that had to be hard forked and KGW added
  2. Have you stopped and restarted the wallet? (make sure it actually quits) What does the debug.log show? (last 10-20 lines)
  3. Try opening the debug window -> console and typing in addnode add addnode add addnode add
  4. I have just launched a MPL pool: http://mpl.coinmining.pw/
  5. Also, make [several] backups of your wallet.dat file - Every OTHER file in the fastcoinsha directory can be deleted (just NOT wallet.dat) (make backups!) Personally i encrypt the wallet and store them on a specific thumb drive (only ever used to backup coin wallets) - just never forget the password
  6. addnode= as well Also, what is getting outputted in debug.log (say like last 25-50 lines)
  7. What's the point? Pretty much everyone has stopped mining on my UNB pool, because of all the FUD people were spreading.
  8. There is no 'fix' - As long as the Diff is high enough so that 1 second passes before the next block is found, then everything is perfectly fine...
  9. If you have worker banning enabled, and the low level hashers keep sending you stale shares, they will absolutely be banned - but they are not DDoS-ing you
  10. I highly doubt a coin with no value is being DDoSd - they cost real money. The more logical explanation is your MySQL is choking on the volume of AJAX data being calculated or your stratum-mining is being exhausted of work threads
  11. Now that the DIff has adjusted and those folks with Big ASICs have moved onto a different pool / coin, the pool is fine. I patently refuse to be called a Fraud, when i've spent hours, upon hours now trying to fix an issue that MPOS shouldn't even have (or a coin developer should know about this problem and protected against it)
  12. That fix was committed 10 months ago... https://github.com/MPOS/php-mpos/issues/66 I am running a version of MPOS from two-three weeks ago. All of the 'unknown' block finders have gone away. I spent most of last night resolving double payout detected and the upstream share issue.... all manually. The problem was every time findblock.php would run, it would only check a single block, then exit with something that's not supposed to be a fatal error (according to the Wiki), so the process took several hours, until the Diff got high enough to where more than 1 second would pass between valid blocks being found.
  13. Tonight, I am spending whatever amount of time it takes to audit the shares data that stratum-mining provides. When complete, I will make manual payouts to coin addresses listed in your account. If all you submitted were stale shares, then you will not be receiving any coins...very simple. Then I will be decommissioning the UNB pool. Thus if you want your UNB coin get it now. Any UNB left in the wallet after March 23rd 00:00:00 GMT will be donated to the UNB faucet and/or sent to the coin developer for him to use as he sees fit. I'm out - I refuse to be forced to spend hours upon hours, without any form of compensation or even appreciation, just to be called a Fraud, because the software I have chosen to deploy is unable to properly deal with the situation. Edit: Combine that with the fact that folks in #mpos are less than helpful in actually resolving these problems, I really have no other choice but to avoid future SHA-256d coins, who don't employ some form of protection against this very well known problem....
  14. Have you submitted a pull request? I cannot just blindly go in and hack MPOS without any knowledge of what's happening under the hood. If this is a proper solution, then it should get added to MPOS, and I will upgrade immediately.
  15. After examining the database, nearly all of your shares have results like this: Duplicate share, Job 'f8b' not found, Job '1018' not found, Job 'f73' not found, Job 'f1d' not found so exactly what am I supposed to pay you, when mostly what was received was stale shares?

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