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  1. do we need to report something here? our retweets and reposts? facebook link is wrong, %20https// , please correct
  2. 3PDDu93ep7vtS2hzcZC9RoLE4hzkbT8WTC2
  3. sorry for ask, is there a price in waves? What price?
  4. how can i request the coupon, i already click in the link, what i got to do now?
  5. What i need to do to receive, i already like the medium post?
  6. Coin for free does not hurt anyone but I think it is not more active. I put my wallet and so far nothing.
  7. Where can i get more informations about your coin?
  8. i follow your coin on twitter if giveaway is active here is my wallet address: GXVydhe7sfwqb3q1h4Wp4GwU4CNMKXerU7 if isn't, i'm still following and good luck with your project dev