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  1. Because the difficulty is high (2814), so I think your hashrate is not enough :) My pool has some errors, so I lost all payment, but I noted all addresses that has high hashrate, I use the pool coins to send them coin back by inbox to me. Believe that or not. It's up to you. If you can't mine at my pool, you can visit findblocks.com, his pool is stable.
  2. Could you who mined my pool please inbox me I'ill send you coins. Hope you all join my pool again. Thanks a lot!
  3. We public this premine at novaexchange.com, this premine is for our ICO project. If you don't happy with it, please choose another coin to mine :)
  4. Sorry for my late reply, I will inspect the problems and answer as so as possible.
  5. You can create an account from referral link from other accounts. The wallet and web client is coming soon.
  6. [ANN][ICO] BitdealCoin - A coin for Sharing Economy and Shopping Deals What is Bitdeal? Bitdeal = Cryptocurrency + Sharing Economy + Industrial Revolution 4.0 Bitdeal Coin aim to provide professional trading and exchange tools within the legal boundaries and with a strong technological and legal protection of financial assets. The ecosystem we are launching on the global market includes instruments for regular users and private cryptocurrencies investors, as well as for institutional investors and financial organizations. Why you should join? It does not matter if you want to use BDL for trading, longterm investment or day-to-day financial activities, with BDL you will always be gaining value. The entire ecosystem will be governed by this power algorithm based on predetermined formulas, written by professional economists. Bitdeal Ecosystem Roadmap Bitdeal Coin Specifications Total amount: 300,000,000 BDL Block rewards: 50 BDL Hashing algorithm: Scrypt Network: POW Block size: 1 MB Block time: 2.5 min ______________________________________________________________________ Home page: https://bitdeal.co Block Explorer: https://explorer.bitdeal.co.in Mining Pool: http://sg.bitdeal.co.in, http://findblocks.com Wallet: https://bitdeal.co.in

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