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  1. doge pool -- expected time to block = 355 hrs you have 200Khs at would appear ---- lol and you are complaining about payout ----- FInd another pool. You dont have enough hashrate by yourself. I have 5x your hashrate, and I would not attempt the DOGE pool with my 1Mhs the pool has never found a block --- and eta of 355Hrs is a very long time! You will probably never find a block in a high difficulty coin pool with your hashrate! you really need to learn how to look at the pool stats before attempting to mine something like DOGE for a couple or few hours, and expect to find a block / get payout. 355hrs is over 10 days of 24-7 mining ---- you haven't been in doge pool for even 1 day! So stop your crying!
  2. Im sorry to hear that... (1) doge is a very difficult coin, and without any miners in that pool, you have very little chance of finding a block. (2) Your payout for next block did not vanish! It is still there The NEW web-stats is new and a beta & the code to show inactive miners payouts is incomplete/missing I did not write this new web-stats ---- i am waiting on the github source to update it. (3) There is a link up top of new web-stats page to view the old "classic" web-stats page. there you will see your address & payout for next block is still there. It did not get erased/reset/vanish. If someone gets in doge pool and finds a block, you should still get a payout when a block gets found. (4) don't like Independant no-peers/nodes --- go try p2pool.org instead.... you will have to split payouts with 100's of miners on ALL the connected peer pools and nodes. you Will NOT get that BIG payout there as you would if a block were to be found on our pool! (5) The reason you have a BIG payout upon next block found is because our pools are NOT connected to other pools! This is why our P2POOLS payout MUCH more than those pools on nodes, per block found. (6) our pools will NEVER connect to other nodes/peers/pools not share code for pools to connect to ours. (7) we use bitmessage and not irc, because bitmessage runs off of cryptocoin p2p and we support cryptocoins. although, we may consider IRC in the future. There are alot of pools with no or few miners, and other pools that are very busy & paying out for lots of blocks, and in those pools, the miners are VERY happy with the payouts they are consistantly getting. You should have paid attention to the pools stats, especially where it says EXPECTED TIME TO BLOCK and the LAST BLOCK(s) FOUND ------ then you probably would have known better! Perhaps some of the unproductive pools will be removed shortly in the future, such as DOGE. Our main strength is the NEW COINS that do not appear on any other P2POOLS Those are the pools that attract most miners to the site --- not DOGE and other coins on p2pool.org Our MRS marscoin p2pool is finding over 30% of the blocks! I would suggest giving up doge and mining MRS which is already on cryptorush, and soon to be on cryptsy for a much higher exchange rate. do what you like. LOL.
  3. Some Noob asked why there where several addresses showing up in payouts on the SAT p2pool that were no longer mining... guess he is clueless as to how p2pools work: Miners buildup earnings for the NEXT block found by the pool. If the pool hasn't found many blocks, and there is not alot of miners in pools, inactive miners who are still eligible for payouts when the next block or blocks are found. If more active miners join pool and build up earnings, the inactive miners payouts will be decreased as the active miners earnings increase, until the inactive miners reach 0 payout. This is true of all p2pools. in p2pools, it is not uncommon for inactive miners to sometimes get paid for several net blocks, however, the payout amounts are less and less each payout. especially when a pool isnt very active or full of big miners. P2POOLs do not receive nor hold YOUR coins like those sign-up mining pools do. Payouts are immediate upon the pool finding a block - everytime a block gets found. p2pool payouts are different than sign-up pools: miners are paid out as transactions in the found block by the pool, and works just like a solo mined block - and not a payout from some wallet address. solo mined blocks are called "Generated" blocks. Generated blocks require 'x' number of confirmations ( ie. more blocks in blockchain ) before they will actually show up in the wallet balance. They are "IMMATURE" until then. when the p2pool finds a block, payouts are immediate. to check your wallet for payout(s) from ANY p2pool: in QT-wallet console - type: listtransactions 20 or for command-line: saturncoind listtransactions 20 and it will show the last 20 transactions in your wallet. the p2pool payouts will list under "CATEGORY: IMMATURE" and show amounts & # of confirmations these are your payouts! As the blockchain gets more blocks, the IMMATURES will become MATURE ( CATEGORY: GENERATED ) and then will show up in your wallet balance. - the same exact way a solo-mined block works.
  4. the P2POOL isn't a scam pool and they have good support via bitmessenger
  5. Try the SAT P2POOL... They were doing very well yesterday. The server went down around 3am and was down 4hrs because some hackers tried to steal the p2pool code and settings of coins they want and I won't give them. The server was updated, security increased, and the IP address to the pool had changed. The pool data has been cleared out, and it needs miners. P2POOL cannot RECEIVE nor HOLD miners coins. They get paid EVERY time the pool finds a block. so why not try the p2pool, instead of those damn sign-up scam pools who receive miners coins & sometimes don't pay. Should the pool go down again in the future, just check the main page ( portal ) to see if IP has changed. http://p2pool.neocities.org
  6. a new p2pool for MRY MurrayCoin is online http://p2pool.neocities.org
  7. Please use the BITMESSENGER app ( its free and very good ) if you have any problems at all.... you can send your wallet address and the admin will check in to it for you... again, there are no issues with p2pool payouts: You need to look at the PAYOUTS TAB to see if your address shows you are eligible for payout next block found. ( That is what you will be paid when the NEXT block is found in pool -- it is not a quote "current paid-out" amount ) I mined on POP myself yesterday and I got quite a few payouts, so I know its working properly.
  8. payouts happen every time pool finds a block.... on p2pool, payouts are incorporated into the block ( same as SOLO mining ) and require many more blocks in the blockchain before they show in wallet balance ( the pool has detailed information about payouts now ) to see payouts from ANY p2pool, you must: either in the QT-wallet console, type listtransactions or from command-line, type: popcoind listtransactions the payouts will show up as category IMMATURE eventually they will mature and show up in wallet. Payouts are immediate & direct upon a block found in pool. You only get a payout when the pool finds a block, and sometimes it may take some time. I suppose you are noob to how p2pool works. What is the username you used in your miner? Did you see your wallet address in the Miner's graphs? you MUST use your wallet's receive address as your miner's USERNAME, and anything for a password but BLANK. When you get back in the POP pool, if you have ANY issues or questions, please use the bitmessage address to request help. You will get the support you need.
  9. There is nothing wrong with the POP pool .. I just tested it... It is online and working fine Some upgrades were performed on the server the other day, requiring a reboot so pools were temporarily down for maybe 5mins while server restarted.... maybe you were mining when the server got rebooted Sorry for any inconvenience...... The POP p2pool has found ALOT of blocks
  10. NOW THERE'S A P2POOL for SaturnCoin ! no sign-ups p2pool cannot receive NOR hold your coins no minimum number of coins required to receive payouts immediate and direct payouts each time pool finds a block easy to use, just use your wallet's receive address as your username in your miner password can be anything BUT blank. the SAT p2pool is here: p2pool.neocities.org
  11. [23:49] are there public patches to p2pool for mrs? [23:53] hi clever, did you reach out to the p2pool admin? [23:54] didnt see any contact info [23:54] no contact info on http://p2pool.neocities.org/coin_mrs.html [23:56] ive tried patching p2pool, but it doesnt seem to be reading the difficulty right [23:57] 2014-02-01 00:56:37.716887 New work for worker! Difficulty: 0.999985 Share di...

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    2. marscoin


      [00:01] <marscoin_> I really don't know anything about that.. https://cryptocointalk.com/user/5166-deeppurple72/ this user posted that he had added MRS to p2pool

      [00:02] <clever> You are not permitted to view member profiles.

      [00:02] <clever> dang

      [00:02] <marscoin_> says Report issues to our BitMessage Support Address: BM-2cWUSRpLmjXPdTewyk8kpdxxDj81rLBgqE

      [00:03] <clever> ah, i found part of the issue

      [00:03] <clever...

    3. marscoin


      [00:03] <clever> ah, i found part of the issue

      [00:03] <clever> the target comes from target = 2**256-1

      [00:03] <clever> that would explain things

      [00:03] <marscoin_> I can leave him a message

      [00:03] <clever> yeah, even if i can fix my patch, it wont be the same pool

      [00:03] <marscoin_> right

      [00:03] <clever> so i would be solo mining

      [00:03] <marscoin_> why don't we send him a message

    4. marscoin



      [00:03] <marscoin_> why don't we send him a message

      [00:03] <clever> i need the right p2pool prefix, port, and bootstrap info

      [00:03] <marscoin_> do you have a contact email where he can reach out to?

      [00:04] <clever> sure

      [00:04] <clever> [email protected]

  12. there's a MAC MachineCoin P2POOL here: New coins are very easy to mine at first, until it catches on with the big miners you never know. Its best to get in as early as possible on new coins, just in case they end up on the exchanges. MAC pool : p2pool.neocities.org
  13. There's a POTcoin P2POOL: NO SIGN-UPS, NO HAVING TO CREATE WORKERS, NO MINIMUM AMOUNT OF COINS FOR PAYOUTS, ETC ( p2pools CANNOT receive NOR can it HOLD your COINS! ) get some "POT" on this P2POOL Immediate Payouts each time the pool finds a block! Reguardless of amount! p2pool.neocities.org
  14. There's a POTcoin P2POOL: NO SIGN-UPS, NO HAVING TO CREATE WORKERS, NO MINIMUM AMOUNT OF COINS FOR PAYOUTS, ETC ( p2pools CANNOT receive NOR can it HOLD your COINS! ) get some "POT" on this P2POOL Immediate Payouts each time the pool finds a block! Reguardless of amount! p2pool.neocities.org

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