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  1. All links work now. Just a couple of remarks. 1. Asia faucet - removed. Added Switzerland faucet. 2. Gridcoin stats faucet - You need active CPID to get GRC from there. But since you are on this forum this should not be a problem. Also sometimes is not active due to hard fork. 3. Added GRC discord channel, popular new meeting place for GRC fans with faucet-bot. 4.Cryptospout is dead, long live Cointiply ! Cheers, Mike.
  2. Hello. When I started in GRC world, I did not invest any real money, but I found number of ways to increase my balance. 1. Join #gridcoin IRC and/or https://discord.me/page/gridcoin. Many members are tipping other people also on Discord there is faucet-bot. 2. Use faucets daily: a) https://gridcoin.ch/faucet.php b) https://gridcoinstats.eu/faucet.php c) https://www.eobot.com Account on eobot is very important. Not only a faucet is there (you need 100 GRC to withdraw), but also you can generate wallet addresses for other currencies. Then you use them to transfer money for example from other faucets and exchange them for GRC to get to 100 faster. You can get solid amounts of coins at Cointiply. Not only that, one of very few sites that you can 'mine' GRC and even 'mine' cloud computing to 'mine' even more GRC :). 3. Use free cloud computing money to run BOINC and increase your magnitude. I provide a link for Google, but there are other options (Amazon, Microsoft Azure) for doing this. https://www.reddit.com/r/BOINC/comments/3756wg/use_the_300_credit_from_googlecloudcompute_for Cheers, Mike.

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