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  1. 19 or 90 Satoshi every 9 minutes! 50% Referral Bonus 90's Themed Bitcoin Faucet! NOW WITH SOLVE MEDIA INSTEAD OF RECAPTCHA!You can claim 19 or 90 Satoshi every 9 minutes! Share your referral link and recieve a passive 50% Referral Bonus! Instant Payment through Faucethub. http://90snerdbitcoin.tk
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  3. Does pro.link not work for you? I can PM you the 3 links without them. Also i had to edit the topic because the owner of the 3 sites changed it from 10 minutes to every 30 now.
  4. My own personal Faucet! 19 Satoshi Every 90 Minutes. Instant payment through faucethub. So I decided to create my own faucet based on my username and my love for the 1990's To commemorate my favorite year of my favorite decade, I am giving 19 Satoshi every 90 Minutes. 50% Referral fee payouts and automatic instant payment to faucethub. EDIT: Now with a chance of 90 Satoshi every 90 Minutes! http://prol.ink/3uKRXqcr
  5. BRAND NEW DOGECOIN FAUCET! CLAIM .5 ( 1 WHOLE DOGE with shortlink )EVERY 30 MINS! INSTANT FH PAYMENT! Seems like most of the other DOGE faucets are going down to .25 or under. But with this new faucet you will get .5 ( 1 whole DOGE if you click the shortlink ) every 30 minutes Which means 1 ( or 2 with shortlink ) whole DOGE an hour. Payment is instant to Faucet Hub. http://prol.ink/Hof
  6. BRAND NEW LITECOIN FAUCET! CLAIM .00005 (.0001 with shortlink ) LTC EVERY 30 MINS! INSTANT FAUCET HUB PAYMENT! Another new faucet on faucethub. It's currently giving away 5000 litoshi ( or 10000 litoshi if you click the shortlink everytime ) every 30 minutes. I've already claimed twice, giving me 20000 litoshi in an hour . Payment is instant through Faucet Hub. http://prol.ink/F0wkmttX0GF
  7. 3 FREE DOGECOIN FAUCETS! .25 - 2 DOGE EVERY 30 MINUTES! TOTAL OF MIN .75 DOGE EVERY 10 MINUTES! Dogecoin has risen a little, so the rewards are less. But these three sites are paying .25 - 2 Whole doge every 10 minutes. If you do the three one right after the other thats .75 minimum doge every 30 minutes. Payment is instant to faucethub. http://prol.ink/kEMOUAyTfGF + http://prol.ink/9ao0waOTbN45 + http://prol.ink/4KQwgy
  8. UNLIMITED FREE #PRIMECOIN FAUCET! NO WAIT TIME! 15000 #XPM EVERY CLAIM! Primecoin is going up and Faucethub has a great new Primecoin faucet. There is no timer so you can claim over and over with no wait. 15000 xpm per claim. There is no withdraw limit so you can withdraw anytime. Payment is instant to your faucethub account :D https://t.co/76w2x9qtT0
  9. Free Blackcoin Faucet! .0015 BLK Every 10 minutes to your FaucetHUB.io account. The price of blackcoin seems to be steadily rising since FH put BLK as an altcoin option. Most of the faucets are giving less, but this one is still pretty big. You're guaranteed .0015 BLK every 10 Minutes. At least for now. Payment is instant to FaucetHub. http://getfree.co.in/blackcoin/?r=BFRFqHmSLTaWsqE9SabtSvgbiiTADuzAeM
  10. FREE DOGE FAUCET! 0.15 DOGE EVERY MINUTE! 1 MINUTE TIMER! CLAIM OVER AND OVER! One of the newer faucets out there , currently they are giving .15 DOGE every minute. Just refresh the page, fill out the captcha and wait for the timer to count down to 0 then claim again. Instant payment through Faucethub. Great for topping up when you're close to a goal. https://myfreedo.ga/?r=DLeiMazjLNA3oxmJvm53jKUii2cTKbAdX2
  11. NEW FAUCET! 70000 BLACKTOSHI EVERY SECOND! NO TIMER! DIRECT PAYMENT TO FH! Another really good blackcoin faucet has just arrived on FH. There is no timer, just keep claiming and filling out the captcha. Very few popups or hassle. Right now you receive 70000 BLACKTOSHI a claim, so the balance will probably go quick. Check it out in the link below. http://hamsab.net/blackcoin/?ref=2547 Make sure to use the blackcoin address linked to your FaucetHub account.
  12. 300000 ( 600000 with shortlink) BLACKTOSHI EVERY 5 MINUTES! As Blackcoin becomes more and and more popular, now that FH is offering it in hub form I have found this one to be one of the most reliable. You can claim .003 BLK every 5 minutes, but if you choose to do the shortlink on that page that doubles to .006 every 5 minutes. Payment goes directly to faucethub once the anti-bot and captchas are completed correctly. Enjoy http://bitzer.com.es/blackcoin/index.php?r=BFRFqHmSLTaWsqE9SabtSvgbiiTADuzAeM
  13. 2 WHOLE FREE DOGE EVERY 180 MINUTES! DIRECT PAYMENT TO FH No fuss, no bells and whistles. Just 2 free DOGE straight to your FaucetHub account every 180 minutes. If you combine this with my previous post about 2 whole free dog every 30 miunutes ( found here: 2 FREE DOGE FAUCETS! GET WHOLE DOGE EVERY 30 MINUTES! ) You will add 4 Doge every 2 hours while still collecting at least 2 every hour . http://doge-free.ru/index.php?r=DLeiMazjLNA3oxmJvm53jKUii2cTKbAdX2 Now I must warn you, sometimes the ads on the above site contain adult material, so I just wanted to give a heads up, in case there are any underage thinking about clicking. If the faucet is out, please check back later. I've claimed twice today already.
  14. 40000 BLACKTOSHI EVERY SECOND! NO TIME LIMIT BETWEEN CLAIMS! Right now there is a promo , no time limit blackcoin faucet. Just keep claiming 40000 Blacktoshi every second!! Not sure how long this is going to last , but you can withdraw any amount straight to Faucethub. http://btcinbtc.com/blackcoin/?ref=356