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  1. Crypto-Currency Wallets Can someone explain to me why we need so many different crypto wallets for individual coins, why not have one wallet for many different crypto currencies? I think this is a bit much. I can across a site that had 66 crypto coins, and I believe every single for of them had their own wallet, like really? So, if I want to run with all the different ones I have to install 66 different wallets, that is crazy. Why not just one wallet that has the ability to convert all the individual coins, hell, developers can deliver complex programs, and from what I am seeing, they can not deliver one wallet that does this function, seriously?
  2. Great info, very helpful, so I have been running the gridcoin wallet since I fixed the issue with the configuration file for about a month now. I just did a command in console to see the staking info and this is what it gave me. { "enabled" : true, "staking" : true, "errors" : "", "currentblocksize" : 1000, "currentblocktx" : 0, "pooledtx" : 0, "difficulty" : 11.88208681, "search-interval" : 16, "weight" : 150000477321968, "netstakeweight" : 82312307, "expectedtime" : 0 } If the weight is based on days, I will be waiting more than a lifetime before I see anything. I think the it will out last the history of our world. This almost seems like a hopeless cause now. Thank you so much for the info.
  3. Gunde, thank you for that info, just to let you know, I have never received any coins for any of the research I have done, which is why I asked, the only coins I get are from the faucet, nothing else. I am doing 28 different research projects, so the RAC varies for each one. And not all are on the whitelist, I am just trying to add the numbers of the ones which are whitelisted. When I want to stake it comes back saying that I don't have to stake in this version. I am running only the Linux version, so the NN is not in mine. The help information at Gridcoin doesn't seem to cover the Linux versions, go figure. My DPOR : 1400004 , Net weight: 61148513.22, Magnitude: 1.00, GRCMagUnit: 0.2250 Is there anywhere where it explains what all this means? I have only seen a couple but not all, so, this is why I ask. What does it mean by moneysupply? what is that in reference to? "version" : "v3.5.8.9-g-research", "minor_version" : 317, "protocolversion" : 180323, "newmint" : 0.00000000, "stake" : 0.00000000, "blocks" : 926996, "timeoffset" : -225, "moneysupply" : 391478159.06324929, "connections" : 8, "proxy" : "", "difficulty" : { "proof-of-work" : 8.23948943, "proof-of-stake" : 9.10536842 }, "testnet" : false, "keypoololdest" : 1471794366, "keypoolsize" : 101, "paytxfee" : 0.00000000, "tally" : "", "mininput" : 0.00000000, "unlocked_until" : 0, "errors" : "" Thanks for any new information you can enlighten me with.
  4. Research Coin Excuse me if this is in the wrong section, but I have a couple of questions. Some where I read that any research you do that is whitelisted you receive your gridcoin? Usually what is it and how much roughly? If you accumulated 65,770 credits should you not see some type of coin for it? And if not how long would you have to wait?
  5. I did notice on the research groups, like [email protected] they do list a cpid number, maybe it is for one of them. Or it could be at BOINC, like for instance on mine, the cpid for the main account page in BAM, it is different than the ones for the individual machines. I had it running on 3 devices, but one since died due to bad HDD, which will have to be replaced but want to go with SSD or a hybrid combo. Needless to say, you will probably have to look and check it out. I had the same problem with the Investor mode for a month or two, but at that time I did not have a private keys or public keys installed. I do, do pool mining, but I also do solo mining, I am signed up with just about all of the research projects. Been doing the SETI research before crypocurrcency was even around back in the day (early 2000's). The setups in Windows and Linux are slightly different but they still work the same. But problems that I face is trying to get my credits exchanged or claimed. Since now they have some BS about having to claim it within a certain amount of time, which I think is a total waste of my time. Some of these projects have been running for over a year, so this is the crap I have to deal with. But that is not your problem. Just saying don't wait to long or you might lose out, like myself. On another note, my Gridcoin interface actually now reads my BAM cpid, as seen in the image. But I am no expert on this, seems like they are constantly changing the info on these programs, for instance, in the Linux console mode they have a help file (quite long) and than they have the command line, but nowhere have I seen a full listing for all the commands. I did come across one but it does not hold all the commands, you would think that should be more accessible on the main site.
  6. I took me a while to get mine to finally work. I know your frustration, I was dealing with the Linux version, and even asked some questions, never did get any answers by the way. But i notice that it worked after I install the private/public keys. My gridcoin configuration file, this has been slightly changed, but you should get the idea. example: cpumining=true email=<your email address> addnode=node.gridcoin.us addnode=gridcoin.asia addnode=grcmagnitude.com #Usernameprivatekey=<your private key> # = skip, it will bypass and continue down the file. #2Usernameprivatekey=<your private key> # = skip, it will bypass and continue down the file. #cpid=<your cpid code> # = skip, it will bypass and continue down the file. #boincdatadir=/var/lib/boinc-client/boinc/ <some people use this to direct to proper folder, but really best is to leave on default, (by the way this is default for Ubuntu Linux)> privatekey<your cpid code>=<your private key> = this line was install after install my private keys publickey<your cpid code>=<your public key> = this line was install after install my private keys These last 2 lines were installed only after I reset the configuration file within gridcoin and restarted the program, I did not reinstall the program, I only left the base configuration and restart the program. But that was only after I installed the private and public keys in to my Linux box. This information, I found on another site. These private/public keys should up as being server.crt and server.pem on my root profile, and this is where I will leave them, but the were install into my system. If you are using Seahorse you will see these install on the Certificate section of "Gnome2 Key Storage" I remember it was a root command I executed in terminal for it to create the private and public keys. If I remember I will attach to this posting.
  7. Seeing Results ??? I have been doing this research for the past year already, on various projects, a majority have been already whitelisted, and I am wondering, how long does it take for this stuff, actually showing you some results? I have this on various devices, on my tablet, on a netbook and a little on my main system. But in all, I also had issues with the actual gridcoin wallet program, not function properly due to certain settings in the configuration settings. The other issue is it not displaying the CPID number, but it has given me in the beginning but no longer displays it. Which brings me to my next issue that when I run the CPID number it always tells me it is invalid, but when I cross reference the numbers they seem to be valid. but look like someone else is benefiting from it besides me. I am starting to think that the gridcoin, bitcoin, all seems to be like a scam, that the little guy really does get the shaft no matter what he tries. Or am I just jumping to conclusions? How soon, should someone see some type of results?
  8. Failed giveaway So, what happens when you put in your address into a giveaway (Gridcoin Faucet) and you never get it? How do you claim it or does it get recycled? I am presuming that it is suppose to show on the Gridcoin Wallet.

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