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  1. I forgot to add, you'd need to zip the folder first as it only encrypts a single file at a time.
  2. Keeping a secure copy of your wallet on a webserver Hi Guys, My friend has been in to crypto currencies now for a couple of years and he bought in ETH when it was getting crowdfunded, gutted I didn't listen to him. We're both Ex RAF and electronic engineers. About 10 years ago I started coding and I've done a lot of stuff, my friend has made quite a bit of money investing in a whole load of startups from the initial ETH he bought and he kindly gave me a load of something yesterday before the adjustment. It was enough to get my worrying, what if my house burns down, a meteor hit's the UK while I'm on holiday or there is a zombie appocolypse. Anyway, I thought wouldn't it be good to keep a copy on a web server. Then I was thinking, bare in mind this is a guy who worries about meteors and zombies, maybe the people that host my webspace look through my files or it gets hacked... Anyway, having spent 6 years in Digital Datacomms and Satcomms in the RAF, I know that the most secure method of encryption is end-to-end with only one key, public/private key is not secure. So yesterday I wrote a very simple app that encrypts files using a key of at least 16 characters in length, it can be any thing at all. I am offering it free to anyone who wants to use it and all I ask is that you make a little contribution if you find it useful. You can download it here, just be careful, there is no way of de-crypting the data if you forget your key. Feel free to share the hell out of it. I want to be a Bitcoin millionaire! :D http://www.molyneux.systems/EnCrypto Download and install the setup, it's obviously not signed so you'll have to do the usual. I've set it to do web updates so please do feel free to give me any sensible add-on suggestions. One thing I'm going to do is have two boxes for entering the key so it just makes sure that you didn't miss-type it the first time. I only wrote it over yesterday and this morning so it's not perfect. Thanks Elliot :D

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