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  1. Re: iPhone Client (50,000 BOB) Bounty: Quote from: androidDev on October 09, 2016, 11:43:15 PMDo you have app... https://t.co/FJqFoDo9hS

  2. "BOB" DobbscoinDELISTED from Bittrex.com due to "Low Volume". If you have "BOB" On Bittrex, Please MOVE IT OR LOOSE IT. This leaves Cryptopia and NOVA.
  3. Re: Sticky Blockchain (Block: 189719): [21:30] <@bittrex-slack> Has Bittrex (Bill) made official com... https://t.co/cYA9qeDrwJ

  4. Latest WORKING Android "BOB" Wallet: http://www.dobbscoin.info/android/06.20.16-v5.0.3.subgenus.dobbscoin.wallet.apk Schildbach FORK - Praise "BOB" This ain't available at the Google Play Store, so you'll have to: 'Allow UnKnown sources' in Android Config | Settings | Security Feel free to give it a spin and post your thoughts.
  5. Ok, sorry about that. I moved some things around and then realized I had forgotten how DNS works. http://dobbscoin.info http://faucet.dobbscoin.info http://paperwallet.dobbscoin.info So far, these work now, again.
  6. =) Nice to see someone is paying attention. DNS & WEB Issues .. propagation and such. Will be back shortly. Today or Tomorrow I hope. Facebook has totally locked me out now too. irc Freenode #dobbscoin if you wish - PraBob
  7. Facebook is demanding that I upload ID to prove my existence. I am claiming special exemption on the basis that:... https://t.co/pDpbLLRdme

  8. Perhaps you have been banned by your peers for being naughty? You naughty NAUGHTY Slacker... Seriously bro, I dunno. I shut down and respawned,. Synced up like a mug w/5 connections instantly. maybe delete your peers.dat and leave the wallet off a day or such. and what not.. Hope that helps. Also.. This coin is 'selfish mined' by ProHashing.com When the DIFF is small they hop on and take 10 blocks with a bazillion megaflops/s, then fuck off and die and we're stuck for a 555min block. It kinda totally sucks but whatcha gonna do. Still, I dont have any problems syncing up. Maybe you can tail -f your %dobbscoin%/debug.log and see what's goin on in there.
  9. Are you running the latest (v0.10.1.0-7e845b9) version? I got connections. Current last block: 188809
  10. I would like to buy "BOB" there, but it's not listed. https://cryptocointalk.com/topic/3037-dobbscoin-bob-information http://www.dobbscoin.info
  11. Brother Reetus has upgraded his Dobbscoin Explorer. It's currently living at: http://iquidus.slackprojects.org When he wakes up and sees that it's synched up, he'll replace the existing http://explorer.dobbscoin.info explorer with it. The new Explorer has a RICH LIST, showing the TOP 100 Dobbscoin wallet addresses and their balances. http://iquidus.slackprojects.org/richlist If you mine Dobbscoin, Feel free to Donate to your favorite Hierarchy members vanity address. These addresses were setup some time ago and are close to the top Dobbscoin holders. #6 Stang's address: 1StangwQ9SiQrkSReB6QxMGwdtk3LuBZf #9 Philo's Address: 1PhiLo3VgYKznbSykYgWoxftMz5vtMjk4g #10 Dr. Hal's address: 1DrHaLgNcztkEBYuS3nyMgcoNoygd8DkRQ
  12. =) I would give alot more bitcoin for them all. Such an epic niche/meme coin, they just aren't on the market. Small dedicated cliques of bag holding miners. Praise "BOB" - SLACK IS REAL
  13. With the 'Upgrade to v0.10.1 CORE Wallet Bounty' behind us, I have decided to do some housekeeping and tonight consolidated all the paperwallets I've been store'n the "BOB" for which the house (me) controls ..and there's over a Million!! Time to do some math. ...eeeew Currently Dobbscoin is "Worth": bittrex 0.00000186 BTC cryptopia 0.00000181 BTC (Bitcoin). Looking around at some exchanges that trade BTC for "USD": Praise "<deb0rah>" Bitcoin is currently worth: cryptsy $333.22 | c-cex $319 | bitstamp $332.50 | btce $315 | vircurex $315 | bitcoinaverage $331.72 USD. According to Cryptonator (The Cryptocurrency calculator & converter): 1 "BOB" is worth 0.00061388 USD, making 1,000,000 "BOB" worth $613.88 USD and @ the current "Price" of .00000186 @ Bittrex.com 1,000,000 "BOB" is worth 1.86465000 BTC (bitcoin) ..which according to coinbase (a retail BTC/USD market where 1 BTC = $334.59): 1,000,000 "BOB" would be "Worth" $623.89 in useless federal debt receipts; which is STUPID as FUCK since it represents over a year of mining 24/hrs a day with a 500w power-supply at 10MH/s yet having (only) 1/4 the current global supply. Please don't ask me to do the math on the cost of electricity. The "Funds" now live at 1MiLBobJtYuUS7WrXNediHLvDMCQPZxCub and only I hold the privatekey. My hope is that someone will come along with the proper skill-set to create Android & iPhone Dobbscoin wallets ..such as exist for Bitcoin (Android play store - github), and the funds can be made available for it's Bounty. As of this posting there are 3808970.00000001 total "BOB" in the universe. Source: Dobbscoin Explorer <+StatsBob> (BOB) Networkhps: 65.26 MH/s Difficulty: 3.85251782 Block: 101738

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