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  1. [ONC] Onecoin giveaway

    is this still ongoing?
  2. [ONC] Onecoin giveaway

    oHPG1kqj5ajzapArD1HgeD6w5kt6RexmzC thank you I'm officially a miner now;) mined 0.0000055 ONC on my MacBook - Hooray!!!!
  3. Anoncoin giveaway thread! [CLOSED]

    AXpAQQUo7k7egaisZqFFNsmqjDVE83NRLY Thank you!
  4. Bitgem Giveaway Thread Currently .1 Bitgem! New Update!

    gfDq1vqE87ui7sM61K4an215d4PPu92oLt thanks
  5. MU3GRCyNSsWZv3wAnAR6Xb7C8Lc9dz1bPN thanks - merci - sheshe
  6. Bitgem Giveaway Thread Currently .1 Bitgem! New Update!

    gUugBH8nXT7Wpvew2es3AroxvFa4bnmcYy thank you
  7. [Free FRK] Join the Franko Collective!

    FL8T4Us7GrMnxXhmzdzKJmNtb1CvVQJSEy thanks
  8. Anoncoin giveaway thread! [CLOSED]

    That's the one I used. I hoped if I post it here I could use this spot as a placeholder for the giveaway.
  9. Anoncoin giveaway thread! [CLOSED]

    Hi, I'd love to be a part of this, too but I only have a mac and the wallet crashes upon start every time. Any help??? Will post an address as soon as I get the wallet to work. System: macbook pro, 2011 running Snow Leopard with all updates
  10. Promotional giveaways and bounties

    oh goodie 5ZdkwLnDVi5rAtjHant2zmbAZrfSnsLxkr thank you!

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