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  1. @saffroncoin, SFR: SR6RWg4AbftbvpjocH8sNX2xMZdYmE5vYt
  2. @tompetus, your not the only one that lost coins that day. I deposited 2600 SFR and lost. However when I reported it to the dev he did not offer me anything. In fact he asked me to donate BTC for votes on one of the exchanges that he was trying to get SFR onto. I was shocked that he had the nerve to ask that but just laughed it off. I really am not sure if he even owes me the 2600 SFR as maybe that is why he did not offer and unless I could prove he was in on it I don't know if it is appropriate to expect him to pay me. Although if he is paying you along with others then I guess that I would indeed have something coming and if that is the case then frankly I would expect to be next to be paid back something. @Saffroncoin, so what is the deal with this? Your paying others for the same thing that I had happen to me? Is there a reason why? If you owe them then you definitely owe me More than anything I just wonder why I was excluded from consideration. This is an unusual situation here. You can PM me if you like and I will work with you but am very curious what your motives are here. You seem like a decent person. I hope to hear from you.....
  3. @melissa_jane, Welcome!!! The people above that have reached out to you speak the truth and are of great character. If you get yourself involved in something that does not seem right, make sure to reach out to them or staff. Good luck with your choice to look into all this. You are already ahead of most just for taking this first step. @vgold & Big_Swifty- Excellent support!!! ~S
  4. @saffroncoin, Did you find it odd that there were so many buy and sell orders as you said for saffroncoin along with an extensive history, yet the coin had only just been launched not many hours prior? Did the admin contact you here? If so I would like the username if possible and even the content of the solicitation. If you were contacted by email, ouch not good since there is not an email address for you anywhere, still if possible I would like to see it with the headers flipped up full content if possible. Send the data to me in a private message and send a copy of the exact data to Jim the site admin. Please understand you do not have to do this. I just want to take a closer look since people in good faith obtained the link to that exchange from this site. I could care less about the coins I lost in the scheme of things but I am trying to get a mental picture in regards to how I let this happen to myself and even worse how it happened to people I respect that are lightyears ahead of me when it comes to intelligence. This is a great coin you put out but frankly I do not understand why one of the two remaining exchanges has zero buys or sell orders and the other has only sell orders but zero buys.
  5. I sent only around 2500 Saffrons. I tested it after with a couple hundred just to see. Did you just come into knowledge of the dubious standing of CoinOpend? Did you vet the exchange before you listed it? I am under the impression that you had certain contact with them when the coin was listed. They must of gave you a solid impression. I realize this is my fault on my end for improper vetting before trusting to send to an exchange especially after all that has happened.
  6. @tompetus, I am experiencing the same issue with CoinOpend. I notice that the exchange has been removed above from the list of exchanges. This might be good so others are not scratching their heads like some of us, however I would like to hear why CoinOpend was removed from above as one of SaffronCoins official exchanges without an explanation almost like it was never there. Although it would not take many guesses to come up with that answer I just want to hear it from the person that removed it and who added it in the first place. If an exchange is known to be bad or is determined to be bad, then it is important to document this for the benefit of others. However when an individual or persons determine this, the critical component in this is that any accusation against a person or entity must have some credible evidence to back up the claim. Properly sourced data supporting a claim keeps innocent people from being slandered just because they pissed someone off. Our experience even though is still not determined giving OpenCoind the benefit of the doubt could be used as supporting evidence of bad acts by this exchange in question. Its critical to work this up to prevent others from falling into the same trap. I have lost 12 BTC this year so far from exchanges run by knuckleheads and want to be gangsters. I don't wish that on anyone. However if I was the dev and I put a bunk exchange up and removed it I would feel obligated to notify the community of its removal and just say "Heard a few complaints" "Removed the exchange due to possible yet unsubstantiated bad acts" "Will keep the community informed" or something like that if indeed it was taken down due to a similar experience like ours. I hope the dev will speak up in this regard. ~S ~S
  7. Its been taken down for now. There were a lot of coins being launched which led to a lot of work only to end up abandoned. There is discussion regarding its return. Keep checking back here. However there are plenty of good coins here to choose from that are active.
  8. This coin has peeked my interest. A block explorer along with Linux and Mac wallets are in need. I see great potential here and commend the dev for choosing a decent but not obnoxious number of coins per block for a Cryptocoin that will someday number 100 Billion Coins. However what impresses me most is the community forming around HTMLcoin. In the end that is ultimately what counts the most. Great Job!!! Awesome coin!!!! ~S
  9. I have been trying to contact the pool operator to see what, if anything is the deal with the mined coins I had in my pool account before they restarted the coin. I tried to get into the account and the pool had a notice that read something like "We are in maintenance mode and all coins plus hash rate shares are safe" or something like that. I hit the kill switch immediately and went elsewhere, only to see the 100k+ coins gone when I returned. I had wallet issues prior and noticed the pool had an account limit of 2.5 million coins so aside from that disaster waiting to happen I thought nothing of it. In the 2.5 years that I have been mining Bitcoin and Litecoin I have seen it all. This is nothing, however these times seem tougher. I know I am most likely not going to get any of the coins back but still I want to hear that from whoever is in charge or better yet whoever thinks they are in charge.... Hang in there guys. There is still a lot of money to be made in this game and you don't have to be a rocket scientist to do it. But you do need to know what your doing. If any of you guys need anything I can help you with don't hesitate to ask me. I am here every day.
  10. This has really rubbed me wrong. I lost a bunch coins in the pool when the coin was restarted. Plus If the dev did not honor his deal with tompetus, I consider that to be unacceptable. The dustmonkey stands behind tompetus, that is enough said for me. I will be keeping an eye on this situation in order to gain more of a clearer picture here. Regardless I am pulling off this coin. tompetus- I hope you get a giant bounty on your next block explorer/crawler in order to make up for your loss here. If anyone I trust needs one and don't have the time to build it I will send them to you and request they pay you up front or at least half upfront. dustmonkey- Thank you for the insight. BTW- I make these decisions based on reputation and trust regarding the individuals involved. This is a personal decision and choice and has zero to do with my volunteer status here at CrytoCoinTalk. ~S
  11. Working together like you have just done here is what this is all about. Excellent job!!! ~S
  12. @Diamond-G, The site has a policy against Fiat Money in exchange for Cryptocoins. This is due to FinCEN and our need to stay out of their crosshairs. Private trades involving only cryptocoins traded for other cryptocoins would be nearly an impossible policy to prohibit so at this time there is not a policy in that regards. If it was myself wanting to obtain some of these very impressive coins I would probably offer Bitcoin or Litecoin to trade for some Arkcoin. I would ask them to PM me if interested then if someone followed through and were interested I would handle any private trade offsite and consider an escrow service both individuals would agree on to use. This is just a thought regarding what I might consider doing under certain circumstances. ~Sean
  13. @mattboldfield, I sent you a PM. Jim has nothing to do with these issues that peeve you, so you need to come off the disrespect that you have showed towards him in the above message ASAP!

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