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  1. Thank you!
  2. CoinFest (http://www.meetup.com/bitcoinvan/events/154705712/) is on Feb 15th and is going to have simultaneous events in Vancouver, Edmonton, and I think in Winnipeg (though I have to double check on the last one) as well as an International Hangout ( https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/cjquh1sfa8q8vddelle7co2tl0k) for folks not in Canada. I'm part of the art show and I'll be bringing The Edyn Project & Happy Birthday Smoke (two browser games about bitcoin) from Faeriedark.com along with short stories about altcoins (the Altcoin Shorties - http://www.faeriedark.com/the-altcoin-shorties/) to pass out to the visitors. I've been gathering up some altcoins so that I can give them away to people who attend the event.
  3. Yay! Thank you! I bought a bunch yesterday to take to CoinFest to give away to people with The Altcoin Shorties, but more is awesome!! CTeCJwXGdJp6f6HQMq9vDde3v34Jd7eweS
  4. L7673WkAUHT5yWr4TRnxSwKVp7weLtrtxp Thank you!
  5. I like the second one with the herb & the original fire logo in my qt! <3
  6. Is this little cryptobaby abandoned?
  7. FeEgNYKD5qA7DzLAPsuYMKJWAgU8T2n1R5 Thank you!
  8. I approve this message.
  9. What are The Altcoin Shorties? The Altcoin Shorties are short fiction stories written featuring altcoins. The stories are 1000-2000 words long and will be brought to any upcoming Faerie Dark events (http://www.faeriedark.com/events) as well as workshops that I will be presenting this year along with portfolio of those coins for trading. My goal is to raise the visibility and trading of the chosen altcoins. Background In August, I used the Bitcoin crowdfunding website Bitcoinstarter to fund "The Edyn Project". To play, visit the http://www.faeriedark.com/faeriedark.html game page and use the code "The Edyn Project". Vote for #16 in the Let's Talk Bitcoin podcast contest - http://www.letstalkbitcoin.com/contest/ if you'd like it to see it produced as an audio serial. Now "The Edyn Project" is going to CoinFest 2014 http://www.meetup.com/bitcoinvan/events/154705712/ in Vancouver where a whole room of computers can be set up so visiting folks can play the game. I'll be releasing the prequel "Happy Birthday Smoke" that day and I'd like to also bring a portfolio of other cryptocurrencies for those who are interested in getting their feet wet in the altcoin market. Summary: I'm going to Bitcoin and altcoin related events and I'm bringing altcoin themed short stories as well as a portfolio of cryptocurrency to share and trade. How to Play! Visit - Visit the Altcoin Shorties page - http://www.faeriedark.com/the-altcoin-shorties/ Vote - First off, vote in the poll for your favored altcoin. The poll also contains some second layer protocols like Mastercoin. I'll make sure to explain the difference to folks! The altcoin with the most votes will be up next to have a short story written about them. If you want me to write about an altcoin not listed, send me a message through the contact page http://www.faeriedark.com/contact and I'll put it on the list. Donate - Along with voting, you can send altcoin to the addresses listed. These altcoins will be distributed at the events. Read the Shorties! Visit http://www.faeriedark.com/faeriedark.html and use the code "Project Zeta" to read the Zetacoin story! Mooncoin is up next!