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  1. RT @aantonop: Bitcoin: Jobs, Innovation, Growth, VotesY U NO LIKE?

  2. RT @Wolven: "If you are a monster, stand up. If you are a monster, a trickster, a fiend, If you’ve built a..." http://t.co/YaBpwMQnjE

  3. I just started posting a bunch of ads to do bitcoin tutoring. xo Wish me luck!

  4. I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/vTjyZx4koq ESH~ How To Have The Best Sex Ever

  5. I was testing Google Hangouts

  6. tweet address to me & you'll be sent 500 #mooncoin ! Get wallet from http://t.co/T1urgVw1DP #mooncity

  7. was cooking cottage pie. now I'm taking a break by eating a slice of harvarti.

  8. ANN New CIN Giveaway -- Now Closed Coins Sent Thank You

    Thank you!
  9. RT @materialdef: @faeriedark Nope, the community has actually picked up the mantle and we're all making it happen. He can't sue the intern…

  10. I'm making lentil & sweet pea curry. I'm going to seduce the Fox with my slow cooker skills. xo

  11. Oh god. The last few days I've been feeling my gentleness and grace, feeling it grow larger than anger and pain. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you.

  12. Maybe I should send them some witch porn. Maybe then they'll think twice about buying random email addresses. Or converting to witchyness.

  13. How is it that @InvictusCrypto has so few followers? Y'all must not have read the whitepapers #protoshares


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