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  1. Can you post your config settings? Maybe I can notice something that would be hurting you. You might want to let it run for a couple hours to let everything settle down, it may take longer than 30min to get the actual hashrate to show. Are you going by your miner hashrate or the pool hashrate? Since CryptoTroll does not offer away to set starting difficulty the first batch of shares are very low difficulty, these low difficulty shares did not agree with my Zeus miners very well, but once the share difficulty increased my miner would start to hash nicely. CGminer and BFGminer are going to be your main mining software and should work fine.
  2. Hello George. I have never used the Gridseed blades that you have but I do have a few Zeus Blizzards and BFG Miner would behave odd at CryptoTroll pool. However if I used the Dmax Cgminer my issues would go away. https://github.com/dmaxl/cgminer/ Maybe give that miner a try and see how your reject rate is. I think there is something about the Stratum server at CryptoTroll that does not play well with BFG Miner. Good luck
  3. Instead of updating my last post I figured I would just make a Mining Pool Post and keep this one updated. The top four have the largest share of the hash-rate. Even with a hybrid POS coin, keeping the hashes spread out can only help. Happy Mining. 09-05-2015: Active: COINMINE.PW - http://www.coinmine.pw/about.php http://www.coinmine.pw/poolinfo.php?coinid=21 PPL(Time)S No Payout Fees Block Finder Bonus VAR Difficulty Unique Coin Switching within the pool SCRPT.IO https://scrypt.io/hbn/ Prop Payout 0.5% Pool Fee CRYPTOTROLL http://hbn.cryptotroll.com/index.php PPLNS No Mining Fees Stratum & VARDIFF support LIFEFORCE http://hbn.lifeforce.info/ Prop payout 1.5% Feet HAMSTERPOOL https://hamsterpool.com/index.php?page=statistics&action=pool&coin=hbn PPLNS 1.5% Fee VARDIFF with manual set-point Multi-Coin Pool - Mine HBN or use the auto switcher. THE BLOCKS FACTORY https://hbn.theblocksfactory.com/ PPLNS Fee : 1% Difficulty : fixed or vardiff Block paid after 25 confirmations TOMPOOL - http://tompool.org/about.jsp http://tompool.org:81/hbnmine/public/index.php?page=dashboard Prop payout Multi-Coin Pool - Mine HBN or use the auto switcher, can create custom list of coins for the auto-switcher. SMARTMINING (Closing Dec 12 2014) http://hbn.smartmining.net/ PPLNS 0.5% Pool Fee Auto-Payouts every 5min
  4. Hello again, I have a couple more questions. 1.) Any chance of getting the network stats fixed on the HBN pool? The network MHPS always reads the same as the pool hashrate, but on other pools this information works fine. 2.) Something about the Stratum on this pool will not allow BFG miner to work with Minera, BFG reports a misbehaving stratum, but CGminer works fine on CryptoTroll with the same settings. Any ideas? 3.)The next difficulty is always reported as 0, I'm guessing this is related to the Network Hash rate bug, probably when one is fixed the other will be fixed also. 4.) Any chance of getting an option for a fixed difficulty? Ok, that's it. Other than the above nit-picky questions and comments above everything has been working very well on the HBN pool. Good-Luck
  5. Is there any chance of getting the ability to manually set worker difficulty? Or is there a way and I just don't know it? Mining on HBN, my rejected and HW errors are a little higher than I would like. I believe if I could set the difficulty to 512 my problem may go away... or it may get worse, I'd like to try though. Also. I am using BFGMiner 4.10.0 with a Blizzard and really have no problems, however BFG is reporting a stratum error on the HBN pool. <Misbehav Strtm Quota 1 Pool 0:> is this normal? Thank You,
  6. Half of the mining pools listed at http://hobonickels.info/pools.php are dead links, or the pools do not mine HBN. So, I made a list mining pools that are activity mining HBN. Maybe the website can be updated. I have been away from crypto-coins for about 6 months but I have been lurking, I wanted to do something even if its small. DEAD Pools Listed at http://hobonickels.info/pools.php that no longer support HBN http://hbn.jtcpools.org/ http://hbn.cybermining.us/ https://cryptotrain.net/hobo https://www.cryptopoolmining.com/hbn/index.php?page=statistics http://hbn.hashrr.com/ ACTIVE Pools - Currently Listed https://hbn.theblocksfactory.com/ http://www.coinmine.pw/poolinfo.php?coinid=21 http://hbn.smartmining.net/ https://scrypt.io/hbn/ ACTIVE Pools - NOT Listed (maybe they should be added) http://hbn.cryptotroll.com/index.php?page=statistics&action=pool https://hamsterpool.com/index.php?page=statistics&action=pool&coin=hbn http://tompool.org/ I'm sure I missed a few, but anyways, happy mining.
  7. Hello, First, I want to thank you for the P2pool node, keep up the good work. I'm not sure if its a bug that will cause problems down the road, or if its purely cosmetic,, but the Blocks section is displaying the wrong date and time for found blocks. For Example on the AnonCoin node: ID Time 158537 Thu Mar 20 2014 21:17:20 GMT-0400 (EDT) This block was actually found @ 2014-03-26 04:22AM PDT - this is from the Block explorer I didn't take the time to convert the time zone but the date on the xPool node is definitely wrong. Just figured I would let you know. Good-Luck
  8. I like the graphics, and wish I had something to sell so I could use them . I feel like I must tell someone, after watching a stack of 50 HBNs sit in my wallet for about 12 days I finally received my first POS notification . I spent those 12 days wondering if the POS was working or not. I'm not sure if its possible or not, but some sort of graphic in the wallet that indicates that POS is happening might be beneficial to people, I know I would stare at the little icon just like I stare at my cgminer window.
  9. Forgive me if this question has been answered already. I just want to know if I understand how to properly manage my wallet for a PoS coin like HBN. Let me know if I properly understand the two concepts below. I have one wallet.dat file that contains two adresses. I use one address for mining and misc transfers. The other address is used as a savings account. I expect that after 10 days the savings account will start minting coins. As long as I do not remove coins from the savings address the coin age will not reset. Does this mean that I can add coins to the savings address without affecting the age of the coins already there? Minting is more CPU efficient if the coins in the savings account are moved there in larger blocks. For example moving 100 coins into savings will result in lower CPU usage during minting when compared to have 100 transactions of 1 coin each. Is this correct? Thank you for your time.
  10. New to the HBN coin, been mining for two days. I hope the coin continues to grow. Thanks. EhaT3Q43ZcTzsaxtfRXZiLC81n8mBwzntF

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