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  1. Sorry for the delay Cryptsy Lycancoin deposits and withdrawals back online
  2. What is the correct block height at this time? I am synced to http://explorer.lyccoin.org/ with lycancoind But the windows wallet hangs at 24,999 received block 158b9d2071c9b4590a63 ProcessBlock: ORPHAN BLOCK, prev=0b89944f676d01676813 received block 8ffb6d6f371af10b7daa Difficulty Retarget - Kimoto Gravity Well PastRateAdjustmentRatio = 10.5469 Before: 1d248540 0000002485400000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 After: 1d0183d2 0000000183d21c10aff9ee8dd7cc6bb5aa499388277166054f43e32d21c10b02 ERROR: AcceptBlock() : incorrect proof of work ERROR: ProcessBlock() : AcceptBlock FAILED disconnecting node Disconnected for misbehavior (score=100)
  3. ABOUT US Welcome to Alternate Explorer! http://altexplorer.info/ We here at Alternate explorer are miners, traders and all around cryptocoin enthusiast. We are here to provide you with a reliable information hot spot where you can keep up with recent Cryptocoin news and events. As well as track all of your transactions across 75+ blockchains! We are just starting out here so please bare with some maintenance over the coming weeks. For now we are not accepting submissions for new coins. However we will be offering options in the future to be sold in 1-12 month blocks. Please check back weekly for updates on this. We have the unique benefit that our wallets are checked daily against that of www.cryptsy.com. We will do our best to ensure we stay up to date with the latest releases. We currently have the hardware and network to support up to 150 various alternative currencys and are expandable well beyond that. We have CloudFlare security and DDOS protection. Please dont test this. NO COINS ARE STORED ON THESE SERVERS We are designing a new website to accommodate the explorers and provide you with better coverage of Cryptocoin news and events. We expect to have this wrapped up within a month. At this time we will be accepting offers for ad space. All block crawlers are based off the work of: Jake Paysnoe - Donations: BTC: 1MoWrpf4DjLiL1ALtE6WAAPfHj1aZt38CE And then modified for use by Alternate Explorer by: Mullick Trade Key: 94c590632c1f8113a3455b5008cba56d432d2b90
  4. This is what is known as an orphan block. It happens when 2 people solve a block at nearly the same time. If the other block is propagated accross the network faster yours will be invalidated A few ways to increase your propagation speed: Obtain as may active connections as possible. With a good network foth the required ports open you should not have trouble achieving 20+ connections Latency is a big factor as well. A low latency will ensure you can broadcast the information about the block quickly Im guessing your client was running with a low number of active connections and another block was propagated faster Sorry I have been difficult to contact for the community. Im finishing up the last of my projects that have been building up and will have much more time soon
  5. Im really glad this project is still being considered. I look forward speaking with you more about it over the coming days
  6. HERE is every single change from Quark to securecoin. Not enough space to display the original so here are securecoins settings ( these are the only differences besides name changes and chain start): return testnet ? 22567 : 12567; {"securecoin.org", "securecoin.org"} static const int64 MAX_MONEY = 21000000 * COIN; // ~250 million + ~1 million pa (inflation) static const int COINBASE_MATURITY = 20; static const int64 nTargetTimespan = 500 * 60; // approx 8 hours static const int64 nTargetSpacing = 60; // 60 seconds static const int64 nInterval = nTargetTimespan / nTargetSpacing; // 500 block int64 nSubsidy = 5 * COIN;if(nHeight < 500) { nSubsidy = 0.05 * COIN; }else if(nHeight < 1000) { nSubsidy = 0.1 * COIN; }else if(nHeight < 1500) { nSubsidy = 0.25 * COIN; }else if(nHeight < 2000) { nSubsidy = 0.5 * COIN; }else if(nHeight < 2500) { nSubsidy = 1 * COIN; }else if(nHeight < 3000) { nSubsidy = 2 * COIN; }else if(nHeight < 3500) { nSubsidy = 3 * COIN; }else if(nHeight < 4000) { nSubsidy = 3.75 * COIN; }else if(nHeight < 4500) { nSubsidy = 4.5 * COIN; } // Subsidy is cut in half every 2.1 million blocks nSubsidy >>= (nHeight / 2100000); // Maximum 100% adjustment... bnResult *= 2; // ... in best-case exactly 1-times-normal target time nTime -= nTargetTimespan*2; // Limit adjustment step int64 nActualTimespan = pindexLast->GetBlockTime() - pindexFirst->GetBlockTime(); printf(" nActualTimespan = %"PRI64d" before boundsn", nActualTimespan); if (nActualTimespan < nTargetTimespan/2) nActualTimespan = nTargetTimespan/2; if (nActualTimespan > nTargetTimespan*2) nActualTimespan = nTargetTimespan*2;
  7. We all new it was coming. Its finally here. Now is the splash screen a picture of a drone? Please tell me it is
  8. Its 100% up to you guys to mine during the rough patch we are having. Myself and many others are working on resolving the issue. For now if you can manage to stay on the correct chain which is getting easier and easier the difficulty is quite low. cap.coinmine.pl www.multipool.us (dedicated pool only) Once we have confirmed the issue has been found and correct it WILL return to cryptsy with your balance intact Thanks to the community for your support during this unusual and difficult problem
  9. There was a lot of turbulance between those block so the client has some issues finding the right chain. If it gets hung closing and reopening the wallet will help Here's an update:It appears to be more than a few problems. 1. Floating point math could be a issue. It can be interpreted different ways by various compilers. I am getting rid of it all. 2. Computeminwork is still not adjusted correctly. PoS blocks on occasion still fail this condition causing the forks. This could be due to the floating point math originally used but it is uncertain3. 1 Minute stake spacing with a incredibly low maturity is not really sustainable. Its just maddnessTherefore there will be a 2 stage release for these issuesThe first of which I will be temporarily having computeminwork() return minimal difficulty hopefully to stop the forks for now a well as removing all floating point math. Its only temporary until the correct function can be verified.Stage 2 will be a major rework of Caps.Confirms for both PoS an POW will be changed to 120 instead of 25 this will help in the future with issue like the first forkStake target spacing will also be changed form 1 minute to 3 minutes to make it more sustainable. The reward change to 5% will be included in this fixMore details to come. John Eden is currently working an a new design for the 1.5 wallet while I work on these changesEDIT: Also going to look int fixing the banned peers issue it just seems to compound the problem
  10. Paying out later today.... Its been a while. Lets see how much stake I get for opening that wallet for a few Days
  11. Proposed changes to 1.4.1 have been uploaded to the development branch on github for peer review. https://github.com/bottlecaps-foundation/bottlecaps/tree/Development-Branch-(-Open-Testing-) After much frustration and many possibilities reviewed Here is how I have decided to proceed with shaking the dodgy peers and forks which are still being kept alive with little hashrate due to the difficulty algorithm1.4.1 Change log:* added multiple checkpoint to get clients on the right path.* added protocol changes to disconnect any client previous to 1.4.1 at block 77500 Approx. 7 days from when I coded the changes* Added irc changes to create a new IRC channel at block 77500 when all outdated clients disconnect. Just in case* New windows installer.exe which will install a pre configured .conf file with all dedicated nodes we have setup* Not really a code change but setting up a total of 6 dedicated nodes Located in AUS, South america, Canada, Bulgaria and USA to speed up and help blocks propagate between peers. All running close to 50 connections on high speed networks. Keep in mind some are not free. Any expenses for this will come out of the Foundations donation fund and our pocketsThese changes may seem drastic but we cannot allow the network to continue functioning like this. This will be a Mandatory update once again. If you are not updated by block 77500 you will likely be left on a forked chain. As you will not be able to communicate with the rest of the network running version 1.4.1 This will get rid of all bad nodes we have been seeing recently throwing clients out of sync and preventing proper chain downloading Release is scheduled for 8/10/2013 around midnight forum time. Ensuring enough time for our nodes to gain connections and prove reliability. As well as giving the community time to review the changes. As I have been working on this for quite some time and may have gone nuts during the process. Although I believe all changes will take effect. The changes updated to the development branch are in no way final as I have had no time to fully test or even compile a client. I will do this all in the morning and get the client released when I am finished. It is just more to give users an idea of changes to be implemented and gain feedback for a short time prior to releaseWe will be doing giveaways for users providing proof of the upgrade ect to make sure as many users are aware of the update and are not left behind at block 77500. If all goes well and we can achieve 1 week of stability in the chain we will then continue with out previous development path located herehttps://cryptocointalk.com/blog/7/entry-22-the-bottlecaps-foundation-30-day-user-update/If you would like to setup a node please contact me with details and for any help setting up
  12. Hmm verns pool shouldnt have been down for long Good to hear Glitch. Let me know if you do ill get the word out
  13. Interesting. Wonder if they will have some sort of online arcade or something?
  14. Nice work. Havent traded there yet but the site looks great

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