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  1. hi folks, i've running a p2pool node: with the id and pref.: IDENTIFIER='4a2307e841c11fdd'.decode('hex'), PREFIX='4c2307e841c11fdb'.decode('hex'), i've set a 1% fee. for all those they want setup a node just pm i post the specs. Or give me your specs and the nodes are able to merge. More Nodes more secure against 51%... Cheers. Why p2pool? Just simple: No Regestation No Email Adress No stupid tokens.. Just mining... And no transaction fee.
  2. If you had some coins i would be happy. my Bitcointalk id : CDarvin81 my wallet: CS6TmVoQvJAeixXoLkRWNr6NMRbQtwBVBG thanks a lot. cheers
  3. Im sorry to say that the service was hacked. The btc wallet was cleared and is empty. Please withdraw your other altcoins. The atacker cloned deposit entrys in the db and withdraw the btc until wallet was empty. How they was able to came in, i dont know.
  4. Hi some unix guys there? I've some trouble with make... The /leveldb is missiing and theres no makefile in the folder leveldb. Could i copy it from another coin? Its just the key db. Thanks for help.

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