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  1. This site looks more like scam. I tested and found that its withdraw is not allowing users to withdraw. Always showing Limited withdraw. Beaware of this site. I too removed from my blog.
  2. Website Name : http://btcfaucet.in Reward Every Hour : Upto 200 Satoshi ~ 40 Minimum Referral % : 10% JOIN BTCFAUCET.IN
  3. Hello Everyone I have open a new faucet. URL : http://captchaco.in Earn : Upto 200 Btc Timer : 1 Hour
  4. I dont think Developer or his team have any answer for such question. They made this coin bcoz they know how to make coin, and they are part of herd. I am loosing faith in this coin which have millions of coin in each block and have no value. Every second day a new coin popping without even thinking what is the purpose and why they are making coin.
  5. It is already Half , next half will be on 172800 Block
  6. any idea how to sync its wallet ? i am facing problem with it.
  7. Can someone help me to sync its wallet. I am not able to get its wallet sync. I tried the goldbar.conf file too but no success. Using Window 7 Home Basic 32 Bit.
  8. Why are u panic ? you are facing loss bcoz u expect u will become millionaire with this coin ? Everyone have rights .
  9. Wallet is having problem as well as pools.
  10. CR3gvF9SXA4HJ5SpA6dtFWeZmkauKEkp2A Thank You
  11. You and 130 others like this idea CTM Address : CNvcsfVDGBmg5kz7H4hYZRwwCMunbquxCv
  12. There will a big news soon, the developer found as scammer. Most of the time we got such news after all big things. Same like Mtgox Economy crushed every single person and anyone will turn evil. Lets see... i am out anyways Diff is too big for me.
  13. My PXC : PrQUF5N8RKHBZwn9hMaVg9g7C3xc7Qjgou
  14. I have made one coin image for my use but if someone like to use here it is.

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