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  1. This site looks more like scam. I tested and found that its withdraw is not allowing users to withdraw. Always showing Limited withdraw. Beaware of this site. I too removed from my blog.
  2. Website Name : http://btcfaucet.in Reward Every Hour : Upto 200 Satoshi ~ 40 Minimum Referral % : 10% JOIN BTCFAUCET.IN
  3. Hello Everyone I have open a new faucet. URL : http://captchaco.in Earn : Upto 200 Btc Timer : 1 Hour
  4. I dont think Developer or his team have any answer for such question. They made this coin bcoz they know how to make coin, and they are part of herd. I am loosing faith in this coin which have millions of coin in each block and have no value. Every second day a new coin popping without even thinking what is the purpose and why they are making coin.
  5. CR3gvF9SXA4HJ5SpA6dtFWeZmkauKEkp2A Thank You
  6. You and 130 others like this idea CTM Address : CNvcsfVDGBmg5kz7H4hYZRwwCMunbquxCv
  7. My PXC : PrQUF5N8RKHBZwn9hMaVg9g7C3xc7Qjgou

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