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  1. Bitcoin Fortune, a simple and basic bet game Make a first Bitcoin deposit, create or join a game and place a bet. A winner is picked randomly in each game in less than one minute! Once you make a deposit, you can view your games and bets in « Notifications » window. Good luck with the bets! Join now ----> http://bitcoin-fortune.com minimum deposit 0.0001 btc Good luck
  2. Need your vote

    Hi everyone my team and me have been selected for the semi final in TECH-I 2014 competition and need your votes to access to the final vote if you like our video and web site thank you Vote link: http://www.aaas.org/tech-i/vote#view/25840/2194485 Our web market: http://www.html5-ninja.com Thank you
  3. GlobalBoost BST Information

    have not see this loool 10% premined. 5% of the premined coins will be distributed to wounded soldiers on a tiered “Reach & Release” timescale with a total payout of $100+ million to charity. 5% will be used to develop the powerful GlobalBoost® advertising platform.
  4. there is a problem more than 6 hour in the block 22153 we can't mine ????
  5. Dobbscoin (BOB) Information

    The rebirth of BOB!! Assassination of J. R. "Bob" Dobbs Jan 21 1984

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