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  1. Hi bodie2017. In Bittrex go to your wallet page, click on the "-" button near the wallet your want to withdrawal funds from. Then insert the C-cex wallet address and confirm. You will receive your funds on C-cex in a few confirmations, depending on the coin you are transferring,. Then you can buy in QRZ ico on c-cex market. If you need more help pleae ask.
  2. COMMUNITY BOUNTIES Community bounties are now ready! If you want to help $QRZ spread around and grow, but you want also to get some coins for free, this is your time. Every community bounty has a simple task to do for every user who wants to participate in, without restrictions; when you complete your task you must communicate to dev team through PM or email, copy your QRZ address from C-cex.com exchange wallet and include in your message, then you will be added to a community bounties spreadsheet. When coin is launched you will receive your free coins! Every bounty has a specified amount of allocated coins. Those coins will be divided through all the participants for that bounty. (Example: Twitter bounty has 1000 coins allocated. 10 people apply and complete that task. Every people gets (1000/10)= 100 QRZ each. --note this is only an example--) TWITTER BOUNTIES Coins allocated: 100000 QRZ - Follow: https://twitter.com/QuartzToken - Retweet & favourite this tweet: https://twitter.com/QuartzToken/status/867656027516403716 Done. Easy money, huh? :) NEWSLETTER SIGNUP Coins allocated: 50000 Go on official website and signup for QRZ newsletter. You can find a form to fill your email address in. Signature Campaign Coins allocated: 100000 Place QRZ custom signature on your profile and earn free coins. Signature campaign info and thread coming soon.
  3. PRE-SALE OFFICIAL LINK: https://c-cex.com/?p=qrz-btc Users who already bought into our ICO will be contacted to proceed with funds transfer on the exchange. Thank you.
  4. Thank you! Follow us because we are going to release our testnet version of $QRZ soon. Hope to have you experimenting with it.
  5. Official $QRZ Slack invite: https://quartzblockchain.slack.com/shared_invite/MTg3MjA0OTE0NTE4LTE0OTU0Njc1MjEtODRmNWE4OGU0YwHope to see many of you there!
  6. What is Quartz Blockchain? Quartz Blockchain — A Quantum Resistent Distributed & Anonymous cryptocurrency built on top of Blockchain as a service technology. Blockchains are one of the most disruptive technologies of the past 10 years, as the growth of users and market capitalization of those companies-using-blockchains clearly shows. Private digital monies must be secure against computing advances to achieve longevity. The design and issuance of a cryptocurrency ledger utilising hash-based digital signatures which are resistant to classical and quantum computing attack is necessary, so we built Quartz. To know more visit: https://medium.com/@QuartzToken/ http://www.quartzblockchain.com/ https://twitter.com/QuartzToken
  7. I just published “Blockchain is going to hit the media industry hard, just like (and more than..) the Internet” https://t.co/M3gTsMjaA6

  8. I just published “ICOs Are Changing the Way VCs Deal With Startups — some thoughts.” https://t.co/43Wh9STKsY


    #QuartzBlockchain - A Quantum Resistant Distributed & #Anonymous cryptocurrency buil on top of #Blockchain as a service technology.



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