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  1. RT @invisibleman_17: Our dog has arthritis, so I made a bus for him 🚌 https://t.co/ZvV1GmaK5E

  2. RT @BaseballCentraI: Retweet if you love this game 😭❤️ https://t.co/mHrBmwjdFE

  3. @Cryptopia_NZ @GainerCoin stop adding shit coins and fix the ltc doge markets...ffs who is running this BS exchange???

  4. RT @Dodgers: Happy #PhotoDay! #DodgersST https://t.co/FHnSzWFobt

  5. Because Jay-Z doesn't have the sense to pour piss out of a boot if the directions were on the bottom. https://t.co/EaP5nEScUk

  6. RT @DineshDSouza: Four Democrats—Woodrow Wilson, Hugo Black, Harry Truman & LBJ—were in the KKK or friends of the Klan. GOP has no record r…

  7. @Cryptopia_NZ Really really not happy with the childish way new users are treated on the chatbox. Your mods have l… https://t.co/duBmtXt43m


  9. Hello all. I have a noob question. I was reading about the different types of pool systems that are used and need clarification. Is a pool hopper one who hops between pools such as in a different pool than multipool like bobspoolheaven or is it hopping between currencies? I only mine at night and so I stop and start my miner everyday but always use multipool. Thank you.
  10. RT @KathieLGifford: Show me your ways LORD & teach me your paths Guide me in Ur truth & teach me for You are God my Savior & my hope is in…

  11. I cant connect on any multipool server and the only one I can hit is us.multipool.us:3335 what is going on? Been like this all day
  12. RT @MLB: .@KPILLAR4 specializes in the ridiculous. https://t.co/6wanInxev8

  13. Hello all. I have a question. Is there a way for me to recover bitcoins sent to a valid address to a valid wallet but the wallet is broken but I have the seed? Whew, I am sure that is a run on sentence. lol So I installed the Amaga wallet and it gave me an address so while it was updating the block chain I went and had some coins sent to it. They sent fine but the wallet will not complete the block chain updates and so I can not get in it to get the coins. Like I said I have the seed from the wallet and was thinking i could use it to make a diff wallet and my coins might be there? I hope this makes sense and thank you.

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