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  1. VALOR is a platform where you can invest in a variety of projects using cryptocurrency. It will allow small and medium investors to participate in tokenized venture and private equity funds, invest in tokenized gold and diamonds, projects related to real estate, art, collections, intellectual property such as rights, patents, musical rights. In addition, investing in crypto funds, ICO and the ability to own a share of mining farms will be available. VALOR platform includes different functions and at the same time is a platform for creating applications; place of advancement — asset allocation and bounty programs; and finally the blockchain network — VALOR Chain, which is integrated with public Ethereum and other public and private blockchains. It is already possible to register and test the platform interface. A demo version is available. Read more: https://medium.com/@Vladar49/smart-valor-the-future-of-global-investments-91ab3e2890b7
  2. Jur.io is a blockchain platform that will allow you to quickly resolve legal disputes with the help of smart contracts. The creators of Jur aim to create trust between the parties operating in the global economy. Compared to classical jurisprudence, the procedure for resolving financial disputes at Jur is very simple. Both parties create a smart contract on the platform containing facts and evidence and contribute a controversial amount to its account. Further, the system of independent oracles of the platform considers the contract, and makes a decision by voting, during the day. Then the funds, minus a small commission of the platform, are automatically transferred to the account of the winning party. For comparison: in classical arbitration, a dispute takes an average of six months to resolve, and the cost of legal services often reaches 50% of the amount of the disputed funds. Read more: https://medium.com/@Vladar49/jur-resolving-legal-disputes-with-the-help-of-smart-contracts-8df2a9988cde
  3. CDRX.IO is a platform that will bring blockchain technologies into the traditional stock market. CDRX is a decentralized platform that integrates security tokens tied to real assets of companies. Each security token is a CDR (Crypto Depository Receipts). Thanks to the CDR, each token has the same rights as shares (bonds) — the right to receive dividends, vote, etc. All operations will take place with pairs of security-tokens linked to shares and other cryptocurrencies on their own CDRX exchange. There will also be added securitized cryptocurrencies such as: ETH, BTC and XRP. Read more: https://medium.com/@Vladar49/cdrx-blockchain-technology-in-the-traditional-securities-market-43a6c5263734
  4. Introducing Cryptoindex 100 – an Index of 100 Best Coins CIX100 Token Sale Starts Today Introducing the Cryptoindex 100 — an AI (short for Artificial Intelligence)- driven analytical snapshot of the world’s 100 best performing cryptographic currencies. The index represents a mathematically computed weight of coins, which is included in the structure. Integration with the 9 largest exchanges allows continuous tracking of tens of millions of trades and orders per day, which are then instantly reflected in the value of the Cryptoindex 100. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/introducing-cryptoindex-100/
  5. World Blockchain Festival: Noah Project Gathers Thousands of Crypto Geeks Under One Roof Less than a week is left till the long-awaited World Blockchain Festival, which will take place in Japan on October 13. The Saitama Super Arena, the third largest indoor arena in the world, will gather thousands of crypto adopters from different countries to meet and listen to global influencers, top policymakers, contributors, and entrepreneurs. This event becomes possible thanks to the hosts, one of which is the Noah Project, an ambitious blockchain venture from the land of the rising sun. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/world-blockchain-festival/
  6. Iconiq Lab is a decentralized venture investors club and accelerator of the primary offer of coins. The club provides an opportunity for the ICO community and participants to use ready-made due diligence and development procedures to select which real and sustainable business solutions will be released using an accelerator to participate in the ICO through the ICNQ token. Iconiq Lab is not just a platform for launching ICO projects based on it. Platform experts conduct a thorough examination of each incoming project. As a result, only reliable, realistic ICOs are allowed to invest. Meanwhile, competitors provide their services to everyone. The second advantage of the platform is the availability of a fund that invests in the most interesting ICOs on the platform. The investment fund gives a huge advantage to really high quality and necessary startups. Read the details here: https://medium.com/@Vladar49/iconiq-lab-decentralized-investment-fund-and-ico-accelerator-e4f18c9950ee
  7. Ubcoin (UBC) Releases iOS App, Ebay-like Crypto Marketplace Ubcoin Market , global peer-to-peer Telegram-connected marketplace for exchanging real goods to cryptocurrency and back, announced the release of its iOS mobile app (Android and web versions are next to come out). Now it is possible to sell or buy iPhones or any other items in exchange for digital assets, without engaging fiat money in these processes. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/ubcoin-ubc-releases-ios-app-ebay-like-crypto-marketplace/
  8. Through Difficulties to Stars: How the Noah Project Copes With a Declining Market Despite the fact that summertime has been tough and mostly marked in “red”, Noah Coin had experienced several peaks. Its market cap jumped to $94,611,371 on June 12th, and then skyrocketed to $124,032,495 on the 30th of August. The Noah team enthusiastically took this news because the capitalization growth means that contributors are interested in this token and the Noah Project that will widely use Noah Coin in its ecosystem. One of the most exciting and indeed unprecedented goals is to create a real crypto hub in Asia. The Noah Project team is building a crypto paradise for all blockchain enthusiasts called the Noah City. It will become a part of Horizon Manila, the future largest business district in the Philippines. Its citizens and guests will be able to buy various services and goods for their Noah Coins and obtain all the possible benefits, including discounts and loyalty programs. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/how-noah-project-copes-with-declining-market/
  9. RainCheck focuses on the o2o industry. O2o means ‘online to offline’ commerce, a term used to describe the strategy of bringing online customers to real-world shopping locations. The RainCheck app helps the offline shopping experience by alerting shoppers when they are near items they have previously browsed online, then rewarding them with RAIN tokens through debit / credit card linking when a purchase is made. Raincheck created on the basis of the Stellar blockchain, with its own RAIN token, and fast transactions. The user registers on the platform through the procedure KYC-AML, and attaches its payment cards through the application-wallet. Further, getting bonuses for purchases in offline and online stores, the user registers them on the platform, and receives in return a particular number of RAIN tokens that can be displayed on a bank card in cash equivalent or exchanged for bonuses in a particular store. Through the use of an online platform, stores will receive information about the purchases of a particular person in offline, and will be able to offer the buyer what he is interested in. And users will no longer lose unnecessary bonuses in one store, instead of it simply transfer them to another. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://medium.com/@Vladar49/raincheck-global-bonus-system-and-loyalty-program-on-the-stellar-blockchain-fd3ae5458dd8
  10. INGOT COIN Presale Event Reaches £40,000,000 Soft Cap It is no secret that traditional financial markets and emerging cryptocurrency markets do not interact with each other as smoothly and efficiently as they might, with the two worlds quite segregated from each other. High transaction costs and the inconvenience of a 5-day week slow down the trading process and can lead to reduced profits and even losses. So far, neither traditional financial or cryptocurrency markets have been able to fully bridge the gap between the two. Integrated blockchain-based financial platform INGOT Coin aims to do just that. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/ingot-coin-presale-event-reaches-40-000-000-soft-cap/
  11. ImmVRse VR Showcase Steals the Show at London Blockchain Summit Blockchain-based virtual reality (VR) solutions firm ImmVRse proved that the excitement of VR hasn’t lost its appeal to the general crowd when it showcased at the recent 2018 Blockchain Summit held at the Olympia London on June 26th and 27th, 2018. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/immvrse-vr-showcase-steals-show-at-london-blockchain-summit/
  12. Exchange Platform BINEX.TRADE Announce Ambassador Programme The tokenized cryptocurrency exchange platform has announced a programme where users will become ambassadors. Initiating the reach of a new milestone, BINEX.TRADE has ensured that the users are rewarded for their loyalty and engagement towards the platform, claiming they have a lot to offer to traders and investors on the system. The programme (announced 1st July 2018, Singapore), is geared towards those who have a strong inclination towards BINEX.TRADE’s vision, and generally, the cryptocurrency world, already achieving a tremendous response from users for creating an engaging and beneficial system, in the cryptocurrency community. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/exchange-platform-binex-trade-announce-ambassador-programme/
  13. Introducing Cryptoindex, a new platform powered by AI that was built to create the Cryptocurrency market benchmark, known as the Cryptoindex100. The unique algorithm, ‘Zorax' uses a wide variety of data inputs from an extensive number of sources to create a unique approach to the production of a fully automated index calculation. Based on these inputs (fed through neural networks) and calculations each coin is constantly revalued as part of the Index. The Cryptoindex100 is automated — human influences are reduced to a minimum. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/introducing-cryptoindex-platform-potential-to-be-dow-jones-of-crypto-market/
  14. Ubank Signs Pre-Installation Deal With LG The mobile payments app Ubank will be pre-installed by the South Korean company LG Electronics on its smartphones, which will become gradually available in various world markets. The Ubank app is already pre-installed by Samsung in 10 countries. The users of LG phones will also have access to the Ubcoin Market ( https://ubcoin.io/en), which is an eBay-like blockchain platform developed by the Ubank team that enables people to acquire cryptocurrency in exchange for real goods. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/ubank-signs-pre-installation-deal-with-lg/
  15. Crowd for Angels Says Allo, Allo, Allo to First Private Token Sale Crowd for Angels, one of the UK’s leading crowdfunding platforms for shares, crowd bonds and tokens, is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of its first private token sale, for online fraud prevention business CryptoPolice. Having met with the management team and after applying its rigorous due diligence process to the company, Crowd for Angels will put the sale live on Thursday, July 12. Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet:https://coinidol.com/crowd-for-angels-says-allo-allo-allo-to-first-private-token-sale/

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