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  1. Have you entered this giveaway! 100$ in prizes! #giveaway #steam @DNR_CREW @NightRTs @HyperRTs https://t.co/OAhYYhuOgQ

  2. The Blueprint For Disintermediated Financial Services, Vaultbank aims to make cryptocurrency usable and the Vaultbank token stable through a portfolio of real credit assets paying a quarterly dividend. Vaultbank, the ultimate bank and exchange for the cryptocurrency world, announces its Initial Coin Offering on November 9, 2017. The company will hold a pre-sale for accredited investors with 15% bonus for “early birds”, starting October 25th. Vaultbank merges Wall Street financial portfolio expertise with machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and cryptocurrencies with financial services. https://coinidol.com/vaultbank-blockchain-bank-announces-ico/
  3. Cashaa Welcomes Central Bankers, MIT Scientists and Fortune Top 500 Leaders for its CAS Token Sale The next generation banking platform has brought on board a number of talented and accomplished individuals. Their latest addition is known as the ‘Architect of the Euro’ and has extensive experience with alternative currency models. Cashaa, the blockchain-based financial services initiative, has announced that a number of new high-profile Advisors will be joining its team. One of the most recent is Dr Bernard Lietaer – the author of a number of widely-acclaimed books including The Future of Money; Money and Sustainability; and New Money for a New World – who has been at the forefront of the field of money in numerous capacities for almost 40 years. In the course of his career he has served as a central banker, fund manager, academic and consultant. He was instrumental in the formation of the Euro thanks to his work in designing the convergence mechanism (ECU) while he worked at the Central Bank of Belgium, and in 1992 was named ‘World’s top currency trader’ by Business Week. https://coinidol.com/cashaa-welcomes-central-bankers-scientists-mit-fortune-leaders-for-token-sale/
  4. CEO and founder of Inspeer P2P lending platform, Denis Kabanets, reveals main opportunities of Inspeer project and gives some guidance on how to succeed in P2P lending. According to numerous reports, lending platforms’ costs are much lower than traditional banks costs. AltFi Data Analytics, published by investment bank Liberum, shows that the ratio of operating costs to the loan portfolio at the crowdlending platforms is lower by almost 40% comparing to banks. Lower costs mean higher profitability for investors. In terms of yield, P2P lending outperform savings accounts, and certificates of deposit. Read the full article: https://coinidol.com/3-advices-for-peer-to-peer-investors-from-inspeer-ceo/
  5. Axon Partners and ForkLog Consulting have published a report researching the regulation of cryptocurrency in different countries On October 23, 2017, the Axon Partners law firm, along with ForkLog Consulting, released a report researching government regulations in different countries around the world. The report describes Bitcoin development history in the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Latin America, China, Japan, Hong Kong, the European Union, Russia and Ukraine. The aim of the report is to provide an overview of the conditions for running cryptocurrency businesses and transactions, as well as interactions with government regulators and tax services. Read the full article: https://coinidol.com/global-cryptocurrency-regulations-2016/
  6. We are currently in an era where impossibility is no longer a bone of contention for certain people only if you believe in your dreams. “JBOXCOIN" is an evidence to that fact. With an aspiration to be among the top ranked coin in the cryptocurrency space we aspire to achieve these dreams through our unique and gigantic project "JBOX App". A decentralized Blockchain video streaming application design to give consumers a huge sense of value for their leisure time through a well augmented dual mining process (POU & POV). These app is designed to reward (token) user for uploading and streaming (view) videos of all varieties on the jbox platforms. (1jcent) is the incentive a user get from viewing any kind of video and every 20seconds, jcent is automatically sent into the users cryptographic wallet, also as a video creator similar process also apply to you. A video creator is rewarded by the amount of view accumulated by the video content uploaded. https://coinidol.com/blockchain-based-decentrlized-video-streaming-platfrom/
  7. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are quickly becoming recognized as one of the biggest threats in cyber security right now. FThis is largely due to their increasing prevalence – in Q2 2017 around 86 countries were affected by DDoS attacks, up 14 from the previous quarter. And a report by Cisco predicts that the annual number of DDoS attacks will rise to 17 million by 2020. They’re also extremely costly – in 2012 each attack on the financial sector cost its victims an average of $17 million. This is a worrying statistic when attacks are on the rise so sharply. DDoS attacks work by flooding their victims’ servers with traffic, overwhelming their bandwidth and causing them to work less efficiently or stop working altogether. They generate this enormous flood of spam traffic by infecting devices such as mobile phones and computers, transforming them into ‘bots’ which can be directed to a particular server. How can they be stopped? https://coinidol.com/ddos-real-menace-but-blockchain-can-help/
  8. In the last 40 years since the invention and democratization of the internet, use has grown radi-cally. Some estimates indicate that as many as 4 billion unique individuals are online. Yes - bil-lion with a B. In other words, more than half of the world’s total population. This sort of cataclysmic adoption has also been paired with exploding opportunity through online services. The internet has morphed from a simple information sharing platform into a comprehensive entity for nearly everything. E-commerce has particularly come into its own, with sales totally nearly 10% of gross US transactions. Since 2008, this rate of online transactions has been increasing, even during the midst of the global financial crisis. In this new gig economy, corporations like Upwork, Fiverr and Etsy have sought to connect freelancer workers and artists with employers, while Ikea made headlines by acquiring Gig economy company TaskRabbit, which provides handymen to assist with various manual labor tasks. These connections show that the world is fast moving toward a gig economy structure, with as many as 34% of all American workers functioning in this capacity. While these companies represent a significant change in how employment online fuctions, they are the first generation of such portals, and are showing considerable signs of stress. CanYa, an Australian blockchain-based platform, plans to be the online marketplace to replace sites like Upwork and Fiverr. CanYa is a decentralized online marketplace where service providers can connect with customers and send and receive payment via cryptocurrency. The blockchain platform permits sellers to interact with employers directly--a truly peer to peer (P2P) experience, unlike the veiled systems at Upwork and others. https://coinidol.com/canya-freelance-market/
  9. A New Way to Transact with Mastercard

    MasterCard is to open access to its insider blockchain via an API to allow for a seamless way to transact. Mastercard is to open access to its insider blockchain via an API to allow for a seamless way to transact. They will do it at the Money 20/20 hackathon in Las Vegas next week. It seems the Payment Card Giant decided to take up the lead of Android and others in the sphere of payments. They will open access to their blockchain via an API, which will allow banks and retailers to develop their own solutions of how to work within the network. Mastercard has already tested its solution, and is definitely going to implement it in the business-to-business sphere, allowing for a seamlessly easy way of transacting between companies and other institutions. The new solution offers four key differentiators - privacy, flexibility, scalability, and, last but not least, the reach of the company’s settlement network. https://coinidol.com/new-way-to-transact-with-mastercard/
  10. STK Global Payments Announces Alex Tapscott as Newest Advisor STK Global Payments announced that Alex Tapscott will join the STK Advisory Board, providing strategic direction on the development and implementation of the STK token. STK is holding a Token Generation Event from November 13-24, 2017. A pre-sale will run from October 30-November 13, 2017. Built on the Ethereum blockchain as an ERC20 token, the STK token will enable instant cryptocurrency payments at point of sale -- the first such solution to bridge cryptocurrency with retail transactions in real-time. Tapscott is a globally recognized thought-leader, investor and writer focused on the impact of emerging technologies on business, society and government. Alex is the Founder and CEO of NextBlock Global, an investment company actively managing a diversified portfolio of digital assets. Alex is also the co-author (with Don Tapscott) of the bestselling book Blockchain Revolution. Alex is a co-founder of the Blockchain Research Institute, a founding member of the IMF High Level Advisory Group on Fintech, a founding member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Blockchain, and a special advisor to Elections Canada. https://coinidol.com/stk-global-payments-announces-alex-tapscott/
  11. ICO LIVE- LWF.Local World Forwarder, the world's first decentralized logistics platform. Change the concept of logistics with P2P and decentralization As Uber did for shipping When someone thinks about logistics, the first thing that comes to mind is: DHL, UPS and, why not, Amazon or other major service providers involved in the global delivery system. More than 88% of the world's packages are managed by a third party company. They take the package forwarding it through one of these large companies. All this to get a profit from the final customer. When Uber started they asked themselves: "why should transport be so expensive for people?" and: "how can we make a profit for us and for the citizen?" so Uber was born. Well, for LWF it’s the same. We have noticed that in many countries in the world retail products are very difficult to find on time and at a good price against Europe / US's main market; this due to a lot of reasons: protectionism, fear to ship in some countries, control of the price around the world by the big companies and of course the poor logistics services in the growing-up countries. LWF will let users have a decentralized, clear and profitable environment where to safely build the first P2P-logistic-network. https://coinidol.com/lwf-changes-the-concept-of-logistics/
  12. Virtual Reality Ad Tech ICO Spectiv Receives Over $1 Million in Presale Virtual reality streaming platform Spectiv has just closed its private early supporter presale, where Signal Tokens were sold for a total of 3,548 ETH, 32 BTC, and $58,000 USD. Spectiv is a dedicated VR media platform where users can stream their VR video experiences to the world, and where others can enjoy those experiences from the comfort of their homes. It is a niche streaming platform similar to Twitch, but with a focus on VR content. Learn more about it here. Signal Tokens will be used on Spectiv's platform to directly connect advertisers with attention influencers. This is achieved through Spectiv’s “Ad Campaign Smart Contracts” which advertisers can use to directly reward viewers, publishers, and curators for driving attention to their ads. Every ad view and click that occurs on the ad is communicated to the Ad Campaign Smart Contract which then autonomously rewards Signal Tokens. The Signal Token Protocol is not limited to the Spectiv platform; it is open-source. The protocol is designed for any media platform to adopt and implement. Spectiv brings integral value to this protocol by acting as the pioneer and first use case, providing a foundational layer for other media platforms to benefit from and build upon. This pragmatic approach to token creation could bridge the gap between blockchain theory and real-world utility. https://coinidol.com/virtual-reality-ad-tech-ico-spectiv/
  13. The established crypto company Cointed Ltd. will start its own ICO on 20.10.2017 to collect an extra budget of 120 million Dollars. With these funds, the internationalization of the company is to be further advanced. What makes the Cointed ICO Token so unique? Cointed does not merely present an idea that is to be implemented in an uncertain period of time. The company already has a working business model and functioning concept. The undertaking is thus a profitable business and the expansion starts immediately after completion of the financing round. What have been the milestones of Cointed since 2014: - a Bitcoin exchange with more than 15,000 users - own mining farms with 400 GH/s in 2 countries - 100 BTC ATMs in 4 countries https://coinidol.com/cointed-token-ico/
  14. The Boosteroid Project Intends to Squeeze Google and Amazon

    International Boosteroid project starts ICO on October 23 Having successfully sold two million BTR tokens ahead of schedule at the pre-ICO, international project called Boosteroid starts ICO on October 23. The key difference between Boosteroid and other startups is that it will be implemented regardless of the ICO results: the computing facilities are already being build. BTR Token Sale The first stage starts on October 23, 2017 at 9:00 (CET) and ends on November 6, 2017 at 21:00 (CET). ICO can be completed ahead of schedule if the needed investments are raised. Users can buy BTR tokens with ETH, BTC, BCH, LTC https://coinidol.com/boosteroid-project-starts-ico/
  15. CryptoGames has a Solution for All the Indie Game Developers with their ICO Project - Battle of Titans It's nearly impossible to launch a mobile game without investment nowadays. Most of the developers meet this problem, even ones with very promising products. And those who succeeded lost a great deal of possible profits in the beginning, without Grand Opening. CryptoGames has met similar circumstances but they've found a unique solution for all the industry in general. The numbers of gaming industry are of no secret, all the data is available to the public. Market cap is over 100 billion dollars, expected annual increase makes this area very attractive for the investment. But whales never sleep pushing out little indie-fish. Common funding takes control on the company seizing those rights from original developers. Crowdfunding doesn't work attracting only final consumers. Blockchain changes old ways presenting the ICO - equal and convenient opportunity for everyone to get a piece of the future profits in a usual and well-known business. So CryptoGames will help indie-studios to launch their games using BTT - platform's brand currency. And that's not all: to illustrate all the possibilities, team starts with their own game - Battle of Titans. https://coinidol.com/cryptogames-battle-of-titans/

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