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  1. There are many people who have questions in mind to start mining but dont know which coin to mine there are many cryptocurrency coins like bitcoin, ethereum,dash,Zcash etc As we know bitcoin network difficulty have spiked to all times high and there is extremely less chance to make profit with it Until or less you buy expensive hardware's + afford electricity cost+ Need separate place due to its noise. ethereum&dash are good but same problem EXPENSIVE HARDWARES+AFFORD ELECTRICITY COST+ Need separate place due to its noise but there miner noise is less as compared to bitcoin mining hardware. It is profitable as compared bitcoins but less chance to earn massive coins as you expected. To make good profit with dash&ethereum you need lot of mining hardwares or setup little mining farm invest huge money in it. These are noisee (create lot of loud sound) miners. Zcash: Zcash are most profitable than any other mining hardware equihasher A1& A2 (Muted miners).Zcash mining are better than bitcoin dash monero ethereum. It doesn't create sound(noise) muted miners you can easily start mining at home. It gives huge return (return on investment) roi with zcash mining. If you can get zcash mining hardware then why taking risk with cloud mining contract. Buy zcash mining hardware equihasher https://equi-hash.com All the purchasing cost will recover in 2 or 3 months. Not like other mining hardware like bitcoin that the initial purchasing cost will recover in atleast 10 months or may be after it. https://equi-hash.com Share with people to receive the discount. https://equi-hash.com/home

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