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  1. Very true. Years back, I mined a ton of altcoins and made a very nice profit. ETH didn't even exist then.
  2. Interesting you require a twitter follow to take this survey. I do use Telegram, but I have no interest in being inundated with multiple channels. I do not use social media. However, I do write my own arbitrage and trading programs. Too bad you're trying to grab user data and followers...
  3. Over the past 5 years, I've been selling my artwork for cryptocurrencies. The funniest thing to me is that DOGE has been the most profitable coin for people buying my artwork. I thought for sure that gridcoin and orbit users would quickly grab hold of the abstract artwork, but it seems that DOGE, ETH and BTC buyers are much more apt to snap up my pieces. Currently, I'm keeping my eye on XNK. It could be quite handy and useful, although I don't think it'll ever go huge. I don't think it will fall flat on it's face however, as it already has good support from a long-standing company as well as some others eyeing up the protocol to use for online transactions and escrow.
  4. Earlier this year, the trading/barter website Listia switched from an internal credit system to the Ink Protocol. I'm posting this because it's a nice means to get rid of some things you've owned and also obtain new items using cryptocurrency. This is my personal referral link and using it will net you 25 XNK after you post your first item for trade. https://www.listia.com/invite/CVXRNY I'd highly recommend the service as I've been a Listia user for 4 years now. Rarely do I have issues with buyers or sellers. As some suggestions for getting XNK you could sell gift cards (or buy them...I love Subway gift cards 😉 ...amazon cards are always available too). Some people are drop shipping from AliExpress and Amazon. Most often, I just trade my artwork and other things I no longer need from around the house. Old kitchen utensils that I only used once. Art supplies I'm not using. Tools, gadgets, you name it. Just about everything is available on there, even phones and laptops. I've even updated my whole wardrobe, ties, shoes, dress shirts and the whole lot. Give it a go. It's fun, and it keeps cryptocurrencies flowing. If you've got any questions about Listia and the marketplace, feel free to ask them.
  5. The third piece for today, is a smaller framed original piece. Title: Collusion This piece is 12" H x 18" W. Framed. Signed. Ready to Hang. Free shipping in the USA, all others please contact me for a quote. BTC and ETH are preferred, but I'll consider practically any coin on the exchange. $110.00
  6. 2nd piece for today, another large one. This piece comes on beautiful acrylic, which will really lighten a room and enhance the brightness. This is a big piece! Original work, you'll be the only owner and no others will be sold. Title: Cables This piece is 24" H x 36" W. Acrylic. Signed. Ready to Hang. Free shipping in the USA, all others please contact me for a quote. BTC and ETH are preferred, but I'll consider practically any coin on the exchange. $1250.00
  7. Here is the first of three pieces being offered today. For the next 7 days, I'll be posting two pieces a day at special rates for forum members. Three today since I was only able to post one yesterday. Each day I'll aim to post a smaller piece as well as a larger one. The aim of this Support the Artist sale is to raise enough funds for me to purchase a new work computer. I have a ton of new fractals to render, but my current system fails when I put it under any stress. So, no new fractals until I can get a new computer. First up, a nice, large canvas. Title: Opening Infiltration This piece is 24" H x 36" W. Canvas. Signed. Ready to Hang. Free shipping in the USA, all others please contact me for a quote. BTC and ETH are preferred, but I'll consider practically any coin on the exchange. $400.00
  8. First piece for the "support the artist" sale (that would be me. ;)) This piece is called Bears. It's a 16"x20" original piece. This means you'll be the only one to have it. The piece is signed and framed, ready to hang. Free shipping within the US. Contact me for a quote for other locations. I'm open to pretty much any coins on the major exchanges. $120 USD.
  9. I'm having a "Support the Artist" sale! I'm in desperate need of a new computer. Without my desktop, I cannot work, nor can I create new artwork. So, I'm offering all my work to the CryptoCoinTalk forums at a very nice discount in order to finance a new computer purchase. The goal is to raise roughly $1,700. I need a beefy machine with loads of ram to render out fractals. The current computer I have just can't handle things anymore. Feel free to make me an offer on any of the pieces you see in this forum or on my website. I'll also be posting a new piece or two daily for the entirety of this week. I thank you and appreciate your support!
  10. Hello, Great to hear from you and I'm glad you're checking out the artwork. Yes, I make it digitally on the computer. It's made using fractal artwork programs that take mathematical formulas/algorithms and then creates the pixels based on either the specific formulas chosen or sometimes using a random chaos engine. This assures that not only the artwork is uniquely mine when created, but it is very difficult to reproduce exactly. I have several different programs that I utilize to create my artwork and several more methods still in my mental toolbox. ;) Let me know which pieces you'd like. Since the artwork is digital, I can customize the size to your own spaces.
  11. Thank you for your comment. I already consider cryptocurrency valid currency. I've been accepting it with my business (both software and web development as well as my artwork business) since pre-2014. ;) I do ship to Dubai if you're interested in getting some great artwork!

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