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  1. Nice, detailed tutorial now on russian here. Many thanks to Bazilio ;)
  2. DOGE version is ready for testing in 0-9-8 version.. -Also fixed ETH version issue which caused impossibility to sign up sometimes. Download
  3. Since CoinHive is moving from coin-hive.com to coinhive.com here it is quick update for the script. Just need to replace one file. Download
  4. A lot of things coming, so let me know ASAP if you found any bug related to this update. Also, don't forget FH is lagging last 20-30 hrs, of course it affects script also. So keep calm, mex gonna do his best. UPDATE:0.9.8 -ETH support added (FaucetHub only) - wellcome to testing -BitCaptcha service added -000webhost compatibility (hope will be useful for newcomers) added in alfa. Please give me feedback if possible -php7.0+ support in alfa, also will be glad to hear back about this -Installer updated, now it deletes install.php and install_proceed.php instant after faucet set up complete -Coin-hive miner added. You can setup in dashboard settings (also testing new monetizing concept. Will reduce fee if everything gonna be ok) -Mobile\Tablet menu button fixed -Referal text for logged users fixed -Logout button now allows to logout from any page\subpage -Faucet login captcha fixed I think there won't any problems, but if something gonna go wrong follow this topic - hotfixes will not be long in coming. Download (ETH version inside) Update for current users instrtuction included. Note: ETH version goes as separate script, so don't try to use them together (at least provide different databases and folders). Note: this is last major upldate before release version 1.0 (coming late october\early november). Release means project exits beta stage. 1.0 version will deliver full php 7.0+ support, automatic updater, smart installer (my mailbox won't be attacked anymore :)) improved security bot layer and few secret things :) All shortcomings gonna be fixed, all thing you need to do by hands now will be automated.
  5. UPDATE: 0.9.7 -Added ability to disable TOR\VPN protection. -Finally removed ALL epay slowdowns from admin page. -Main page and admin dashboard load speeded up! -Fee on faucethub now displays as referal payment. Download Update for current users instrtuction included.
  6. HOTFIX: Seems old epay code slowed script too much. -Removed old EPAY code. -Site load speed increased. -Optimized turned off payment systems. Download Fix for current users - replace only 2 files
  7. Minor update: -Prol.ink shortener service API is replaced with new BTC.MS service by mexicantarget. Download
  8. deep64.com/faucet Up to 125satoshi with visiting shortlinks http://deep64.com/faucet visit shortlink ang get up to 125 satoshi 4 times per day. 15% ref comission Also you can start faucet by your own using this script.
  9. Still don't have your own faucet? Do it today?

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