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  1. Hey, guys. Finally I found some time to do update. Update: 0.9.5 -Added FaucetSystem microwallet (now you can use 3 microwallets on one faucet at the same time). This currently in beta, so please let me know if you'll find any issues. -Added shortlink service integration -Added Prol.Ink shotrlink service integration -Reworked rewarding system for shortlinks clicking. Now codes are storing in cookies. -Added ability tou use ALL shortlinks at the same time (,, mellowads). So user can get triple reward if he gonna use all systems. Download
  2. Not yet, but going to add this right after will set up few more shorten links services. Is it you emailed me via my website? I asnwered you if that was you If that wasn't you, pm me or email me.
  3. New update soon. Start your faucet today!
  4. Mistakenly placed old index.html file into last build. If someone gets "Coming soon" page right after install simply delete index.html (not index.php).
  5. Thanks. Let me know if you'll need any help or something. Hotfix: -Shortlinks displaying fixed -Missing templates added into last build Download
  6. Going on a small trip for a 4 days. So next update will be in a week (approx). Still will be available via email -
  7. Hotfix: -Fixed setup database error -Fixed incorrect rewrite mode on godaddy hostings (^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L,QSA] replaced with ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [L,QSA]) -Messages library name fix Download
  8. Update: 0.9.4 -Shorten links service added for beta testing -Bonus for shorten link view can be set up via admin panel -New templates img displaying fixed
  9. Fix update: -Fixed false-posotove virustotal alert in payment_system.php file -Fixed wrong admin login redirection after incorrect password -Reworked way to display withdraw button for users with personal withdraw limit -Simplified google analytics integration -Improved simple install alerts
  10. Update: 0.9.3 -Simplifed instalation process (currently in beta, please let me know if will be any issues). Now after files uploading just visit ""and fill the form -Claims table layout fixes -Removed unnecessary JS which done false-positive alert on virustotal
  11. Updated to version 0.9.2 -Manual payouts added. -Personal withdraw limit is avilable for users in accumulative faucets. -Now you can add any JS code right from dashboard. No need to edit view (template files).