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  1. Hey, guys! Updated our CLI backend to the cryptonight V7 algo. Which leads to increasing payouts. Browser mining is coming soon too. Please, update your services and keep your user's mining software updated within 48 hours. Then old cryptonight server will be disabled. More details in our blog post
  2. Sup, guys! Here it is next generation mining faucet. It allows you to mine both - in browser and on command line (even using GPU). This will give you MUCH MUCH more hashrate than you can have from regular web mining. Payouts to faucethub. 5% referral. Provided by serious and trusted web mining provider - webminepool.com solo.webminepool.com
  3. Hey, guys! Check out the exciting new releases from WMP! We have added CLI mining and a new platform for you to attract and interact with more users! We also launched a blog. Bitcointalk topic is here
  4. UPDATE Hello! With a bit delay we are announcing next rate increasing. This time a bit lower, but market is growing slower than we would like to. Also, we added new method into our HTTP API for those who works with users on their end. Method allows to remove certain amount of hashes from certain user. Read more in docs. Stay tuned!
  5. Payments increased, withdraw threshold lowered! Hey everyone, Here it is our next update. Payouts increased from 200sat\1m hashes to 210sat (next increase in a week). At the same time withdraw threshold went from 1.6M to 1.4M WMC, so it became 13% lower and ~36k satoshi now. Also we are announcing referal program, stay tuned to know more!
  6. Payout limit lowered! Hey everyone, As we promised - here it is our next step. Payout threshold now went from 2M to 1.6M WMC, so it became 20% lower and ~40k satoshi now. Stay tuned for the next announce in a 5-7 days!
  7. Payout increased! Hey everyone, First of all, thank you to each and every one you who use WebMinePool services. Without all of you, we would not be here. As we grow, we want to make sure everything continues to stay smooth. As previously promised, we are raising payouts across the board: 201 satoshi per one million hashes. Payouts will begin to raise every week as optimizations are made on the backend. Raises will occur until all publishers are earning high enough rate per million hashes. Now that the maintenance is finished, everything should now be back to normal. As we grow, we want to make sure everything continues to stay smooth. We have another big announcement coming this Sunday, stay tuned!
  8. Glad to inform you we currently launching our mining captcha. Check the documentation to simply embed it into your projects!
  9. Hello, FaucetOwners. FaucetHub FOs chat is very good place to unite faucet owners, but due to lack of possibilities and lagging last time we (me and a group op faucetowners) decided to create a slack chat to enchance communication, sharing ideas, helping each other, etc. All of faucet (and cryptocurrency related sites) owners are wellcom. Check this invite code P.S. Please, be patiend and do not spam or intrusively advertise your projects.
  10. Happy to announce that we have successfully pathed soft-launch. And, temporarily opened our doors to everyone, until will get enough users to our second stage of beta. Use an opportunity to sign up!

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