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  1. Minor update: shortener service API is replaced with new BTC.MS service by mexicantarget. Download
  2. Up to 125satoshi with visiting shortlinks visit shortlink ang get up to 125 satoshi 4 times per day. 15% ref comission Also you can start faucet by your own using this script.
  3. Still don't have your own faucet? Do it today?
  4. @Rhonallie Antenor what do you mean?
  5. Hotfix: -Added one more VPN/TOR checking service as a reserve for nastyhosts. Will be glad if you'll report about any issues, because I'm not promoting my demofaucet and can't test it on the big amount of users. -Fixed claiming problem on a few hostings like bluehost and hostinger. Download
  6. LTC and DOGE are coming this month!
  7. Here DevRawl posted VERY NICE and detailed (with screenshots) instruction how to install my script and how to manage it. Great job. Thanks a lot!
  8. Hey guys. There are problems with nastyhosts and you can see error using myscript. Here it is hotfix. DOWNLOAD