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  1. UPDATE: 0.9.7 -Added ability to disable TOR\VPN protection. -Finally removed ALL epay slowdowns from admin page. -Main page and admin dashboard load speeded up! -Fee on faucethub now displays as referal payment. Download Update for current users instrtuction included.
  2. HOTFIX: Seems old epay code slowed script too much. -Removed old EPAY code. -Site load speed increased. -Optimized turned off payment systems. Download Fix for current users - replace only 2 files
  3. Minor update: shortener service API is replaced with new BTC.MS service by mexicantarget. Download
  4. Up to 125satoshi with visiting shortlinks visit shortlink ang get up to 125 satoshi 4 times per day. 15% ref comission Also you can start faucet by your own using this script.
  5. Still don't have your own faucet? Do it today?
  6. @Rhonallie Antenor what do you mean?
  7. Hotfix: -Added one more VPN/TOR checking service as a reserve for nastyhosts. Will be glad if you'll report about any issues, because I'm not promoting my demofaucet and can't test it on the big amount of users. -Fixed claiming problem on a few hostings like bluehost and hostinger. Download