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  1. How sure are you that this campaign was made for us here on cryptocurrencytalk. It's for bct rather as it requires posting and reporting in their thread.
  2. IDone with retweet. Username: @sekejack62 0x031eE9c25e1fe8541557472a9327e41CE3B86690
  3. Why signup issues for a very long time. It is better you solved this issue.
  4. 10 Million Token Bounty Giveaway

    Why are my blog earnings erased?
  5. 10 Million Token Bounty Giveaway

    Happy earnings with your site. Hope I'll this project succeed.
  6. 10 Million Token Bounty Giveaway

    Thanks for the update
  7. 10 Million Token Bounty Giveaway

    Hello, it's time to update our dashboard. Thanks.
  8. 10 Million Token Bounty Giveaway

    Is anyone earning from thus token?
  9. Address: 18SVPpVGb995rmMNZqaQYqMBJvHPKTe22 Twitter username: @sekejack62 Retweet: https://twitter.com/Last_Crypto/status/908765810574884870 https://twitter.com/Last_Crypto/status/909047524027240449 https://twitter.com/LegendOfCrypto/status/909041520086441984 https://twitter.com/Last_Crypto/status/909083684879372289
  10. 10 Million Token Bounty Giveaway

    Thanks but you didn't answer my question. It would help us all who wanna upload screenshots. Should we use the link to cryptocurrencytalk as blog URL?
  11. 10 Million Token Bounty Giveaway

    When signing up to that what URL should I input. I've already submitted two screen shots and they've been rejected.
  12. 10 Million Token Bounty Giveaway

    Which section should we upload the screenshots to? And what do we put in the message section when submitting a post? Again, how do I prove I made a particular post here and reproving it daily?
  13. 10 Million Token Bounty Giveaway

    And where at all are your avartars to use them here. Where is your signature code?
  14. 10 Million Token Bounty Giveaway

    I am confused. Where is should the signatures and avartar be put. Here or bitcointalk. In the sign up form there isn't cryptocurrencytalk section. And also the blog part asks to insert link to blog.

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