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  1. Why signup issues for a very long time. It is better you solved this issue.
  2. Why are my blog earnings erased?
  3. Happy earnings with your site. Hope I'll this project succeed.
  4. Thanks for the update
  5. Hello, it's time to update our dashboard. Thanks.
  6. Is anyone earning from thus token?
  7. Address: 18SVPpVGb995rmMNZqaQYqMBJvHPKTe22 Twitter username: @sekejack62 Retweet:
  8. Thanks but you didn't answer my question. It would help us all who wanna upload screenshots. Should we use the link to cryptocurrencytalk as blog URL?
  9. When signing up to that what URL should I input. I've already submitted two screen shots and they've been rejected.
  10. Which section should we upload the screenshots to? And what do we put in the message section when submitting a post? Again, how do I prove I made a particular post here and reproving it daily?
  11. And where at all are your avartars to use them here. Where is your signature code?
  12. I am confused. Where is should the signatures and avartar be put. Here or bitcointalk. In the sign up form there isn't cryptocurrencytalk section. And also the blog part asks to insert link to blog.
  13. The long awaited platforms on adzbuzz are ready to be released. If you are new to adzbuzz, it is a content discovery and creation site where publishers and regular users can get paid as they visit the site daily. The team is doing so wonderful that they are doing anything they can to help us earn as much as we can. There have been many things that they've put across and now they're planning of bringing new features to the site that are all steps geared towards our financial freedom. The latest release which is today, 15th September, talks about 1. Auto exchange of ad credit next week 2. Adzbuzz tifostarter bounty campaign for forum promos next week 3. Adzbuzz titan( a way to earn adzcoin by viewing simple ads) To read more about the update, GO HERE. If you are already a user, login and follow the adzbuzz news everyday as new ways to earn adz are being put into place. *As at now, 1adz= 0.046$ which isn't bad. Join now and wait for these exciting things to be integrated into the site and thank me later. ***NOTE, I have noticed that newbies find it difficult to use the site and for that matter, they abandon their potential daily income. For the sake of this, I am leaving my telegram username, @sieemma here. Ask me how to earn, where to go and many others. For the mean time, follow these steps: 1. Click the link to join 2. Click the join button and fill the form 3. You will be asked to confirm your email. Confirm email and find attached, your password. This is what you will use together with your email to log in. 4. Go to and click on login to sign you in. 5. Very important point, make sure to complete tour immediately you sign in to get used to the tabs. In fact the site is a bit complex for newbies so you must complete it. That is all. ***Here are few things to know before getting started. 1. For regular user, if you want to be earning daily for logging in, buy adzcoin and use it to buy ad credits, enable dfy for ad credits. 2. For publishers, if you own a site and user adzbuzz special link to get adzcoins as people visit your site. You also have access to all features of the regular user. 3. For advertise, if you want to advertise and also get access to all features of a regular user. Adzcoin is listed on yobit, live coin and many others. Here is a proof