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  1. grcpool pays more often, and gridcoin.co pays more money, Ithink because of the interest. if u run solo mining, too, then grcpool might be better because of the staking at your wallet, if u beginner u should better take pool.gridcoin.co and not solomine.
  2. Problem with Blockexplorer/staking Hi, I found a great problem at Blockexplorer (gridcoinstats.eu) about money transfers. The Problem is payments from a pool, which uses multi-target transfers, will not registered as Block in the Blockexplorer and it will happen no staking with the received money. So if u got that money u cant get ur solo mined earnings. How could that solved? How long it takes until update of the blockexplorer correct that problem?
  3. Hello @all, I´m active in the pool since Janurary, until 26th of March with one PC, until the second PC came to the account all works fine. But after the second PC came to my Pool account something gets wrong. So the internal Host CPID changed from the CPID of my wallet to another one, and this of the second PC is also another one, shouldn´t it be the self like before? And a second bug is there, where is the money I should get? I only get a part of the 0,87540669740696% from 35047,738988256, I get two payments from your site on this day first around 10 gridcoins and second around 7,99 gridcoins, but shouldn´t it be around 306 gridcoins and only one payment (35047*0,87%)?

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