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  1. I thought I would start a thread for both sides. If you have a noob or stupid question, ask it here. I will try to answer or others. If you have expert advice please post it here. I find that there are so many altcoins and no one really helps noobs. Many people can learn quikly but they have a quick question. In only 60 days I have gone from "What the F is a bitcoin" to " I can help you with alt coins" ... Ask away and lets create some hype or whatever .... Bitman.... The actual 821 of them!
  2. Site looks good. However of all the games , poker is not one of mine. So I will not be trying it out. Look forward to more sites that accept my PXC. They seem to be just piling up in my wallet. Can you make it rain Crytos? LOL
  3. The idea of being able to play without a confirm is more appealing to someone like me. The FTCGames.eu site was great as it didn't confirm before paying out. It allowed for a more fluid way of playing. When I have played Altdice Sometimes having to wait 15 minutes for a confirm to find out if I win or lose ... lets just say I got bored fast and won't play it. But I understand the reason TO have it. I thought of a game design last night as I was falling asleep. it would have to be coded from the ground up I think. The name would be 3-2-1-Longshot. It is basically the dice game but not as much as Altdice and not as basic as Heads-tails. The concept would be to pick a number between 0 and 65535. The payout idea would be something like this. 0-100 50:1 Payout 101-21845 3.5:1 Payout 21846-43690 3.5:1 Payout 43691-65434 3.5:1 Payout 65435-65535 50:1 Payout So think of it as a circle cut into thirds with a little on each side. The small parts on the side have a large payout and the other 3rds basically a 3:1 type payout. (Trust me, drawing a picture would make more sense and easier to understand). Someone would have to write this with using the transaction ID and secret salt to come up with a fair translation of the number picked. I hope this made sense and if it is a stupid idea, go ahead and let me know.
  4. I am not where I saw it but I did see one gaming site that took about 12 different currencies. You would deposit in your coin of choice and then play based on that. I would love to see more places that did that. I found a very interesting game site that takes LottoCoins. And it has some great games and some lame ones. http://www.lotwincasino.com/index.php is said site. I would love to see something simple like a simple Heads or Tails games. FTCGames.eu when it was up had a nice one. Very very simple. The site has since gone down. I find it more fun to try the different games and check out all aspects of them. Personally it is not about wining or losing but learning the algo's and seeing if I can find bugs. If you do find something and need a tester drop me a line.
  5. Still giving away free coins to try? username bitman821
  6. I am all for a gaming site. Something with Blackjack. The one that was around before was kind of lame. (I think it was a PXC gaming page) . The altdice was fun for a bit but got boring fast. I did win the 42:1 odds the third time I played. 42 PXC!!! But yeah I am all for gaming as I tend to gamble around with 20% of my mined coins.
  7. Thank you Prensel. I am finding I am learning more and more about all the awesome information that can be pulled up with some of the commands.
  8. Difficulty strangeness? Anyone else notice the strange direction things took the last 4-5 days. Last week thursday, 2/13/2014 the difficulty of phoenix coin not only took a HUGE jump up to 2.xx but it has only slowly been coming back down to 1.44 2/17/2014. This in itself was not only strange but the few pools (Including d2) that I use almost EVERYONE has bailed on. Wondering what (if anything) is going on. I had to admit bailing on mining this one while it was still crazy difficulty. Are there newer pools that have popped up that people are moving over to? Where would I be able to find the full Network Hash rate? Some coins have it right on their webpage.
  9. Looks great and works better. It doesn't seem to take forever to reload on a reboot (Windows). I have one recommendation. Could a phoenixcoin.conf file be included or at least contents be listed for people? I could put one out here for people but not sure I have a good set of addnodes= for it. There seem to be a lot of newbies out here getting into solo mining and I see 2 things. One is confusion with a conf file as well as this (windows) qt program is set up a little different. It doesn't follow the usual 15 levels deep as the other wallets. (A damn good design if you ask me. It is more secure). Great Job Ghostlander!
  10. Hey I am a little late to this one but added 10 votes today. Maybe if they would let me bribe them with pXC I would
  11. I figured this is as good a place as any to post this question / comment /concern. As for the 100+ blocks it doesn't bother me as I am just accumulating. Kris glad you are having fun solo mining this one. I am too. Sometimes I get a little obsessive but this one can be mined at a quick rate so you can actually see what is going on with your equipment. GHOSTLANDER! Sorry to shout. Question for you. I have 2 PC's mining with GPU's. Each has a wallet installed. So does my laptop for keeping an eye on transactions throughout the day while working the job that pays a little more than 50 cents per hour The wallet.dat file is exact on all machines. Copied and loaded. Normally when a block is mined, all 3 computers simultaneously pop up the message and reflect the block, as well as needing the 100+ confirms to be spendable. Today, 2/11/2014 at approx 23.00 GMT my one minder found a block. I saw the pop up message (Windows QT) and it showed on the main screen of the wallet. However, the other miner and the laptop did NOT. In about a 15 minute time frame it found 3 more blocks. The same issue happened. I found this wierd. Not knowing commands to do anything other than scratch my head, I copied that wallet.dat file to my other miner. It showed up there. I repeated with my laptop and all looks fine. The miner then found another block and all 3 were in sync again. There were about 12 confirms before I did this manual file copy. Question is, WTF? I would assume if it was a good block it would have broadcast to the peers and back to me. I have not gotten clearance to spend these funds yet as there are still confirms left on them. I would assume they will be good. But they could be orphaned? As for my other topic on blocks found but not added to wallet, your 'listtransactions' does not show anything other than what is on the main screen. Also I did add about 15 'addnode=' into the .conf file based on existing connections. Maybe this is the WRONG way. Is there a list of known valid, solid, nodes I should add into the file? I ask because without anything it takes too blasted long to load the wallet to allow me to mine on a reboot. (MOre to the point BSOD)
  12. Hashrate is 1120 kh/s . Now this is split between 2 cards , one running 350 kh/s and the other running 770 kh/s. Will leave the rest of the comment below. Ghostlander, Both you and Nawazish said was I was curious about. Since I posted this I did a couple things. First thing I did was update my wallet to your new release. It is much faster. Thank you. The other was I did some digging around in the block chain at the moment this occured. IF I am reading it correctly I think I came to the same conclusion. I guess what I was EXPECTING to see was Either "REJECTED" in the miner as I have with other coins, or to see it show up in my wallet and after a couple confirms see it switch over to orphaned. My guess now is that since it doesn't show in the wallet until a couple confirms tells me I never will see this old way of solo mining. TO BOTH of you. I switch between Solo and Pool mining. Here is my thinking. I have seen in pool mining improperly tuned cards that kick out high KH/s rates but are not actually solving sh*t. So when I get a new card and tune, I switch to solo mining for a few days and make sure I have the best kh/s and am solving blocks in a reasonable amount of time. (Based on rate and difficulty). Not to mention the d2.cc pool was down for a week and the alternative pool SUCKED. But I digress. Ghostlander, is there a way to boost my connections with QT? { "version" : 60501, "protocolversion" : 60002, "walletversion" : 60000, "balance" : 150.80000000, "blocks" : 233496, "connections" : 14, "timeoffset" : -1, "proxy" : "", "ip" : "-- -- -- --", "difficulty" : 1.36077658, "testnet" : false, "keypoololdest" : 1387949938, "keypoolsize" : 101, "paytxfee" : 0.00000000, "mininput" : 0.00010000, "errors" : "" }
  13. Ghostlander, I have a question for you. I have noticed this over the last week. One of my miners will find a block, but the block NEVER gets credited to my wallet. I have first hand witnessed this at least 4 times over the last week. (I have been tuning a new card so am actually seeing what is going on. Can you let me know what is going on. Usually It will find a block and after 2 new ones hit the network it shows up as "Unconfirmed" in the wallet. BUt these just never make it. I know it is only about 50 cents by todays market but I am hopeful Any thought would be helpful.
  14. I am glad to see all the buying in Phoenix Coin ..... not to mention there seems to be a lot of buying support levels.

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