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  1. Thomas, As always, back up your wallet. Stop/Quit your Gridcoin client app. Download the blockchain snapshot.zip file and unzip it. http://download.gridcoin.us/download/downloadstake/signed/snapshot.zip Save this file in your ~/.GridcoinResearch folder: Extract the snapshot, making sure the 3 folders and the blk001.dat file are in the ~/.GridcoinResearch folder, not a snapshot sub-folder. Restart the Gridcoin client and your blockchain will be rebuilt completely based on the most recent snapshot and then, downloaded new blocks since snapshot file created on February 1, 2018. Took between 30 and 45 minutes for me. See the attached pdf of a Reddit post by Xaminmo. http://wiki.gridcoin.us/Linux_guide also very useful. Happy mining, c2 xaminmo comments on Is it worth mining?.pdf
  2. Dropped by to see if anyone else is failing on wallet syncing. Downloading the 2/1/2018 snapshot now. Acey, saw your message above and will start participating in Testnet within the next few days. Happy gridcoining, c2
  3. I have been having similar problems syncing with the blockchain since updating to for Mac OS X10.13.4 Debug log shows seemingly endless error message concerning: " CheckProofOfResearch: Researchers Reward Pays too much : claimed 48.720000 vs calculated 0.000000 for CPID 1104d7e73072ad70bdce14b7ea434e14" Have had some success with multiple restarts of the client but still not syncing reliably. Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. I haven't found a satisfactory solution for this. Seems that homebrew don't want to deal with .app files or the /Applications folder and brew-cask don't want anything to do with compilation... I've just started manually moving the .app to /Applications. Greetings Gridoiners, A less elegant but still completely functional and scriptable solution is to use OS X 'make alias' command and then move the alias to /Application/ rather than .app file. This leaves gridcoinresearch.app in default install location. In my excruciatingly long experience experience with installing/troubleshooting Mac software under every os version since 1984 (first machine - Macintosh 128k) I've found that moving applications from default install location can cause said installations to exhibit undocumented features or to fail outright. Using the .app alias method avoids having 2 installed versions of gridcoinresearch.app file after upgrade. Failure mode of .app alias method would result in broken alias alert message. Choosing fix alias could default to /usr/local/Cellar/gridcoin/ for selection of current .app file. FWIW, c2
  5. Marco and Acey, A little patience goes a long way... Had tried $ 'brew upgrade gridcoin' and $ 'brew uninstall gridcoin' $ 'brew install gridcoin' without getting upgrade. but on last attempt: ------------ $ 'brew install gridcoin' ==> Installing gridcoin from git-jiro/jiro ==> Downloading https://github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/archive/ ==> Downloading from https://codeload.github.com/gridcoin/Gridcoin-Research/tar.gz/ ######################################################################## 100.0% ==> qmake USE_UPNP=1 ==> make /usr/local/Cellar/gridcoin/3.5.8: 10 files, 8.5MB, built in 5 minutes ----------- New client now running and processing blocks, wallet should be synced within the hour. Anyway thanks for the notification about the update. It is available for downloading and install using $ 'brew install gridcoin' Don't know about $ 'brew upgrade gridcoin' but if install is working, upgrade either is or will be soon. Thanks, c2 BTW, this support thread has been incredibly helpful to me. I really appreciate the shared knowledge and kindly tone. The bad block problem was driving me a little crazy. Wallet now at 99.85% synced and block 845540 now a fading nightmare. c2
  6. Hi Marco, Currently have installed $ "git-jiro/jiro/gridcoin already installed" Got this error message reported when I tried to run the command $ "brew update gridcoin" a few minutes ago. Do I need to uninstall and install the development --HEAD(?) files instead to update to I'm hoping addresses the ongoing problem I'm having with bad blocks Have been stuck at ~99.8% synced for about two days. A quick at the debug log file shows the occasional hack attempt (banned) and an interminable number of messages stating- "04/09/17 23:38:50 ERROR: ProcessBlock() : CheckBlock FAILED" Have already performed $ "brew update" within the last few minutes $ "brew doctor" report no problems and ready to brew also within the last half hour. Thanks for any help you can give this stumped noob, Living the infinite wait state.....

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