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  1. Taking applications for a weekly bonus for a line of your signature here on cryptocointalk More to be announced soon. This is limited and you must meet a certain criteria of post to be accepted. Test links
  2. The coin count is going from a 500 Billion coin to a 50 Billion coin (10 to 1) and will feature updated and advanced tech and new special features. The swap will be hosted on NovaExchange to host Espers 10 to 1 swap starting soon ^^ Follow >> https://twitter.com/@Cryptomaddness and https://twitter.com/CryptoCoderz More info to come Current Exchanges Espers is traded at: Coingather NovaExchange Yobit Cryptopia Crypto-Trade
  3. Former Head football coach, Robby Wells of Savannah State University is roaring onto the National platform for 2016. The Democratic Presidential candidate is now working to become America’s next coach. At the Rise UP Festival in the Great American State of Georgia, Robby Wells will be accepting a political donation of crypto currency of html5coin much faster than bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin html5coin does not require miners or using up Earth’s Natural Resources to function. We Believe Robby Wells energy policy and sound principal economics strategy. The Future is now with Democratic Presidential candidate Robby Wells and HTML5coin.
  4. AkWnFskJLraxuZ2SW49Bu6Wgnr9UvtZsEV Awesome & Thanks
  5. For Free XPL RippleLite coins come here: Please access the faucet through the XPL website- http://ripplelite.x10host.com
  6. Everyone is welcome to join the RippleLiteTeam, its Community or as a guest over at the RippleLiteTeam Board which is where most work will be done including positive discussions in regards to moving this project forward which will happen with or without anyones help. The Board and this [ANN] Thread will be considered a FUD FREE ZONE and appropriate measures will be applied and strictly enforced. If anyone has derogatory comments, questions or accusations you need to contact us at rippleliteteam@gmail.com and our team will determine if we respond or not based entirely on its content regardless if its arbitrary value is pertinent or not. We just do not have time for a bunch of crap. However we recommend not running off so fast as we feel this project holds great value to the Community from a lucrative standpoint. However if your an infiltrator or just act like one if you can't get a grip and embrace this project but instead try to sew decent them please move along. RippleLiteTeam & Community Board http://rippleliteteam-xpl.proboards.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/XPLTeam Their Contact info is: rippleliteteam@gmail.com XPL Website http://ripplelite.x10host.com Block Explorer/Crawler Please access the explorer through the XPL website- http://ripplelite.x10host.com Wallet Windows Wallet QT https://www.dropbox.com/s/gc3079vppt8bhe7/RippleLite-V1.3.zip?dl=0 Linux Please compile your own from the Source Code Mac Not in this lifetime Source Code on GitHub http://github.com/ripplelite/XPL/ Sample .Conf File ripplelite.conf listen=1 daemon=1 server=1 rpcuser=yourusername rpcpassword=yourpassword rpcallowip=* rpcport=27141 port=8866 rpcconnect=127.0.0.* addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addnode= addode= addnode= addnode= Pools http://ispace.co.uk/coindetails/?coin=xpl Faucet Please access the faucet through the XPL website- http://ripplelite.x10host.com The RippleLiteTeam supports the EcoCrypto Union in there mission to plant trees on land that they are purchasing in Poland specifically in order to offset the Carbon Emissions from Mining CryptoCurrencies. The RippleLiteTeam supports this long time activist David Slesinger S.B MIT in his many causes that he has been involved in and look forward to continuing to do so. The RippleLiteTeam supports Doctor Crowdfund and his plan to build an INDIEGOGO type crowdfunding platform for Crypto in which the Campaigns will have the option of being funded through MicroDonations through various CryptoCurrencies of value. The RippleLiteTeam supports iSpace Mining Pools and this Development Teams nearly 2 year working relationship with iSpace Pools. http://youtu.be/1Is5LPPvKr0 The RippleLiteTeam supports and has tremendous respect for Horia Cretan (Billy from the Bronx) 'Winner of the 2009 New York Hero Award' for saving a child stuck in a burning Building. Exchanges: >>>> TRADE XPL here I am not the creator of this coin: just making sure XPL has a spot on CCT
  7. RkW6KXFesxA9mkMu4c5XRxeu8sFn3Rmp

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