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  1. I posted a few of my thoughts on github, some of the same ones that you mentioned here Quez. Here's the link, my issues are #49 and #50: https://github.com/grctest/Gridcoin-Site/issues Perhaps this thread is the preferred place for input though, idk.
  2. Regarding SSL, they're shooting for implementation in August: http://xansons4cod.com/xansons4cod/forum_thread.php?id=53#305 I voted no in the current poll. If the poll fails and they do indeed follow though with SSL, then perhaps we'll have another vote.
  3. Check this out: https://boinc.berkeley.edu/projects.php A few are listed with a category of "distributed sensing", like Quake Catcher Network and [email protected] I haven't participated in these projects, but I assume that instead of normal work units, you just upload your sensor data in return for BOINC credit. It would have to pass a whitelist vote before you could earn Gridcoin.
  4. here are my new babies. more details on steemit: https://steemit.com/gridcoin/@jimbo88/i-just-wanna-boinc-part-1-the-pi-stack
  5. Jimmy1

    Duchamp Sourcefinder

    If you have issues running this project, try updating to the latest version of VitrualBox. I had to.
  6. I believe the Enigma project is complete (e.g. no new WUs). I've been running YOYO on my pi's. At the moment, this seems to be the only pi-supported project that doesn't compete with GPUs. Edit: I did some further looking, and it seems that you could run [email protected] as well. The BOINC project list (https://boinc.berkeley.edu/projects.php) says it supports AMD GPUs, but the [email protected] top hosts are Xeon machines (http://universeathome.pl/universe/top_hosts.php), and on their "applications" page (http://universeathome.pl/universe/apps.php) I'm only seeing CPU projects. They do have a GPU section of the website but it's not populated (http://universeathome.pl/universe/gpu_list.php). So, if you don't want to compete against GPUs for magnitude, I guess you can choose between YOYO and [email protected] By the way, I have 8 Pi 3's coming in the mail this week. I'll point half of them at YOYO and the other half at Universe and see which magnitude is higher.
  7. Yep, mine seems to be back to normal.
  8. Hi, I posted this on the subreddit, but this seems to be the place with the most action. I just checked my Gridcoin Stats page and it's showing roughly 20x more 'estimated magnitude' than it was just a few hours ago. As you can see, the last plot on the magnitude graph is ~10, but the estimated is ~180. Is this a known bug? Does magnitude just swing around like this? My uneducated guess: somehow it's not pulling in the pool data correctly, therefore my magnitude looks huge. Just a guess... https://gridcoinstats.eu/cpid.php?a=view&id=efeaf597dd634038f79b48c8382baee6 Here's a screenshot in case the website updates or something: http://imgur.com/y7P4ghE Edit: Also, within the Gridcoin Wallet itself, my data within the neural network seems ok, but the summary statistics on the wallet's main screen (underneath where you see your balance) is showing my magnitude at 0.00.

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