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  1. Yeah no need to rush it either. I'm okay waiting a year to making a million
  2. well shit it is real. Glad I stuck with it
  3. http://coinminers.freemoneyonlines.info:8080/getting_started Awesome pool if anyone wants to join me. I have about 1.8 TH pointed.
  4. Jimmy, you're probably right. Regardless, I am all in lol.
  5. It's my understanding that most accept BTC already and will be adding Wankcoin
  6. What operating systems? I have a windows and linux wallet showing addresses.
  7. Anyone else have the ability to start a pool?
  8. http://vc2.yun235.net/ Think stratum is down. Please resolve.
  9. One of the only coins I've seen with a nice promo video out the gate. Great job.
  10. ^^ +1 Move to: http://vc2.yun235.net/ Good pool, steady block flow.

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