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  1. Well it really is a big question who do you want to trust today. I myself will avoid to give my data away if I don't have to (yes of course my data is prob out there but I don't have to put it everywhere). Big issue here is that many people don't do proper investigation regarding ICOs and what if they invest into some scammy one and give their details out? What happens if the company of particular ICO don't hold your data as secure as you may think and what if their server gets hacked or something else? Problem is real, please read here: https://redd.it/83ym0j to see what has happened recently. Of course that they must require KYC, I am not against that, but I don't like the fact how your and mine and our data could not be well secured and that it is not safe.
  2. It's kinda hard since they can always open new accounts and thus it is hard to stop these guys. @outvestor007Always make sure to read reviews and investigate before you put your money somewhere.
  3. As I read from the whitepaper there are still fees so it is not actually zero cost coin. So far 5 people have committed to their github with one being the leading out there. They might want to make them selfs public on the website or they want to stay anonymous. Anyway project seems very young. I like the fact that it is listed on crypto-bridge DEX as I find this exchange to be pretty good. Seems like an average and decent coin without something special atm. Will look more in depth about it tomorrow tho
  4. I mean we have to pay taxes and in like every country, except few, you pay taxes on your income and money flows. I don't get why some people talk trash about taxes, yes money from taxes might be used for some things you don't like but country has to function and it has to have it sources of funding. Taxes must exist and they should if you want a country to function properly.
  5. @Cryptosky AI can be mixed wit blockchain for particular purpose. But it is not mixed with it with the base level as blockchain is a decentralized ledger where AI is not needed. However I'd like to point out to be aware that some ICOs like to use trendy words such as AI, blockchain, deep learning, cloud and many others.
  6. AI and bots are used on stock market for years now. There are few bots within crypto space that could give you some profit but it requires time to adjust your strategies. I know that people are using bots on good % for trading day-to-day crypto already. But it is really tough thing to do and it surely is not an easy task as sometimes it is really impossible to predict the market if you are only looking at charts and not news etc. You even had these guys who made some advanced bot that generated massive returns and they even shared it with other people. 🤔 Oh now I remember they were called Bitconeeeect
  7. Deposit address is basically where you have to send your coins to. After your transaction to that deposit address gets few confirmations your account should be credited with equal balance which will allow you to trade on their exchange. Bellow deposit address usually should be your past deposits. Just make sure to deposit exact coin to that address, for instance if you are doing bitcoin deposit send only bitcoin to bitcoin deposit address etc. I know this could sound silly, but people often forget this and for instance send litecoin to bitcoins address where problems can occur.
  8. Honestly I don't think it will be worth much, building pyramid scheme smart contract hah this made my day. If you want you could play with a little amount of money, but tbh I wouldn't invest in such projects.
  9. Where bellow? Could you clarify what do you mean on which platform and/or screen shot if possible. I might be able to help you then.
  10. Try to contact their support, don't know what else to tell you. We can't do much about it bud, when you send cryptocurrency it is irreversible. You need to make sure where are you sending which funds.
  11. You will have to be more specific about what kind of business - startup are you talking about. Although I will try to answer your question. Market cap means nothing much. It just means that based on the last trade how much should overall coins be worth BASED on the last trade. Although since many people own these coins/tokens no company can own that money. It really depends on what kind of start up are we talking about. If you say this regarding ICOs, since you mentioned them issuing coins, basically ICOs are crowd funded by offering tokens on some platform or their own coins. The way it works is that some of these work as shares or are used to transact and do some special things on particular platform. So they are issuing their tokens/coins in order for them to receive enough funding based on their needs to make that project a reality, although not many will succeed or not many even have some great ideas. Some companies will even pay their employees in cryptos. Some companies own a casino, exchange or similar type of service and thus they take some cut for providing you service.
  12. If they state that they are probably scammy lol. In theory any alt could be the next bitcoin if we look at that way. When I see commercials "missing the bitcoin boom, grab this golden opportunity" and such things it makes me puke. It is just marketing tactic that is so basic, I wonder how easy can people be manipulated by this. Have you looked at their video even? They have robotic voice, wtf if you are doing something professional - hire people to do it right. There is no reference about team members which is why it makes me think that it could easily turn out that the team they present on the website is not their actual team at all. Even white paper is poorly written. I feel sad for you mate for thinking this is the next bitcoin, really feel this way.
  13. You guys do realize that if you follow this video to obtain this chain code? Specially to some 3rd party website as then if your private key is exposed, person that owns your private key can simply sweep your bitcoins or any other bitcoin forks that you may not moved. This guy doesn't tell you that BEFORE YOU DO THIS. Make sure to transfer your bitcoin to another address before exposing your private key. So wait for the snapshot to be made, transfer your btc out of your original address and then you can "claim" coins from the fork - this is an extra security measure. Same applies to zClassic.
  14. Sales pitch is not good, theres no guarantee of the giveaway. It smells like a scam tbh "buy this and enter the giveaway" - it's hard for me to believe in that.
  15. This is how market works and will work until we reach some stable value and for this price must be much higher. Just bare with the market, don't expect returns in short term but look at holding for few months if not at least 1 year if your intent is to get in and get out with good ROI. It could be down today, so what? Look at the price which was 1YEAR AGO at this time and bitcoin was trading at roughly around 1200USD and today it is trading like 10x of this value, so for me this is pretty good return. Don't expect things to happen over night and to simply get in and get out tomorrow being a millionaire because this is extremely rare. If you looked before investing you will hear many people saying don't invest more than you can afford to lose and that this market has a lot of risk attached to it. Just put your coins a side and don't look at the price, look once a month for example if you can not stand the price movements. It's hard for anything to keep rising without falling, without some correction taking place. If you are a bit longer in crypto - you would see this as something normal and something that you should not be afraid of.

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