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  1. Can you try to explain the problem with more details? I entered your address into blockexplorer (as all transactions are public me and you can check it out) it seems that address that you have provided don't have any transactions tied to it
  2. Problem that I see with RECOIN (is fairly similar to USDT) because you need 3rd party that will issue coins - yes this provides stability but it can be seen as another federal reserve or something as they can issue more coins for themselfs. Also check this out for mining : 83% to the 101REcoinTrust to be put toward furtherreal estate investment 15% to REcoin miners 2% to charitable organizations Their white paper is just based on design and about explaining why you should buy RECOIN, but it don't provides some technical information like most of others do. I am not saying that it is bad idea, but just that you should be careful. EDIT : sorry I am out of topic
  3. Mining bitcoin or some altcoin is not profitable most of the time, since you won't get enough to cover the electricity costs. All in all there is a chance for profit if the price goes up which will result with you having enough to cover the bill costs and to have more. As bitcoin is the most poplar one I'd suggest that you start to learn about bitcoin at first as most of other cryptocurrencies are based on its code or have some similar principles, as it is the 1st one you also have variety of guides. Here is one youtube video that will hopefully help you to understand a bit more about the concept of bitcoin : For investing yeah you will need to read more, be aware of pumps and dumps, specially if you are new to investing. Many coins don't have any uses other than people speculating and gambling on them. Don't invest more than you can afford to lose. If you have questions or in case of any misunderstanding better to ask, others here on forum and myself will try to explain to you if we have enough knowledge.
  4. @ASHLEYOHMY I like because it is decentralized (so you connect to a 3rd party electrum nodes, which are full nodes onto bitcoin network) , it has kind of debug window where you can execute commands, backup is fairly simple with a seed , multisig - it has android app (so can use it on my mobile and on my desktop).
  5. Coinbase is one popular way for trading, just make sure to not hold enormous amounts in there (like with other exchanges) for a long period of time. Be sure to wait and be patient now....
  6. Do you have any experience with any kind of trading like stocks? Do you know basic principles and how does bitcoin work or any other altcoin? You will need to ask specific question so that others and myself can give you better answers. I will try to explain and to tell you some general things about crypto trading. Exchanges with highest volumes (for cryptocurrency trading, fiat unavailable - USDT is a token not real USD there) : , , It is not advised to keep to many coins on exchanges because there you need to trust a provider with your coins, if something happen with exchange (get hacked or if it fails to provide good service you may lose your coins forever). Most cryptocurrencies are traded through Bitcoin, which makes bitcoin like a center point for trading. Never invest more than you can afford to lose - trading can bring you high returns but also high losses, be ready to lose. Note that you can't make money overnight, market doesn't move very fast , there are times when it does but not always. Understand what is pump (when to many people start to buy particular coin to make it price high, it usually is fast and can last a week or two and is followed by dump usually) & dump ( when to many people start to sell particular coin which causes price to drop fast a with a good difference in price than it was before). Pump and Dump schemes are not legal in most countries but they are often used to manipulate the markets thats why you should be careful, understand that emotions can be your killer here, timing market to buy and sell and get highest return is impossible, most of us just speculate. You can notice that during the pump most of the people will buy and believe in that coin until it start to slip when most of he people will sell, even at their loss. Don't trust random people over the internet about your financial decisions, rather try to make up your own and be ready to read about many alts to be able to find promising one. Try to keep up with cryptocurrency news to see what is happening in the cryptocurrency world because sometimes you can see and notice the pump that will most likely happen so that you can make an easy profit. Most altcoins are made just for pure profit with something unique , or not unique, that separates them from bitcoin. Cryptocurrency exchanges are like big casinos where you throw your money and hope to get nice returns. Try to read the graphs as they might be handy sometimes, there are also some fake buy and sell walls that are being made to "scare" new traders. Never buy low and sell high if you believe that in the future coin can go up. It comes down to doing a lot of research and to reach to the communities and try to see if its worth investing in. In my opinion community is one of the key features for desired cryptocurrency to go up in price.
  7. Most of the coins aren't there to compete which one have less supply so that it is worth more, some are for sure. Take British pound and Japanese yen for instance - you Market supply doesn't matter much, what matter is what value does certain currency give you. Lets think for a moment that every person on Earth uses Bitcoin with max supply of 21million value of 1 bitcoin or even lets say 0.0001 part of a bitcoin would be huge, while with some other coin with huge inflation such as IOATA there are no needs to divide to that many decimals (their supply is set to be 2,779,530,283 MIOTA , where MIOTA stands for million IOTA). In my opinion it al comes down to the feeling of having more coins (not a part of it). In my opinion this doesn't matter much, even for trading when you are looking for a pure profit you care about how high % the coin can gain because when you buy NEM you will beuy more of them comparing to ETH for instance but you could earn much more of NEM changes for like +0.2$ in price. I guess we need to ask devs about why they went for a certain max supply. Some coins have limited supply - this means that they have a certain number of coins that can be mined , created ever (bitcoin - 21million, litecoin - 84million ...) , while some of them don't have max number of coins that can be generated , these can be compared to fiat currencies with somewhat stable inflation ( ETH , DOGE ....)
  8. PayPal can freeze your account while nobody can do this with bitcoin. PayPal is faster but fees can be high depending on the amount that you send. You need to link your personal info (or make fake one) for paypal while with bitcoin it is fairly easy. Most of people know about and have paypal while not many of them have or heard about bitcoin.
  9. Yep, if we are looking at an exchange now we could see that the GREEN graph goes up somewhere at 0.268 , here we don't have tools which show exactly but can see from the image.
  10. I think that you used forking in a wrong way. Fork : "To split source code into different development directions. Forking leads to the development of different versions of a program. Forking often occurs when the development of a piece of open source code has reached an impasse. The project is forked so that the code can be developed independently in different ways with different results." Double spending is possible thats why it is advised to wait for a confirmation, once a transaction is confirmed , in case of double spend, the other disappears. If transaction is of high value it is advised to wait like 6 confirmations since the more blocks are made on top of the one in which your transaction is confirmed - the harder it is to change it in case that some pool wants to reverse like 1-3blocks it is really hard to do as you said.
  11. Now is waiting game, but I am highly positive that it will be alright and that it will solve the August 1st (uasf thingy).
  12. Buy orders : here you set a price you wish to buy a certain coin for Sell orders : here you set a price you wish to sell your coin which you own Here I found an example of depth chart (this one is from poloniex exchange)
  13. Well if you are looking to trade fast then keep it on exchange if you can't afford to wait for the network to processes your transaction. If you want to evade that money comes in and out of your bank account try trading for USDT (Thether cryptocurrency) : it is backed up by USD value which keeps it stable, so you could trade between USDT and BTC for instance until you get to the point where you want to ash out.
  14. Yeah something like that, even some exchanges (most of them) have particular graph so called depth chart which will show you buy/sell walls in a graph (but also you can spot sometimes big wall on one side that is "fake" it is there just to scare some people). Some exchanges allow an option to put like hidden orders so you won't be able to see every order. If a person want to sell instant he will do it by selling to the person who want to buy (and thus buy wall becomes smaller). Same goes for the opposite if a person wants to buy instant he will buy from the sell offers and reduce the size of the sell wall. On some exchanges fee is lower when you put your order and when somebody fills it, but if you buy/sell instant from somebody fee is slightly higher (when I say instant I refer to filling the someones buy/sell order it doesn't need to be fully it can be partial).
  15. Yeah , I am using coinomi myself with some cold storage. Coinomi is great as it encrypts your private keys, enable you to sign messages, enable you to set your own fees and its easy to backup multiple addresses for multiple coins. Also I think that you should put Electrum wallet on your list.