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  1. Yes ICOs are one popular way for many people to invest, but you shouldn't take everything for granted. Rather try to inform yourself with every ICO and invest if you think they are the right choice, don't invest simply because you believe other people - this is crutial part as you don't want to be manipulated by someone this is the rule for investing/gambling with many other altcoins as well.
  2. I am not related to this ICO in any way, just noticed that it hasn't been posted here on the website. WEBSITE WHITE PAPER SLACK FACEBOOK TWITTER ICO Launch Date - 27th November GMT - 12:00 Our main long-term overall objective is to invest in undervalued cryptocurrencies and assets and to continually grow the Angel Token crypto investment portfolio in value, as well as make regular dividend payments in Ethereum to Angel Token investors. Click here to play the youtube video Why invest in Angel Token? There are many reasons. It is important that you read our white paper before considering an investment. In summary though, we think you should invest as it will give you some exciting benefits. Here are a few points to consider. THE INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY AND THE POTENTIAL OF HUGE RETURNS We will build a substantial portfolio of investments in cryptocurrencies/assets by our experts working together with the Angel Token Investment Community to identify cryptocurrencies/assets that have great potential but may not be as widely recognized as they should be. The Angel Foundation Team of designers, web developers, programmers and online marketers will work together with the community and stakeholders in these cryptocurrency/assets to enhance their branding, offer, public awareness, website, wallet, offer technical expertise etc. in return for a holding in these cryptocurrencies/assets. THE VALUE OF BEING PART OF THE ANGEL TOKEN COMMUNITY The essence of Angel Token is its community spirit. Investing in cryptocurrencies and ICO's and making good investment returns is challenging. We are offering a chance to collaborate with other people with similar interest, all working towards the same goal of identifying and evaluating undervalued crypto assets. Our expert team and our investment community can then work together with the founders and community of those crypto assets we identify, to enhance their value in the marketplace. Together we get to benefit from everyone's joint investment expertise, as well as the power of combined capital, in sometimes thinly traded assets, working together to maximise profits for all community members. THE FIRST ICO WITH GUARANTEED INVESTOR PROTECTION You can invest in the Angel Token ICO knowing that there is an immutable Ethereum Smart Contract protecting the bulk of your Ethereum investment. During the first 5 months you can be involved in the community and talk to the Founders, and see the initial investments and trades being made with the Ethereum raised, as well as benefit from any potential price increases of Angel Token as it gets listed on the exchanges. If, for any reason during the first 5 months, you wish to no longer be involved, then as an ICO investor you can return your tokens. You will receive back up to 80% of the invested Ether amount, (80% during the first 100 days and 40% during the next 50 days). These refunds are immediate and automatically handled by our immutable smart contract. So as an Angel Token ICO investor there is very little downside risk, and a huge potential upside. This is especially true for the earliest investors, due to our generous bonus structure offering up to 690% extra bonus tokens to early investors. HOW THE FUNDS RAISED DURING THE ICO WILL BE USED - THE MAIN PURPOSE OF ANGEL TOKEN The Ether raised during the Angel Token ICO will be used to invest in, and assist, undervalued small to medium size cryptocurrencies reach their potential in terms of users, awareness and market capitalization. It is our aim to continually grow the Angel Token crypto investment portfolio in value, and to make regular dividend payments in Ethereum to all Angel Token investors holding 10,000 tokens or more. (This limit is due to transactional costs.) We make no specific promises either as to the amount of expected growth of our investment portfolio or dividend payments. However, our aim is to distribute up to a maximum of 25% of our portfolio growth each quarter that we reach a new "portfolio high watermark". VALUEABLE ANGEL TOKEN INVESTMENT RESEARCH (FOR FREE!) Angel Token investors holding more than 10,000 tokens will have direct access to the Angel Token Research Team through our private investor community. Our research team is using the latest techniques and tools, as well as good basic investment principles, to propose to the community and help decide what cryptocurrencies are undervalued, and worth investing in. You, as an investor, will not only have access to our research team and our altcoin research, but you will also be able to propose Angel Token investments backed by your own research. Our aim is for the Angel Token Investment Community to function like an "Investment Club" where all members can help and influence the Angel Token portfolio, and where we all work together towards the same goal. OUR UNIQUE INVESTMENT APPROACH Angel Token will always look for new investment opportunities and undervalued crypto assets with potential for growth. However, we feel that the best way to drive growth is to create value. To this end we are going to use our skilled team of designers, web developers, programmers and marketers to help improve the functionality, user growth, visibility and marketing of some of the cryptocurrencies that we are looking to invest in. In the highly volatile crypto market sometimes relatively simple things that can easily be fixed or improved can result in extraordinary gains in market capitalization, especially when combined with the social media influence and investment power from a large and growing community. You no longer have to sit on the sidelines waiting and hoping that the cryptocurrency, and the team behind it, will create the value you were hoping for. You become an integral and important part of the process of not only finding, but also creating these opportunities. Because we believe that the best way to drive growth is to 'create' value. We are creating a private community of like-minded investors. The community will be working together with our expert team towards the same goal, to identify and evaluate undervalued small to medium size cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. Our expert team and our investment community can then work together with the founders and community of those cryptocurrencies/assets that we identify, to enhance their value in the marketplace. When you invest in Angel Token you are no longer just a passive investor. You become a true 'Angel Investor'. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE MOST GENEROUS ICO BONUS STRUCTURE OF 2017? The longer Angel Token investors wait before investing during the ICO period, the more bonus tokens they will lose out on. If an investors were to wait until the ICO is over and buy Angel Tokens on an exchange instead, he or she would not receive ANY bonus tokens at all. Compare that with being an early investor who buys some of the first million Angel Tokens when the ICO first starts, and receives 690% extra bonus tokens and it quickly becomes apparent why many consider this to be the most generous ICO of 2017. WEBSITE WHITE PAPER SLACK FACEBOOK TWITTER Bitcoin talk forum I am not related to this ICO in any way, just noticed that it hasn't been posted here on the website.
  3. Is coinbase wallet working for you?

    @nicktsou Paper wallet is indeed secure option out there. Problem with paper wallet is that you will need to expose your private key when you want to make transactions, which is logical. So if you want to move your coins frequently it is not the best choice tbh, so maybe something like an lightweight wallet or even core that stores keys on your device - will need to look and care for malwares. Other way is to buy hardware wallets - some people like them cuz its easier for them not to think a lot about security because they are secured by default by the company that builds them.
  4. Hello guys, I want to post you an chance to win a poster from Coin Journal they are news site thats have been around crypto currency for some years now. As of the time posting this contest will run for the next 3 Days. Coin Journal partnered up with https://bitcoinshirt.co/ to make this giveaway happen, so shoutouts to them :p Here is a link with my referal : https://wn.nr/ryxjpF If you don't like to sign in with my referal, here non-ref link as well: https://coinjournal.net/win-limited-edition-coinjournal-art-print/
  5. New Cryptocurrency

    Name of the coin? Any info on devs or github?
  6. I don`t trust bitcoin

    Sadly but this is what it is now. If you want to be in the crypto currency game you can't go around the price as it goes up and down. This is something that we need to have in mind since thats how we trade value of cryptocurrency for something else. Sometimes mining won't pay off if you cut the cost for repairments (if needed) and if you add the lectricity bill - so most profitable is to hold (and hope that value goes up or it crashes). It ain't easy and would not go without little stress. As most coins that offered some sort of "stable price" such as tether and nubits - they are the most stable yes but are not the ideal thing.
  7. How does a miner get paid

    @nadim Have you even set up some workers or so? I don't believe that you started mining without having anything linked, maybe some pools will enable you to register and mine there without giving your address if this is the case I would highly recommend that you put an address where you want to receive your coins - look around about nicehash they apperently got security breach latley. I haven't personally used multiiminer tbh.
  8. freewallet.org is NOT recommended to use !

    I also remember reading some bad reviews few months back where users reported loss of their coins in freewallet. Thats why it is also not recommended to keep your coins on exchanges for long time, although I'd trust some exchanges more than freewallet. Thanks for pointing this out.
  9. How does a miner get paid

    @Nadim What coin are you trying to mine / which pool are you using? We need more details. If you are using some pool, which is most likely then basically you miners join the pool of one miner that gets the funds so all mined coins should be distributed later on to other members depending on your hash rate and so on. If you are using some pool, maybe they will credit you to the pool account but you will have to provide the address somewhere if you want to receive your coins.
  10. Why IOTA is sky rocking at the moment

    First to say that with IOTA you don't pay any fees to the network (this is done that you need to confirm 2 other transactions for yours to be confirmed) + they are realativly fast, no need to have all "blockchain" data on your computer they have some another system than blockchain called tangle and it offers something far different than bitcoin and mostly other alts which is why it is interesting over all. The only downside that I see is that distribution of wealth is not so good when we look at the chart provided by TheTangle.org where top 10addresses hold as much as 47.8% of all IOTA! https://thetangle.org/statistics/tokens-distribution
  11. Is coinbase wallet working for you?

    Have you tried to connect now? Sine bitcoin is skyrocketing they could have too many users or maybe even on some sort of DDOS attack. If the problem still appears I am afraid that you will have to wait for their reply, I am fairly confident that you problem will be solved just need to wait since maybe even their customer support have too many tickets at this time who knows.
  12. New Coin That Will Break The Records

    @Ali Haider Shah Please backup more on why do you think that. Because saying its cheap you should get it is like trying to pump the coin specially since I first hear about it.
  13. First time I hear about them, anyway will answer your question in some way. Basically every cryptocurrency (that I know of) is based on public key cryptography for making payments. Public address and secret key that allows you to store your coins. Which means that every cryptocurrency can have their own paper wallets (you just print out the keys as they are randomly generated). There are more options for bitcoin of course as it is the leading cryptocurrency of them all which includes more exchanges to fiat or to other cryptocurrency, more wallets whanever they are lightweight, online etc. As bitcoin is the first and most famous one mainly people do "bussiness" there which leads that other not so popular coins to only be accesable through exchanges. You don't send bitcoins (or other cryptocurrency) just by phone, your phone have client which enables it to send the transaction, to broadcast it to the network. Coins are not stored in your wallet - just to clarify this if you didn't knew this. Having in mind that phones are lets say one of the most vaunrable systems nowadays since most people use them I wouldn't store my main wallet on the phone and as I can tell by their website Electroneum is made only for mobile phones. Plus their wallet says its offline like it needs to update and it doesn't show me that there even exists the new version. Also since I can't try it out do they require you to register to be able to use their cryptocurrency? If so then I'd say avoid them as it sounds like a centralzied serviece. I couldn't even find their white paper as I was skimming through their website. My opinion: For now I'd avoid them tbh. 🙄
  14. Bitcoin Adverts

    @kevgee At this moment I don't own any bitcoin related website myself so I don't promote any webstie. But if you have any more questions ask, I know these cuz I see that some people do it.
  15. Bitcoin Adverts

    @kevgee that really depends on your type of bussiness but let me show you some options: Try to get listed here : http://usebitcoins.info/ , https://airbitz.co/search?term=&location=Current+Location , http://spendbitcoins.com/places/ Be active on social media: fb, instagram, yt, twitter etc. Pay for advertisments: run a signature campaign overhttps://bitcointalk.org/ or advertise there (largest forum for btc), post on reddit or other places; put advertisments on news websites that talk about bitcoin and cryptocurrency some even enable you to pay them to post about you such as: https://bitcoinmagazine.com/ , https://www.coindesk.com/ , https://coinjournal.net/ , https://cointelegraph.com/ , http://themerkle.com/ ,https://www.cryptocoinsnews.com Pay for blog reviews and twitter shoutouts this can also be done on bitcointalk.org

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