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  1. Just be careful of pumps&dumps you have to have patience with a coin that you chose. Trust me if we all knew the coin that could give us quick gains we would all have already buy it. I don't know if you have enough experience with trading stocks? But what I can tell you is that it is possible to "ride the waves of price" to buy low and sell high, although this might seem like an easy thing to do - it is not. Nobody can time the market and prices tend to move slow with top coins (if you look at 30min-1h period). I'd suggest you that you at least learn something how does cryptocurrency work and for beginning just to watch graphs and all , maybe even invest like 10$ for the beginning just to see if it will be okay for you to be a short-term trader. I must warn you that it can be a stressful job, it's not easy but if you understand some things how other s play you might win. What I have found that the biggest gain can come when there will be some big news for some altcoin, so everybody starts buying it like 1-2weeks before the news price is pumping and all looks good, news come and few people dump the coin other people start to panic and sell their coins as well, some alts tend to recover after this and some not. For instance if you understand this and if you are familiar within crypto currency world and aware what is happening around you could buy like 1week before the news and earn nice returns. But as Daniel said Don't invest more than you can afford to lose. This is just a big and fast roller coater. Basically you can buy and sell any cryptocurrency for a short term if you manage to flip a buck.
  2. I am afraid that your bitcoins are lsot forever, there are to many ponzi and pyramid schemes around cryptocurrency and other sorts of scams because people think that it is easy to generate more and come out rich. But the fact is that it is not, money is hard to earn which applies to bitcoin also, most of those websites that offer you to double your bitcoin or anything similar are scams. Simply because this is digital money doesn't mean that you can flip a buck here, once your transaction is sent it s irreversible you can't ask anybody to give your money back as that is how the system is made.
  3. Nah for me he isn't, he is just a cleaver guy who used the situation the proper way. Even devs of the Ethereum network have pre mined a lot of coins and they started it as an ICO. While Steve Jobs on the other hand started from scratch, from nothing in his basement. I think that Steve had a strong desire and he pushed himself to the top above limits which is fascinating to me. Don't get me wrong, I haven't said anything against Vitalik but just that he can't be compared to Jobs that easily.
  4. In my opinion bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general will co - exist with todays banks. Why? Simply because it's not that easy to do the switch bearing in mind that banks are multi-billionare structures and they won't allowed something else to replace it easily. Plus you will always have people like my friend : " I can't trust the trustees system, when I lose my keys I lose everything, while with banks I am safe and I know that my money can't be lost... Even my country guarantee some kind of money to me if bank fail" , for some people it is just easier to let others, banks, to do all the things for them as hey don't want to think about it. First step would be to replace PayPal and other e-wallets so that cryptocurrency become used on a major scale for online transfers.
  5. I do believe that there will be a version of electronic cash in the future, we might not call it Bitcoin (if it fails) we might call it differently. But the fact is that people are ready or slowly showing that they are interested in using such currencies. I agree with you on that gold has value from ancient age and will still be there in the future. Maybe it doesn't need to waste electricity that much, maybe there will be another and better solution (of course for a different solution it will be bit hard to pull this to change th protocol because miners earn by mining). Yes it is a new filed but I don't see that cryptocurrencies will be seen as history and as some kind of speculative bubble only I am fairly confident that it will be there if not bitcoin mainly, but some other form of it.
  6. It is pseudo anonymous. Although one that holds the keys is anonymous, because every transaction is public it is possible to track down where does the money go. Specially if you have traded on some exchange with your IDs. But again there are services that tend to mix your coins. So it can be anonymous if used the right way.
  7. Nobody can speculate and time right the market. If you want to get in better get in now or regret it later for not buying (or for buying). But if you are uncertain just walk away because if you are constantly looking at the price and asking yourself is it the right time? You will lose your time and do nothing. If you believe that the price can go up in the future - buy and and wait you will need to have patience for the price to go to the desired amount.
  8. Try uploading the photo else where and give us the link as I am unable to see and read all of the components that you have made.
  9. If you ask me I think that Satoshi did this on purpose, to let people see all that is happening, where is the money being moved and all. Because of todays system those kind of records are closed to the public. If you are looking into privacy coins there are Zcash, Monero and other similar coins. From now I don't believe that this will be changed in the near future within bitcoin. Public record of transactions is not connected to the security of the system, rather it is connected the the privacy of the users that use certain currency.
  10. If you ask me you can't really compare these 2. But many people are comparing bitcoin to gold... it is worth "more" if you look how many you could gain by owning some bitcoin for a year or more. Bitcoins are only digits in our electronic world, they don't exist and are easier to move across borders. While gold is physical and can't be moved easily. I'd say that gold has more stable price than bitcoin, because as you can see that bitcoin price can move up and down and it might be worthless tomorrow. It is still lets say in its early stages but slowly it is recognized by the public. I personally haven't looked at gold, but from my point of view it is good for keeping value, while bitcoin (or some altcoin) cam have bigger returns but it is riskier, thats why it makes it profitable. It all comes down yo what do you want to do? Would you want to put your money into cryptocurtrency which is similar to gamble and can result in a good profit and loss? Do you want to keep the amount that you have without some big returns. And the best advise : Don't invest more than you can afford to lose. If you decide to buy bitcoin or other altcoin be sure to understand how to keep them safe because if you don't have the private key (like a password that can't be changed) that is associated with your private address (like an email ID) you lose the access to your funds.
  11. Ether is a TOKEN made on Ethereum blockchain (platform however you want to call it). Most people say ethereum and mean ether. Also I don't think that only features and applications caused a hype, mostly it is coming from greedy people who don't want to miss the ICO train. From my point of view thats why we have seen such a rapid growth of ethereum last month. Bitcoin is not alone since alts started to gain some value on the market and there are more not just ETH and BTC.
  12. If this is about official mobile app I wouldn't think so. They are reputable and trustworthy exchange trusted by many users. Honestly I myself haven't had a chance to use them because they ask for an ID verification and I am a bit concern with giving out my IDs that easily. Every exchange can turn up to be a scam at anytime, they could be "hacked" or their data "leaked" and other things can happen, thats why it is advised not to hold enormous amount of coins on exchanges. For now I don't think that is run by scammers.
  13. Current price of bitcoin is around 2700-2760$ so I am pretty sure that it went above 2k$ this year (2017).
  14. Let's be optimistic if Australia say that Bitcoin is legal on the first of July well then I am fairly confident that it can hit 3k$, would be hard to break the wall. But again I though that it will take long time before it breaks 2k$.
  15. This is written on the : Yes we should think how to leave clues to our loved ones where they can find our coins, because if they get lost it is highly unlikely that they would ever be found with todays computers.