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  1. Looks like the BBL thread on bitcointalk was closed by the dev who since dissappeared with a vague promise. The chain forked and all trades are frozen for two weeks already, it seems nobody is fixing this. BBL was clearly a scam from the beginning, I hope this wasn't too expensive a lesson for most miners/buyers. Why Polo of all exchanges added this coin against all better judgement is still a mystery to me, maybe just a bad call...
  2. I think way to many developers "cash out" the premine versus using it for development purposes. I don't have a problem with premines because it's up to the miner if they want to invest time and money mining the coin. It's all about choice. As Cinn above stated, she doesn't like the premine, so she has made the choice to not mine the coin. Choices are good, we all can make them based on what we believe. I have the feeling that a smart dev can always acquire a (hidden) early mining reward by using heavy mining gear (scrypt, sha256) or renting on f.e. amazon or even a botnet. The newest X-xx algo's that a few days after launch sometimes mysteriously get the possibility for GPU mining are also suspicious as an early miner could have a huge advantage. Also a dev can play the sentiments as he or she ideally is in control of the news/hype flow. A 0.1 or 1 % premine in many cases will be a small part of the dev's stash but of course the only undisputed part of it. Of course a hit and run in scammy IPO style could get the developers some petty BTC short-term, but if they play it smart (anyone say drk?) they can be filthy rich mid-term. Of course all the investors are looking for a mid-term / long-term opportunity to earn back manyfold their initial investment so the risks can be huge. But of course you have been in alts longer than me so you might disagree or have something more profound to add which could be interesting!
  3. Sorry, forgot to mention that my computer has 16GB, but the wallet crashes if I turn off the swap. I am guessing that with the swap file activated it will be hashing much much slower and it might reduce the condition of your ssd as well if you run it for a long time. After around 6 hours I also didnt find a single block.
  4. My Win64 machine doesn't manage to mine from the wallet, nor with the specialized miner. I turned the swap file off and booted into safe mode in order to free up resources. The error states: "not enough memory?" If anybody has a knows how to resolve this don't hesitate to respond, thanks!
  5. "More informations in june 2014" "Many of innovations!" "The professional Team!" VISA card order login and register? Links don't work. Gotta admire fake coin devs with bleepy websites that entice people to invest in immediately on exchanges : D

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