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  1. I saw a good interest in this coin. I would like to join. Bitcointalk ID: Blueangel01 Wallet: CTtDwHnfhTpEdKdGa1BX5ecdma8M1zeRiG
  2. If i move my mintcoins to another wallet after 1 yr.. am i still getting 20% for the next year?
  3. new coins with SHA 256 algo barely makes it
  4. devs should take their time... its about the quality not the release date of your coin. I guess they will the 1st to jump ship when it gets into the exchange.
  5. I got this list from the Gridcoin/btc exchange list of scammers: tigerbay Wave87 BlackHawk37 Mr. White CryptoTrader Timmy99 Eurosy BetBtcNow Si Robertson Warry AprilShowers Investor firerain foofight Toschi LTC99 HerpyDerpy Sydney7 johnmatrix Hoco Derezzed Goldbank "008" durrr
  6. Too many crypto, too many pools, too many passwords.... i better heed your words.. downloading it now.

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