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  1. Would appreciate some assistance with a problem I've discovered. About six months ago I had a hard disk failure and lost my wallet. OK, my bad didn't have it backed up so had to start all over. Reinstalled the wallet and thought all was OK until I discovered my CPID is still tied to my old wallet address. It's may be also tied to my new one, can't tell for sure. So, how do I determine what addresses are tied to my cpid and how do I delete the old wallet address. Currently if I request coins from the gridcoinstats.eu/faucet.php faucet they are sent to the old address and I never see them. Thanks
  2. Did it ever rain or are we still waiting? erkan indicated the prizes had been paid but it seemed he was talking about the chess tournament not Penthathlon.
  3. recovering lost coins I recently had a hard disk problem and lost my wallet and coins. And, although I thought I was backing up the wallet, it was not on the backup media. OK, my bad won't make that mistake again. Now have gotten things running again with a new wallet address. I had resigned myself to losing the coins. However, today I discovered the old wallet address and that it was tied to my CPID. Is it possible to somehow recover these coins from the old wallet address without a backup? If so, I suspect this has been discussed before but haven't been able to find the information. Any info appreciated.
  4. Real novice here. Now running Einstein and LHC. All other task suspended and projects flagged for no new task. Anything else I should do?

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