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  1. Einstein@Home

    I've just about had it with projects going missing. Are all the projects going through this policy change thing? I'm Mag 0.0 in my wallet now. I need to know if projects will be added back in.
  2. Well, that's lovely. What's next, World Community Grid? I guess all Math based projects are fair game now?
  3. From what I remember it's 10 confirms for a deposit, 110 for a PoR reward.
  4. Translate gave me this: Thanks GRATH for his help. For many beginners, this assistance is important not so much as helping in coins, but in understanding that there are people here who are able at a difficult moment to come to the rescue in word and deed. This creates the spirit of the team.
  5. 55 confirmations as of this post. Don't know what else to tell you. Fork?
  6. Sorry, what's your address? I only looked back a few posts.
  7. Sending a few coin to the following: TKACHENKOIN73 SJQ9aLVrGmyroQGgHa8e4h3wLL1u87LzTz JKLAUS0110 S7WcgvNowPatg2Ny2S57Kvtgv96vipWnLY MELDERAN SAgiMHHuNDHavJ8bKQFai3ZBUnQ4aiFLtb TV195 Rz2B9Hhq76dxLa9Nr3ryeS3dXrTrzHQfNq ASM_4 SH5mqnPgBtsbQxSXPbE2LQ4NcWffdmRZ1D PANAMAATX S8AHVARyBJu3CKXAhLBXGeGkARfcjxktYh ILIKEGRIDCOIN SB9U4UZDQ7UpDDkDV8S1zpDKUScJsQM5yN ERANDALLN S41bdRCZgJDF7Kypze3e2HisXmvgop5XQa ANONIMEK1515 S97Z9rjaMPp5ijVeZeENsC1emmwJRiik44 BRIGHTONK SK1BT572MzHAjKUNnxyQH2SpgPMovwDkpi BODEALAMU SKv1JiDQ4RrJ3yLKsc5h4qgBYR5yJszHTG I don't have much to send but it's something.
  8. Just did an uninstall / reinstall from the web site. It's still Probably be updated by tomorrow for my time.
  9. I'll have to wait till there's an announcement. I'm used to an installer for windows. Unless there's one already at the gridcoin page...
  10. I'm confused. I've read lots of posts about the fork and an update but is there an actual update for the Windows client and is it a download or an upgrade from within the wallet.
  11. Yes, recent upgrades require downloading of the installer. The upgrade option in wallet doesn't work as of yet. It used to but the devs have been concentrating on getting the wallet running better/stable and the V9 feature.
  12. On Win 10, all I did was shutdown the wallet, go to the official Gridcoin wallet site, download the installer, (you may have to uninstall the current version, it doesn't delete your %AppData% folder) install and start the wallet. Works fine.
  13. SOCKI Be sure your email address is in your wallet and that all the projects you joined have the same email. Crunch at least one project on the same machine your wallet is installed on. Your wallet knows the default Dir that BOINC is installed in and reads it for projects and a CPID. Each project should have the same CPID. I'll send you some GRC, then it's a waiting game for your wallet to send out a beacon.
  14. I'm the wrong guy to ask. I don't optimize for crunching very much. I just like to do the projects I like. Someone else here would have better advice, I'm sure. After all, opinions are like arseholes; everyone has one. :D

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