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    Photography (been awhile tho), learning how things work, taking things apart, breaking things (I come by it honestly), reading, watching/listening podcasts, old games, eating pizza, making my computer(s) do things, fixing/upgrading/playing with computers, dabbling in Linux, coffee (dark roast), landscaping.
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  1. That's really strange. I started 7 months ago, and was able to stake shortly after a beacon and with a small Total. Granted, I eventually added GRC to my wallet through other means.
  2. I have an important announcement: I staked a block. After 7 days and umpteen hours. NOT as a node. Thank you.
  3. Sent you some GRC.
  4. Sent you some GRC.
  5. Hi mrlemmer11, sent you a little GRC.
  6. They were told to prepare for the V8 update. So, they closed GRC transactions until V8 is implemented and tested.
  7. " Gridcoin securely rewards volunteer distributed computing performed upon the BOINC platform in a decentralized manner on top of proof of stake. Projects range from attempting to cure diseases to searching for extraterrestrial life! You can distribute virtually any kind of distributed computing process through BOINC (utilizing GPU/CPU/Sensors/etc). The BOINC network is currently made up of approximately 500k active users and 4 million registered users - a massive potential userbase for Gridcoin and a serious amount of computing power available for scientific research!" In my opinion, if you're "in it to win it", you do so with your own ways and means. Ask questions, come up with your own ideas, crunch your projects. Complaining that GRC isn't worth what you'd like to be doesn't help anyone. The people in this community are doing their best by working on the Gridcoin Research Wallet, supporting those that have problems with the wallet, coming up with ideas that will secure the future of Gridcoin and, if you don't know this, they interview possible new BOINC Project managers/developers.for inclusion in GRC rewards There are numerous other things they/we do; to numerous for me to list here. There are still many of us that got into this through BOINC and still believe in Scientia Humana Libertas. If anyone has something to contribute Gridcoin has IRC channels, Slack, Steemit, and a few other mediums. The YouTubes has some interesting videos (Gridcoin Hangouts I think) where contributors in the community hash over ideas, what's been implemented, what hasn't, and it gives the listener a general idea of/a history of Gridcoin's growth. Personally, I dig the accents. Ciao!
  8. Sending a little GRC to the following: RzHS8ysXf4twgKhf5t2PUYoHSCtrJcvwYK S4rmy3DiKLm14xtDoJ31ZXN34AVAMKv1iJ S1sEfWcMPMs3JTXSTtadueE1cs5sJn6v1a Enjoy.
  9. Are you upgraded to v3.6.0.0-g-research-317 (assuming Windows client) ? Other than that, I don't know.
  10. Sent you some buddy.
  11. Yes, I know. Just offering suggestions. I can't get verified to join Steemit so I'm left using Cryptocointalk. Delete my comments if they're not useful. Ciao!
  12. I don't know if this counts but some people have been donating to newbies (Starter Coins for Beginners), especially user dc7d. Just a suggestion.