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  1. screenshot of payment from site is not a proof!!! Don't you see that wallet address all the same and you will not get you withdrawn without investment
  2. yes, some times ago I had the same problem, but now everything work correctly. Try to do next steps: 1. Clear browser cookies, cache 2. Try another browser 3. Wait awhile. Sometimes happens trouble on the side of developers 4. Submit the ticket to admin in the facebook page https://facebook.com/digitalartistsonline/
  3. And if you don't see claim button in pops up, just scrolling window
  4. you need press button "claim my reward" after solve captcha. thats all. The window will reload automaticly and timer start over
  5. 500-2500 satoshi every 10 minutes http://www.tubers.tv/watch/qzMQza8xZCc?dao_ref=v1wqXeiJ1q no need registration, login via facebook Payouts will be done every Monday if you have a balance over 20,000 Satoshi and have requested a cashout. Payout on coinbase wallet only, but don't worry, payout to ANY bitcoin address is coming soon Click on any video and the faucet appears below Payment proof:

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