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  1. First payment: 873.79 PDI for telegram bounty
  2. Bountyhive - a new bounty portal from the bounty manager ColorlessK. User-friendly interface allows you to change your ETH address and any other information, receive notifications when a campaign ends and track your progress. Bounty tokens will be escrowed and distributed after the campaign ends. Every ICO is carefully checked by the Bountyhive team to ensure the validity of the project.
  3. sola.foundation 5 SOL ~ $0.5 for each referral registration 5% of all SOL earned by a referred user for 365 days Sola is a decentralized social network where users are receiving tokens for likes. Softcap already reached.
  4. DAT token AirDrop: 100 DAT tokens (0.01 ETH at ICO) for each entry 100 DAT Tokens (0.01 ETH at ICO price) for each entry: Get entries: https://gleam.io/0Erg1-QW4oNB
  5. https://blockchain.info/tx/952e73325fa4fb135cda08beb4989498476ace257eaa3b17c60cbe3bf1edd76c
  6. https://blockchain.info/tx/8f59de9e2a010cb15110c815e2a9920b09ffad07d7451b17d127e9c60f4b66ca
  7. Next game reset: September 30, 2017 EGG HUNTER is useful in the beginning of the new season:
  8. https://blockchain.info/tx/d2fde628dc10c49d24d033aec7580081be31bc54d694e9e2ae69124b08fd4ea4
  9. https://blockchain.info/tx/48df306712b14eb0d186045e071242503d6782135bd3a4828136ee6b16a3608c

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