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  1. rainpool.io Rotator with chatbox rains How It Works: Step 1 - Visit a Faucet Visit a faucet under RainPool's referral address from the main page to get started Step 2 - Make a Claim Make a faucet claim on the website like you normally do to send referral earnings to RainPool Step 3 - Chat & Earn Come back to participate in the chatbox rains FaucetHub account required Instant payment to FaucetHub on your demand (1 satoshi minimum)
  2. birdsgofaucet.ovh Angry Birds farming investor-based game 1. Get a bonus: 1000-6000 satoshi every 3 hours on the investment balance 2. Buy birds (tab Farm) and food (Food) 3. Collect production (Store) 4. Sell (Sale) 70% goes to the investment balance and 30% to the balance for the withdrawal 1 standart bird costing 1000 satoshi will bring about 0.875 satoshi per hour (within 150 days +5 extra days for each referral) "BirdGo" bird type Cost: 50,000 satoshi (+ about 15,000 for food) To buy 1 bird you need to invite 3 referrals Service life: 10 days Profit: 120.000-50.000-15.000 = 55.000 satoshi Additional games: auction, rock-paper-scissors, lottery and dice Instant payment to FaucetSystem on your demand
  3. 50 satoshi / 30 min +bonus 500 satoshi
  4. crowdlinks.xyz Faucet randomly appears once time within 48 hours and allows to the first 5 users to claim 10,000 satoshis each. First appearance during next week. There is also a rotator that allows you to add to it some of your referral links. Registration required.