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  1. sola.foundation 5 SOL ~ $0.5 for each referral registration 5% of all SOL earned by a referred user for 365 days Sola is a decentralized social network where users are receiving tokens for likes. Softcap already reached.
  2. DAT token AirDrop: 100 DAT tokens (0.01 ETH at ICO) for each entry 100 DAT Tokens (0.01 ETH at ICO price) for each entry: Get entries: https://gleam.io/0Erg1-QW4oNB
  3. https://blockchain.info/tx/952e73325fa4fb135cda08beb4989498476ace257eaa3b17c60cbe3bf1edd76c
  4. Purchase at least planet Mars required now in order to withdraw:
  5. https://blockchain.info/tx/8f59de9e2a010cb15110c815e2a9920b09ffad07d7451b17d127e9c60f4b66ca
  6. Next game reset: September 30, 2017 EGG HUNTER is useful in the beginning of the new season:
  7. https://www.facebook.com/claimwithme/posts/130754694180886
  8. https://blockchain.info/tx/d2fde628dc10c49d24d033aec7580081be31bc54d694e9e2ae69124b08fd4ea4
  9. https://blockchain.info/tx/48df306712b14eb0d186045e071242503d6782135bd3a4828136ee6b16a3608c
  10. https://blockchain.info/tx/7fee0dd18a641693da6025e41b64c0c00b3daec64665c0130d5db875af33008b
  11. https://blockchain.info/tx/03f22e9a76b9c645562a75f9a6a57e0d1f52b0059ee03b3f89e6a2fde7862ce3

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