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  1. Working on them as I can. Been busy lots with fam and dev. Cosmo is done. If it's not much of a both I suppose we cud start raining them as each get a done to show progress. Or wait till it's all done. The stats files are not the prettiest from boinc end so takes tedious work and some of the times on files make it more difficult for us as well but making progress
  2. it is mining in my opinion . your mining the interest owed on your grc and minting research owed on top. more and more countries are accepting cryptocurrency's as a income or assets.
  3. should add documentation to this more so its not so vague. a stake is a pos stake which u get ur interest on and u get ur grc owed minted on top then this is called a POR stake. ur coins used in the stake which is owed interest on is what is debited from ur wallet and u get it back plus ur interest and research owed. this is for security indeed. u got paid for the research that is owed. you got paid correctly.
  4. Ur beacon hasn't expired? if it has it wouldnt be tied to old address.
  5. no advertising a new beacon wont solve that. an upgrade doesn't change your cpid u likely experiencing a split cpid. in debug console list cpids and see if one is different then ur proper cpid. that would cause it. https://slack-redir.net/link?url=https%3A%2F%2Fsteemit.com%2Fgridcoin%2F%40dutch%2Fthe-definitive-guide-to-fixing-a-split-cpid-gridcoin-s-and-boinc-s-1-problem&v=3 should help u
  6. make sure your running .8 version to begin with.
  7. lol, there should be some work in about 3 weeks. things are delayed more then expected. and did you vote? and people knew the facts it should of been available in the post about the poll and even I researched the site before hand.
  8. no problem
  9. it would be on your boinc logs. if its not showing there then ur boinc client is not detecting it and u will have to modify the config and restart <cc_config> <options> <use_all_gpus>1</use_all_gpus> </options> </cc_config> nestle the use all gpu tags in the options tags inside your boinc config file if need be. but as long as the boinc client detects and uses your gpu u don't need to worry about what the pool shows u have it doesn't affect u or your payout
  10. @bgb this one for u man. and as long as ur gpu showing up in the boinc client and crunching with it your fine. the pool uses your RAC from project stats not the data from ur computer.
  11. no need to redact that it is just a date. it was used to clear the nn data and start upgraded clients with a clean slate in neuralnetwork folder. mag will drop with new users. there is a max mag of 115000 technically and u are all fighting for it
  12. First diagnostics are broken but if check wallet backups folder for a key pair to that cpid. Also no need to hide public key it is exactly that public. If u have no backups u will need to delete your beacon and readvertise
  13. Ya it's your 31 coins versus the network weight. It's recommended to have atleaat 1000 coins to stake once in awhile. This is your issue.
  14. That means your blockchain file is corrupt. Can also be cause by Windows shutting down without the wallet closed as it takes a short time to close everything. Suggest downloading a snapshot