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  1. fully unlock wallet and goto help menu then debug then console tab and execute advertisebeacon.
  2. x

    first off "x" doesn't help me help you or determine the problem. can you explain in detail what has happened so I may assist you as well as others
  3. why do you need to renew your beacon? if it's between the 5 and 6 month mark u can fully unlock wallet and it will auto advertise after 180 blocks. if it's past 6 months you need to fully unlock wallet and goto help menu then debug and then to console tab and enter execute advertisebeacon. it will tell you if successful or not.
  4. when can we update the deletion off? so we can move to allow user to tell us his requested cpid deletion. then we can do same verification to make sure it is there and go from there :)
  5. your block chain file is corrupt. u need to download a snapshot to replace and then sync from there. precautions make sure u backup your GridcoinResearch.conf and wallet.dat then apply the snapshot.
  6. mine appeared messier in this pdf. I do my in a excel format and it was converted differently this month in pdf. check my august dev invoice and it looks cleaner.
  7. yes a small fork appeared: in console or with rpc 'reorganize 7e3b9652eda8df9ce5485aab84e278487d0bd59c81f70005aa0d7b011db9f10d' this was the block where it forked and reorg back to that or restarting will correct the wallet.
  8. also the non boinc wallet dont stake with it as again it will cause a conflict on network. only stake with the actual headless wallet that has boinc and the balance
  9. reason is the cause of confusion like this. you could copy the wallet.dat from the machine with balance to the machine without and it will solve it on a reload of that wallet but anytime in future u send grc from ur headless wallet or max os wallet u will generate the same scenario.
  10. your wallet needs to b on a machine that has boinc installed. it reads the cpid from client_state.xml from boinc. so you copied your wallet.dat from one machine to another? and the one you copied it to shows 0? after u advertised a beacon. also you shouldnt run two of the same wallet on the network. and the wallet with balance if u run the validateaddress commands i asked on thre is IsMine true on there. This would explain why the second wallet which is a duplicate of the other will show the other balance leaving that wallet. because change addresses are generated on the tx on the wallet that sent the advertisement. the change would be in the other wallet file not the one u didnt send the beacon advertisement from. This is what is causing you confusion.
  11. your CPID on wallet says investor which is unusual. and its even more strange the grc addresses that were sent to at the same time as beacon advertisement. Is this a windows wallet or linux wallet.
  12. first off it appears youve advertised your beacon twice so this may conflict as a bug fix for that is in next release coming up. execute beaconstatus and make sure it says successful. also it strange ive never seen a wallet do as such before with the big coin txs. but it appears those are your change addresses. usually u only see the beacon tx -0.00011 tx and not the others. you can confirm your wallet balance says 0? can you goto Help menu -> debug window -> console tab and enter validateaddress S3Ez5rkC2KXoMUxA4dAUnEsECynKvc9SX7 validateaddress SA18gw5b1ob57V15SB1dz1nHm7wPp7s5wB specifically looking to see if it says IsMine: true
  13. First off lets try a few checks. 1) Check your config file and see if you have all the addnodes in there. The list is here on the wiki http://wiki.gridcoin.us/List_of_Addnodes * If you don't have the updated list then add them and restart the wallet and see if you get connections 2) Make sure your computer clock is set correctly if its not you'll notice connections start and then drop as your time offset is excessive and they network will disconnect you. 3) If on windows make sure your wallet has permission to access the internet if you still have issues afterwords: 1) load up your wallet and goto Help Menu -> debug window -> console tabe and enter the following commands : execute debug10 true execute debug3 true then after about 15 minutes or so: goto pastebin.com and paste a copy of your debug.log there so i can see what information that is in there. debug.log on windows is easy to locate you can goto windows file explorer and type %appdata%\GridcoinResearch and it'll take u to the location.
  14. could you post your CPID here . the S67 transactions is beacon transaction address are your beacon transactions however the other ones are not specifically the -1191 and -500. and also could you give me the transaction ID for the ones in question. you can do so by double clicking each one and it'll display a description of the transaction and you can find the info i'm requesting there
  15. The gridcoinstats page is strictly a estimate and reference. if you want to know what ur currently owed at the current magnitude unit goto Help menu -> Debug window -> console tab and enter 'getmininginfo' BoincRewardPending has been recently added as a field in there to show u what ur expecting so far.