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  1. Invoice for iFoggz: $231USD to S7B6YpcS4XidSGBBvrUaVnKxTFpbxXJ66Y (new address)
  2. hello @Vaskor testnet is for testing new clients to be release. your client is blocking the new blocks for constant block reward. if your on slack join testnet channel for details on the clients to install.
  3. iFoggz

    [email protected]

    I understand the frustrations of the community with regards to Einstein. and as @G_UK has pointed out that yes we do have a authentication login to gather the stats and we cannot distribute this key as it would be in breach but also put the gridcoin community as developers at risk if a user decided to abuse the authentication. A centralize scraper is in the work thou there appears to be opposition to centralization as well. We have been looking at options and routes to take for this. I apologize for the waits as well as there is a lot on the plate to deal with at this time as well. Rest assured this has been an active conversation.
  4. norton blocked the port which is used by the wallet. u can make exceptions for the port in order for the wallet to work.
  5. iFoggz

    [email protected]

    Things are kind of up in the air right now and we are having conversations about options. When we know more we will put information out. cheers
  6. 20 days is just that an estimate. the network weight is always changing and conditions changing. It could be 20 days or less or more. Staking a Proof of Stake block is a probability and nothing more besides the fact the more coin weight u have the better chance. also if you have more then one wallet address with inputs across them it does make it take longer as your spread more out. multiple inputs in a single wallet address can be fine as well for when u do stake it will join them together and get the interest for that stake. the 2 staked during forkness is because the network weight was real load and split during that time.
  7. beaconreport shows cpid and grc address associated to it on advertisement
  8. you appear to be missing the required boost libraries. we have a guide on github for mac os. https://github.com/gridcoin-community/Gridcoin-Research/blob/master/doc/build-macos.md please have a look. as the backport is used to install the libraries for boost. hope this helps!
  9. Yes interest has been a topic over many months and forth future changes will address that. also note only so many grc a day are emitted so the majority goes to researchers which are paid on top of there POS blocks. some of the big wallet holders have been here since gridcoin began.
  10. hi @Teelow, Question is a little vague but I will try to help you the best I can. INPUT / OUTPUT: Transactions contain inputs and outputs which are transactions essentially. When you receive a transaction it comes from 1 or more inputs from the sender and into a single output transaction to your wallet address. For example: say you want to send john 10 GRC from your balance. the wallet will select as many inputs of transactions youve received to total 10 GRC + tx fee or higher so say your wallet finds 3 transactions totalling 10.5 GRC it'll use those transactions as inputs and you'll send a single output tranasction to john of 10 GRC + a miner fee and the remaining change left over will get put into another output to your wallet with change. Basically your wallet is alot of transactions of inputs and outputs. We can use an example of real money.n you go to the store with a 100$ bill. you buy $82.73 in groceries. your transaction consists of a 100$ bill in which you received from either a bank etc. thats an input. then you output that transaction to the cashier and they now have the 100$ bill with that transaction. then the cashier makes change for you. you are owed $17.27 so the cashier essentially owes you a $10 bill a $5 bill and 2 $1 bills and 2 dimes 1 nickle and 2 pennies. so if that is exactly what you are paid out as. then thats technically 9 inputs and 1 output paid to u in that total.each denomination is a input from them. hopefully that generally explains what the inputs/outputs are. now as for staking and minted interest. the miner that stakes a block uses 1 or more of the inputs you have and combines them for a stake and then calculates the interest owed on the grc inputs used and outputs the 1 or more inputs into one output with interest on top.
  11. you are correct! your mining essentially under the pools CPID so you do not need a beacon at all! keep accumulating your GRC and keep a running wallet staking on the network. the more GRC you have based on network conditions the better chance you have of staking a Proof of stake interest block. cheers -iFoggz Gridcoin CORE Developer
  12. Hello @pls2000, First off congratulations on mining enough GRC with the help of the pool and considering the change to solo. Sorry for the delay in responses as we as developers and helpers have been hand tied lately. So heres the answers to your questions. first off a healthy stake weight is around 2000 GRC but 1700 will suffice as well. Proof of Research payments are paid on top of your staked Proof of Stake blocks so yes your correct. 20 days is the estimation based on network conditions and other wallets in weight staking. Staking a Proof of Stake block is still a probability thou the more GRC you have the better chance you have. 20 days is not longer to wait for a payment. Some people like faster then others but balance does play a role in that. Mined interest occurs on all Proof of Stake blocks. so even if it takes you a month to stake you still get paid accordingly based on the age of the coin inputs used to stake. Based on the fact you have 1700 GRC and staking on the network does entitle you to the interest on your coins ofcourse so yes you should be getting mined interest stakes when you do stake a block. Now switching from pool to solo As you know you been staking under the pools CPID so when u break a way from solo your RAC will decay slowly over time causing magnitude to drop and your payments to become smaller and smaller till your RAC ends up being 0. This is normal. As you probably know when starting solo your essentially starting fresh and have to build up your RAC again. This is standard process and takes about 6 weeks to reach your peak RAC and about the same for the decay as well.. The bonus about moving from pool to solo is over the weeks you build your RAC on solo and your RAC on pool is going down. meaning you'll still get pool payments till your RAC is 0 and start building up owed GRC while being solo. So essentially your not really losing out on GRC. When you are solo and staking and do stake a block you will get your owed GRC ontop of your Proof of Stake block. I started out on the pool myself until i had a few thousand grc and invested in some on an exchange so I know the transition well. Tips on staking: Keep wallet running 24/7. your weight affects your ability to stake but staking is a probability and the more time you spend staking the increased chance you will have of staking. When solo make sure you follow the beacon advertising steps and check beaconstatus to make sure everything is going smoothly. 2000 is not a bad balance to stake with. it will take time to get your stakes as your experiencing but you will still get your owed grc accordingly. Hope that answers your questions. -iFoggz Gridcoin CORE Developer
  13. hello all, Correction this affected all clients however has been fixed. one character was shaved off and a small modification to code fixed the bug. I completed this and it has since be in latest releases. cheers -iFoggz Gridcoin CORE Developer
  14. Little vague but lets get into it. You sh ould verify that your cpid for your boinc projects should all match. verify that it is the cpid u keeping and have a beacon for in the gridcoin network. beaconreport would show the beacon status in the network and associated wallet address. check beaconstatus rpc command and make sure the cpid there is right and if so then find the cpid in beaconreport and the grc associated to that one is the one that u sent the beacon advertisement from. -iFoggz Gridcoin CORE Developer

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