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  1. people may be active on the pool but the owner of it has everything automated and was last known as missing. There is lots of posts in this thread dating back many many months ago. A bunch have moved to the biggest pool grcpool.com. The owner of gridcoin.co pool has not updated the whitelist on there pool for payments etc. so some projects that are not whitlisted for a long time are being paid out while some are not. The pool wallet is being paid only for the proejcts that are actually whitelisted. then the pools automated system is doing payouts to users with incorrect whitelist. so payouts are smaller for users crunching the right projects that are on the gridcoin whitelist while others are being given a piece of that same pie for projects that are not whiletisted and not paid for in the gridcoin network.. grcpool.com is always up to date and pays out correctly. also note grcpool.com pays daily in most cases
  2. this pool is not maintained and out of date the projects that are whitelisted are way out of date on it and paments are incorrect. grcpool.com is up to date and https etc. they r the recommended pool
  3. Beacon Deletion

    чтобы я мог проверить эти транзакции и проверить их, я должен был бы знать ваш boinc CPID. ваш debug.log говорит что-то, связанное с маяком в них? они часто могут дать вам хороший ключ к проблеме.
  4. Beacon Deletion

    Я не русский, поэтому я использую переводчика, поэтому простите меня за любые ошибки. Вы имеете в виду, что ваш кошелек отправил транзакции для маяка, успешно означающего 0,00011? не могли бы вы рассказать мне, что у вас есть?
  5. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    also should mention with weak key and no xml a user could still fake being one of the listed computers because even if it is hidden the weak key cud still provide details on it. but I'll have a look anyway tonight once my daughter's fever goes down
  6. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    weak key doesn't allow us to set a hex hash to an xml field.
  7. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    i'm a crawl back into bed and get that base document up asap.
  8. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    Your right the user would have to trust that we don't store that data in which we will not being doing so and the wallet is open sourced so the user could easily check the code. Yes they don't have a api to add a field but you can set the fields for the project account of a user with am_set_info.php 1 time use hash. its just the verify once that it exists to accept it into the chain as a valid CPID. you would have to add a new hash to field on there account to overwrite that existing CPID registration. Good question. network as in the network. only 51% needs to agree for acceptance. I agree it may add a short load on the server pulling a xml data of less then 1KB. How far back are you talking. grandfathering is one way and if a tx is already past a certain age and accepted in the network it would be accepted. The accepting nodes checking the TX would scan the cache for existing hash. if exists it will reject. however if it does not exist it will verify on the URL xml for example that if matches to prove ownership. It can be stored XML fields can be modified by am_set_info.php without an issue I have tested this. --- Sorry all for delayed reply as I'm recovering from a sinus infection and code that bed bound me for days.
  9. negative NeuralPopularity???

    yes u have to stake a block first as a researcher as that is how the faucet can tell ur a researcher and what rewards u qualify for. Magnitude+Balance polls require u to have magnitude that is verifiable i believe. With no previous staked block no way to tell.
  10. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    figured while i'm waiting to clear my sinuses i'd give a basic of how the system works Registration: User will select the whitelisted project they wish to register there CPID for. User will enter project login details for the wallet to connect to the project server. (The wallet will not store this data) Wallet if successful in login begin the process of gather user id and writing a unique one time use hash to a XML field. (Currently you cannot add a new XML field to be viewed via web protocol) Wallet will send a CPID registration TX with the project name, grc address for payment, external CPID, user id and hash. Network will check the TX. If the unique hash already exists then reject the TX. If an existing registration exists the new one will overwrite the existing one following certain conditions the network will look up the user id on project server for the user and verify the hash in TX matches the hash stored in XML field , confirming they own the CPID. The network will then accept the TX as a valid registration. There of course is more steps involved being in the client code side but this just a quick run through. They will not have to keep the hash on the project server either nor can it be used again. its a unique one time hash so it cannot be used again even if its still in the XML field. Will fine tune the document later and post it. time to crawl out of bed and cook kids dinner.
  11. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    i will post tidak once sinuses clear up. anda heaven forbid i havent seen every possible proposal that i was not aware of
  12. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    burn means not availible to be used I guess is what ur asking. it exists in a burn address that has no wallet and no private key for it.
  13. Wallet out of Sync/Offline - MacOS

    Hey there. unfortunately the default log does not contain any extra information without other debug flags. please add debug=true and debug3=true and debug10=true in config and load up the wallet again. also try to directly connecting to a node with -connect= command line argument. you may have a firewall issue or a router issue. you could also try to telnet to a node and see if it makes a connection before u get disconnected.
  14. Assertion Failed

    Never seen this assertion issue before. Its possible there is a problem with your leveldb . Did you recently have a computer freeze or did the wallet freeze? Might of corrupted the database file and may need to use a snapshot
  15. Gridcoin Future Technology Base

    Hello all, I was asked to make a reply to the current proposal of Rob. As an active developer I have been challenged among other developers over various bugs and problems that came about in the current Gridcoin client. All were unforeseen IMO. I personally am more attracted to Robs proposal for many reasons. I understand a lot of people don't like change but there is change ahead whether it is this proposal or 4.0 proposal. In my opinion a single proposal should never be the only answer and the community should be exposed to at least two proposals before moving ahead. With this proposal I'll let you know more of the CPID Assignment System that will be used in this proposal. The system I will be implementing will no longer require public or private keys anymore. This is a key point that has caused trouble for the community and this eliminates the need for deletion of CPIDs aka as currently called in the current system as "beacons". Over the time I been in Gridcoin development the key parts of code that I took part in the beginning were fixing the beacon issues that caused various problems. I've learned a lot from these issues and made solutions and also learned so much about the current system in place. With this knowledge I've moved ahead with this proposal (in mind) and made a proposed way for the CPID Assignment System (as Rob has mentioned) so that if this proposal is agreed upon I'll be prepared to make a well thought out system. This system does take a little of brods idea with boinc accounts but goes way beyond this and in another direction to conform to a system that can scale easily in the future and make the task easier for the users of the Gridcoin cryptocurrency wallet. I've taken extra steps as well to make it so that replay attacks will not be possible for CPID registration. Also the system prevents a malicious user who does not own the CPID from registering your CPID. These were some of the concerns of brought about quite some time ago. This system also allows for a user to update their own CPID registration if need be as well. This system does not have a team requirement proposed within it. It will be completely scale-able to what the network/users needs. The wallet/neural nodes will guarantee that the user registering their CPID is in fact the owner. If a user lost their wallet to a failed hard drive and did not have a backup they can easily update the registration with the new wallet information for payments and not worry about beacon deletions and simply just lose the coins they had (Backups are a much needed process all users should par take in -- I can't stress that enough). The newest registration is the accepted and used as the correct registration after verification that it is accepted and verified. If a user does not want to attach all projects to the same CPID they don't have to with this system at all. This in fact can be useful for a user who does not want to attach all projects to one machine just to maintain the same external CPID and they don't need to use a project manager either. This also allows a user to also have the option of not running the wallet on a machine that has boinc much like a PI, etc and still register the CPIDs. I've drawn up the system frame work and am here for anyone who has concerns or thinks of security concerns that could or need to be addressed. I'm also all ears if anyone has any suggestions for features. I've kept this simple and sweet but if you have questions do ask and I'll address them as I can. You can either reply here or direct message me here or email me eastendmumbles@gmail.com and even in slack if you wish. I'll get back to you as soon as possible. There are lots of reasons I'm in support of this proposal. The dash code base in decent from what I've seen so far plus evolved and I've made it a request that Gridcoin code is kept separate from the code base as much as possible so in future if there are any improvements to dash or security updates we can easily apply them to the wallet and keep up with the times. The current wallet is pretty outdated and I believe this is a positive step for Gridcoin as well as many more. I'm happy and confident in the role I will be playing in this proposal and the direction. I'm also happy with the daily superblock payments to all researchers so new users will not have to worry or wonder if they will stake in time to receive there reward. The new system will also reduce the chances of the forks we have been having and address many issues. I'd get into more detail but it is time to put the kids to bed. (Yes i'm a full-time dad and manage to find time to work to keep the community happy :)) My only intention is to better the future for the Gridcoin community. Best regards, Paul P.S. forgive me for any typos if there are any. Also if you have any concerns about this proposal do bring them up!

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