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  1. get of pool.gridcoin.co its not up to date and behind on whitelist as well. every 2 or 3 weeks ispayouts there. but grcpool.com can get daily payments if owed more then 1 grc
  2. ur wallet runs 24/7 u still got to stake a block to get paid. i dont see any problems besides not having a high mag or balanve affects ur ability to stake a block. u have 182 days to stake it thou usualybin a situation with low mag and low balance id recommened a pool like grcpool.com
  3. diagnostics are broken don't rely on them at all.
  4. next superblock will help the magnitude. and yes wallet.dat is important for ur coins aha. be patient.
  5. if ur mag/14 is lower then mint limiter u can stake por blocks. hang tight. i went from 320 to 4 lol
  6. a bad superblock after a stats issue. usually only a project or two are affected but this time it was different. shud be back to normal next ssuperblock. still looking into the matter
  7. no problem. glad the issue is resolved :) u can always follow the TX's.
  8. I followed the bread crumbs myself so here my findings and im not going to keep tracing it further: you sent coins in this transaction https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/block/641393/b4e16dd633197195b92dfbb202a8740d9aea26848a08c592ac3b4f6d0579a38a to S911iTvDMnemGwtKfdBpNPKXwudnQHeSuJ (12500 GRC) you can see this in the grc address https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/address/S911iTvDMnemGwtKfdBpNPKXwudnQHeSuJ then on block 641746 TX: https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/block/641746/70b0efa997faaf2953ddaff202fd88b2d2e9b451abde144f780fef599e76e1c7 you see the coins are moved to 2 grc addresses. lets see where the grc goes: 1) https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/address/SEeHA6q2CDfbKxzxCqsCCofPY9QBVzVYGo received 7003 grc from the above tx and moved them in block 642338 again https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/block/642338/9e5828622e528a9593317175e4ef32da0849cd9d6d75c582b288d0204675b223 (gets split again into two txs) this keps going for awhile split up txs 2) https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/address/SLbiLjnxUfhwdKdfUdD5rF8hMUaYenHiGh received 2489 GRC from that tx and it has a related wallet address of RxDnS8B2mEPuoT3crsUmcHeNLgkMSDzT7h which is owned by cpid https://www.gridcoinstats.eu/cpid/70101227944feb1c123e680507e032a7. im not going to keep tracing the grc down for u to tell u it did get sent and received and then broken up by the receiver.
  9. they were delivered to that grc address. the track coins only works on windows clients not linux and due to that fact it is being chopped from the code. the confirms are clients confirming it took place. so that grc address did receive the coins. and apun looking at block 641393 it did send to that grc address and then the owner of that grc address moved the 12500 coins on block 641746. that user of the grc address did receive and move the coins. no doubts there
  10. still getting assert crashes or just shutting down? if its just shutting down can youcheck debug.log and debug2.log and see if it keeps trying to re upgrade. some users having this issue atm of that and it just shutting down. if this the case u can add suppressupgrade=true to ur conf file toll this is fixed.
  11. yes if u have a decent magnitude u should stake once in awhile. maybe every month or 2. u will still get what ur owed. u have 182 days to get it. i did pool till i had 2000GRC. then i bought some and went solo. --- i have a tip address on my profile. click thy name. all tips go to help new peoples
  12. we are aware of the issue. ur not alone.
  13. your not the only one with this issue. alot of people are having issues. stand by and thx for the log
  14. i need to know what projects showed
  15. close wallet and delete the neural network data in the folder and restart. seems issues wih those files