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  1. Did you get your wallet to sync now? The source nodes are up so you should be fine. Let me know if you need some help!
  2. ☆☆☆[POP] 5,000 FREE to your wallet! PopularCoin Giveaway for Likes On Twitter! ☆Get 5,000 POP!☆ POPULARCOIN.COM Tweet/retweet/follow all of the PopularCoin Twitter accounts for 5,000 POP!!! (Up to 50 people) https://twitter.com/PopularCoinBot https://twitter.com/PopularCoinPOP https://twitter.com/PopularCoin ☆After you tweet/retweet/follow @popularcoin and @popularcoinpop Just post your POP Address and you will get sent 5,000 PopularCoins!
  3. Regarding the issue with Popular Coin "Virus" This issue is something that has been discussed in the past. It is listed in the op as well. What has been known is that this is a false positive because the code has the ability wallet mine and is an older version of bitcoin miner. We have had some really good devs look at the project and the common consensus is that this is a false positive from this virus total scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/5be1c87748a0e7c8717fd586669b83ce5fb0eec1d47fba91443a97d919c00af8/analysis/ Either way, because this bringing to our attention and the time might be right for it, we may need to launch a POP Version2, which may be good for POP right now.
  4. On a Secondary note, I have been thinking about doing a complete re-distribution and upgrade. Because there are lots of coins that are probably lost forever from exchanges going down, all of those coins could go to the POP foundation. And we could have a massive upgrade and catch up with the most cutting edge algos. What do you guys think? (This is another reason, I know there are many people who own POP but we aren't getting much involvement from them, how can we get more involvement again?)
  5. No doubt, it is awesome to see Bitcoin doing so well! Who knows how far this will go And it really is no fun only owning .1 or even only 20.1 of anything that is money, so alt coins should have a good future too. As for POP, it was crushing when after working to get on cryptsy for 2+ years, finally got on cryptsy and then cryptsy died. it was horrible. POP was doing good when that happened,.. Another good thing that is great to be able to note. The guys at Cryptopia have POPs back, they were one of POPs first mining pools, before Cryptopia was built POP they worked closely with them so we have a great exchange too.