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  1. The Last Version of the PopularCoin First Chain has been Released! You can use the following link for instructions and links: https://www.popularcoin.com/popular/bitcoin/how-to-install-new-popular-coin-computer-wallet-and-securely-backup-your-coins-on-mac-windows
  2. Coin Swap coming May 16th! The Popular Coin™ Developers and team has put together a timeline and announcement for a coin swap redistribution to a new chain! Please visit the full post on the website for all the information! https://www.popularcoin.com/popular/bitcoin/popular-coin-new-chain-release-date-may-16-new-economics-and-specifications-proposal
  3. Hello Everyone, We have announced the plans to start a redistribution! Please join the website to make comments and join in on the discussion! Visit the website for more information: https://www.popularcoin.com/popular/bitcoin/announcement-popular-coin-redistribution-coin-swap-and-new-chain
  4. If you are happy with how the Popular Coin Project has held on through the ups an downs and if you have benefited from all the hard work. Please Donate to DEV: 12syCAqdVPY9uT6iupgmrkdZRqdpqaSCz3 We have done it with No Donations (other than 1 million POP 5 months ago) thus far and have a lot of work to do. Please show your appreciation by sending any amount. Thank you,
  5. Really Exciting News Folks, POP just got Added to the Bitcoin Market on Cryptopia!! https://www.cryptopia.co.nz/Exchange/?market=POP_BTC
  6. Just a Friendly Reminder that NovaEX is Closing Down in January so Everyone Needs to get their POP Coins OFF NOVAEX As Soon As Possible. https://novaexchange.com/market/LTC_POP/
  7. LRABBIT, Here is a link to the Ubuntu Server Wallet Install instructions: https://www.popularcoin.com/popular/how-to/how-to-install-a-popular-coin-wallet-on-an-ubuntu-debian-linux-server-for-a-source-seed-node-personal-wallet-instructions
  8. Absolutely, Glad to help! And that would be great! We could always use extra nodes, when your done you can give me the nodes ip and we can add them as seed nodes if thats okay. Are your servers linux (preferably ubuntu14.04 or CentOs)? I can create a quick how to on setting up a wallet/node on a linux server!
  9. Hi Irabit :) We have recently updated the seed nodes and are waiting for a new compile after we add some more features. What you will need to do is add nodes manually into your debug window like: addnode xx.xxx.xxx.xx add Here is a link to all the nodes you will need http://popularcoin.com:3751/network
  10. Awesome! Thank you for adding POP! We will get you added on the website and in the forums!
  11. That was an awesome presentation! A lot has changed with POP since then, exchanges, even PoW reward has changed. When this speech happened it was a real honor to be invited and on stage with everyone that presented at that convention. Its probably one of the biggest cryptocurrency conventions that has ever happened! Watch some of the other videos from that! There really are a lot of people that have gotten involved with POP and know cryptojet said that he would keep it going. The users are just holding, we really need to do something to wake them all up!
  12. Here is a new PopularCoin Mining Pool for everyone! https://vemitech.com/mine/PopularCoin

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