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  1. That was an awesome presentation! A lot has changed with POP since then, exchanges, even PoW reward has changed. When this speech happened it was a real honor to be invited and on stage with everyone that presented at that convention. Its probably one of the biggest cryptocurrency conventions that has ever happened! Watch some of the other videos from that! There really are a lot of people that have gotten involved with POP and know cryptojet said that he would keep it going. The users are just holding, we really need to do something to wake them all up!
  2. Coins Sent to Everyone! Thanks for all the retweets!!!!!!! That will conclude this round for the 5,000 POP Giveaway
  3. You're saying you won't (will not) dump this coin? Would you help promote in other ways? Do you have any good ideas of what could help?
  4. 10 coins per retweet or like when you make a retweet? Would that work? What do you think? Up to 250,000 POP of course,..
  5. Your Wallet needs to Finish Syncing with the network, then you will see the coins! Is it working for you now?
  6. Okay, If you would be interested in helping, we can workout a bounty situation! Just dm me and we can set something up for you!