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  1. GREAT NEWS ANNOUNCED YESTERDAY!!! Dollar Online will soon have a mobile wallet per their Twitter @dollarglobal Satowallet - Mulit Crypto Mobile Wallet & Exchange will be listing DOLLAR.ONLINE Soon you will be able to go to the appstore or google play @SatoWallet and download the app and find DOLLAR.ONLINE listed. This too will eventually give DOLLAR a new exchange listing too. AWESOME NEWS!!! Congratulations to DOLLAR.ONLINE Team and our user community.
  2. More DOLLAR bounty or marketing issues that can help this coin... A. Your Facebook and Twitter are listed under "DollarGlobal" and they don't correspond with the website. No where in the website is "DollarGlobal" mentioned, nor in its tag lines for social media to connect the Social Media with the Website (This will be very helpful to connect the two... I recommend you obtain DollarGlobal.org (it is available) and have it mirror the current website. Have CoinMarketCap list Website 1 & Website 2.) B. eDollar.Online is a great name and the ticker "DOLLAR" is fantastic too. However, it gets lost in Google Searches and Social Mentions. I really recommend we tie DollarGlobal as the brand and of course link this with social media. It will filter users to one location. C. Please attend to issue relating to the website itself... a. TAGS for ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ - Does DOLLAR currently have a developer or is it developerless? - Is DOLLAR a fork from Parallel Coin? - If it's a fork of Parallel Coin, was the Legendary "Marcetin" the founder? - If this is true then Marcetin is going to be busy refocusing his energy back into Parallel Coin (that is completely understandable). DOLLAR will then need a developer, and then we must ask, where will the funds come from? - I liked Marcetin's post on Bitcointalk on the ParallelCoin thread. He is right its all about the community. DOLLAR needs community development and has so much potential with some small marketing tweeks. Having said this, a large global community can explode on social media with its simple-worldwide-name, but a vision, a purpose, a problem well defined - with it's own unique solution needs to be conveyed and marketed. - I understand that Parallel's new focus could include other communities develop their own coin. I admire that willingness and desire to help the entire Crypto space. I hope that is the case. WHAT I WANT... I want to make a difference on this planet, leaving it better than when I entered this world. Having said that, the crypto space is where my passion is and where I believe I can make the biggest ripples in this large pond. I want Crypto to unseat the central planners & banksters that have eroded away Individual Financial Sovereignty and through their hidden taxes (inflation) have wrecked havoc on the poor and much of society. I firmly believe that Crypto is the only way to level the playing field, raise the unbanked to banked and later unbank the banked. What I don't want is someone to think I'm in this for the money. I'm here to make a difference and pass on a legacy. PERIOD. WHAT WE NEED is a simple to use wallet, a currency that over time by design inflates in value, a solid mobile wallet, scales with extremely LOW FEES, is merchant ready, spender friendly, replaces countries that inflect the most harm on its citizens with their home fiat, is ready to be mass adopted. DOLLAR can become this global growth currency. Name recognition is the perfect launch vehicle. What we need is DOLLAR to be a person's own bank that is on their phone, in their pocket, on their computer. We must have quick, borderless, low fee transactions, with a stable yet growing in value DOLLAR that easily earns trust and value over time. PROBLEM - SOLVED? On boarding fiat onto the Crypto space can be difficult and going from Crypto back into fiat can also be very complicated. ATMs are a solution, but Banks and Governments that feel threaten will fight to stop it. Poor nations and many communities won't have ATM access, much less a bank account. Hence we need a better on-boarding system (commodity driven ATM system - built ground up in small villages to large cities - much like how DOLLAR functions as a POW/POS Hybrid. ((( I can share these thoughts later ))) First things first, to build this DOLLAR community I want / need DOLLAR historical and mechanical information - questions answered. TOGETHER LET'S BUILD A STRONG, CRYPTO PASSIONATE COMMUNITY - USING DOLLAR TO LIFT OTHERS UP - USING DOLLAR TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE - WITH DOLLAR WE CAN GIVE INDIVIDUAL FINANCIAL SOVERIGNTY - DO YOU SEE THE VISION? LET'S BUILD THIS!
  3. DOLLAR Staff, I have a couple more questions... 12. On DOLLAR explorer I see that 981,665 coins were burned under wallet: DCoinBurnDotComDestroyedALLXb5rUnp a. What was this? 13. I see on DOLLAR explorer that 10,880,478 coins are still outstanding a. Is this how many coins are yet to be mined? b. Again, what about the 1 Billion coins??? c. From DOLLAR explorer how can I see how many are in circulation? d. How many coins/% do you think have been lost since the coin with dormant? 14. If there isn't enough money to reinvest into the development of DOLLAR , is the founder(s) planning on doing an ICO to raise money to market and additional development? I'm so excited about this coins potential. I can wait to help promote it, but want to get some answers first. I'm willing to help with this coins marketing and reignition in multiple ways. i think I can help with the Russian translation for the website too. I will let the staff know. Please tell me how I can help. Many Thx In Advance for Your Detailed Answers, IAM4IAM GO DOLLAR !!!
  4. DOLLAR to the MOON! I'm a big fan of this coin because it's X11, has a great staking annual rate of 50% and especially due to its name it has tremendous potential. I've had great success working with the Windows wallet. I've recently increased my holdings because I believe this coin has great potential and now has a team with some goals. Having said this... Now I have some questions. I would like to know the answers so I can feel comfortable promoting this coin and more importantly feel even more confident about my investment. 1. Sense Dollar.Online "DOLLAR" uses the X11 algorithm, is it a fork of DASH? 2. Does the Staking earn rewards with new coins & transaction fees? 3. I like that DOLLAR is a POW/POS hybrid, but why didn't the founder & current team implement a governance system much like DASH or PIVX? a. Is there a governance system? b. Can you describe it? 4. Are their Master Nodes? What are the requirements? How many Master Nodes are there? 5. Road Maps really help investors see the vision of the team/coin, sets goals, and helps users/investors hold the team accountable. Do you have a Road Map with dates? 6. I understand the new management has just got started; however, have a concern that Max DOLLAR Supply per the website is 1 Billion. (Coin Market Cap only shows 9,601,412) a. Which is true? b. This change will effect the marketcap and price c. How was this number determined or changed? 7. I understand the new goals are an eCommerce tool. Do you have details and an estimated role out for this? 8. An Android Wallet will be HUGE for this coin and EXTREMELY necessary for users to transact and make DOLLAR soar to the moon. 9. Does the new management team that is reigniting DOLLAR have adequate funding to market and develop this coin (marketing is expensive, and good developers are rare & nearly priceless)? a. Was there an ICO, or is the original developer still involved and funding this rebirth? b. Is the MasterNode / Wallet Staking helping to pay for this rebirth? c. Where's the money coming from? 10. What does the management team need from the community to insure DOLLAR's success? HOW CAN WE HELP???!!!! 11. Bounty items? A. I noticed that CoinMarketCap points to BitcoinTalk forum and not this forum. This needs to be changed so all inquiries get routed to a single location. B. Props for the Italian and Polish additions to the website. C. I know Spanish is very soon. (I helped with this) D. We need to get Korean, Japanese & Chinese right away too!!! Finally, I intend to insert DOLLAR into my YouTube uploads. I really want to help with this coin's success, but would like answers to these and other questions first. I can help socially nearly full-time here in the USA. Looking forward to answers. Many Thx, IAM4IAM
  5. DOLLAR Staff, Many Thx for the explanation. I like the transaction speed. This is important for the customer and the merchant at the point of sale. This is why Bitcoin may not make it as a true currency, but do exceptionally well has an asset class and hold its value (especially being the 1st coin and the biggest). I can see how the name can work as a huge marketing strategy. Does DOLLAR have an action plan time-line and list of goals? I ask these questions to become not only a supporter, but an investor as well as someone that would recommend it to their friends and family. Also, everything comes at a cost. What do you sacrifice to have the fast transaction times? How does your coin compare to DASH? Looking forward to learning more. Thx, IAM4IAM
  6. Hello Everyone at Dollar, So what is the long range plan for this coin? Will it be a essentially an asset based coin with increasing value based on mining, exchanges, & hoarding? If more than just value speculation, how do you envision its future use and what makes this coin special in comparison to others? Newbie to forum question. Thx
  7. Hello, New to your forum. Where is the search bar? It says I don't have permission for this. Why? How do I search the topic for a certain coin. i.e. DASH or eDOLLAR? This newbie is confused. Please help. Thx.
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    Hello, My first post. Where's the search bar to look up different alt coin forums? Iam4iam

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