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  1. Hi, Any chance you could add an upload GPG public key function? The mailer could then use the GPG public key to encrypt outgoing email, so that mining payout emails are not sent in plaintext? Thanks
  2. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA1 Sure, if you dont like mega (it doesn’t work in firefox for me. i had to use chrome to upload it.) i have uploaded it to d-h.st: http://d-h.st/flv MinerAgent1.2.iso 108.00 MB (113246208 bytes) http://d-h.st/V8z MinerAgent1.2.iso.sig (543 bytes) http://d-h.st/6JA [email protected] (0xBF8A2DC7) pub.asc 3.13 KB (3203 bytes) I am working on next revision, will come with jhPrimeminer and more cpu-minable coins. There is way too much trust in the cryptocommunity with running random binaries. The next trashcoin may just keylog your password and upload your wallet.dat. Be careful! If in doubt, virtualise. Next revision will have a verify tool that will check the integrity of the miner binaries. Only trust binary content from trusted sources! Compile it yourself. Investigate the source code. Yeah, it will take you a few hours of mucking about compiling libraries to get mingw+qt working right, but once you do, you are suddenly on the frontlines. bugtesting, improving, adding features... -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (MingW32) iQIcBAEBAgAGBQJSuTnuAAoJEDkhY0q/ii3HQz0QALFqzPia/qVpR1GKfCbQbTzR JdfHrClb6FOgC7FJO7NT8Jv76XI7aRbtBkXJj9ah/R4699ty1qpRH8fGEMd3g9yQ vDZLz/jBRlONiSi77yMXeYMvjWLXG+Z65/epgRtRgp+Wlf20QGHiwj4plN4+FmKw 5p8o3pD2yUyZ640gvX4pPDbs6TiEx/1Whj1/Rsv/b3g/l+ny4qSPUGEAbfPtKk0i 4/GzdXLpVucOz4ybKua7KVJtXVANlSH7xcleApeOkNpwWNXkaqjqYLSfYEdYA824 orrrJ4MopNxUsYT94FNwX8W3AiZaJzv2a4K71+oAdwxK0c+ZpzZ7exaOrEGp057G h98Pi+fVTYMlDhhiJEWcE0Sfbmm++UeKsRIlYZZHXfXaBg3XhWIggbkGsSxpfQ82 LbVRRtTiD8nBCVLeGItJHg1n0FP5K7wWvyLRdYuJdGaN7bOxnovDLp5a+hlRE9JH OfQxpHydcqKdwXZNyIojLrQSzMfYOxXHxHeOX1c7Ye4uSHC25YfTOkCX7v1wmfIm p/kUJ16JhW0OSS0JZo7LFPvbRTgh/nBqNCsDJpBLOj00EbgSm+yDpDnSKRLHekaO 6VbBY6JMrKlAUPL/b5CT0U5HoUaQVZewRn2DOIQgZRK6DbZujS1dvJ+pOe+KnVTp u3aeOG4NtJE3DUr+ePjc =EasJ -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
  3. Version 1.4.1 Primecoin Protoshares Datacoin with xolokram primeminer ptsminer jhprimeminer jhprotominer jhprimeminer-aero unclebob-minerd
  4. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA512 [uPD][LINUXLIVEISO][MINER] MinerAgent 1.4.1 - A small Linux Live System (amd64) for mining CryptoCurrency (bootable iso) I would like to announce the a new release of MinerAgent. Version 1.4.1 adds Uncle-Bob's minerd for Quark, as well as generic SHA256D and SCRYPT support. This should cover a most coins currently being traded that are minable. It also fixes a bug with DHCP autconfiguration stripping characters. MinerAgent is a small [~100MB] (Linux) Debian Live iso, preconfigured for CPU Mining Crytocurrency (Primecoin Protoshares Quark Datacoin SHA256D Bitcoin Namecoin Peercoin SCRYPT Litecoin Dogecoin Worldcoin Megacoin) it comes with all needed libraries, sshd, perl, python, fail2ban, htop, screen & tmux It includes xolokrams primeminer/ptsminer & jh000 jhprimeminer/jhprotominer & clintars jhprimeminer-aero & uncle-bob minerd It uses Debian sid (Linux 3.12; libboost-1.54; openssl-1.0.1f; libgmp-5.1.3; libdb-6.0; libc-2.17) This iso should boot on any modern 64 bit PC or server and provide quick access to beeeeer rpool ypool xrampool and gpool pools with XPM PTS DTC Primecoin ProtoShare Datacoin mining. **** It should also work generically with most stratum, getwork and x.pushthrough pools with a SCRYPT, SHA256D, PRIMECOIN, PROTOSHARES or QUARK based Proof of Work To use: Insert into computer, or connect .iso to lights out or remote access console. Boot from disk or iso. Please change your password! You can mine with the following commands. To access remotely, use Putty (Windows) or ssh (Unix). XPM beeeeer: primeminer -pooluser=$PAYOUT -poolpassword=0 -poolip= -poolport=1337 -genproclimit=#cores XPM rpool: primeminer -pooluser=$PAYOUT -poolpassword=0 -poolip=rpool.net -poolport=8336 -genproclimit=#cores XPM ypool: jhprimeminer -o http://ypool.net -u <yourusername>.<workername> -p <password> PTS beeeeer: ptsminer $PAYOUT #cores 27 avx PTS ypool: jhprotominer -o http://ypool.net -u <yourusername>.<workername> -p <password> -t #cores -m512 DTC gpool: primeminer -pooluser=$PAYOUT -poolpassword=0 -poolip= -poolport=8336 -poolshare=6 -genproclimit=#cores DTC xrampool: primeminer -poolip=xpool.xram.co -poolport=1339 -pooluser=$PAYOUT -genproclimit=#cores -poolshare=6 QRK mine-pool: minerd-unclebob -a quark -t #cores -o http://qrk.mine-pool:8372 -u $PAYOUT -p xxx QRK coinmine.pl minerd-unclebob -a quark -o stratum+tcp://mine1.coinmine.pl:6010 -u username -p x other SCrypt (ie: DOGE): minerd-unclebob -a scrypt -o $POOLURL -u Worker -p x other SHA256D (ie: BTC): minerd-unclebob -a sha256d -o $POOLURL -u Worker -p x You can also autoconfigure MinerAgent by including vendor class "MinerAgent" options in DHCP Scope. This should work on both Microsoft DHCP and ISC DHCP example: 001 miner-binary = minerd-unclebob | 002 = miner-options = -algo scrypt -o stratum+tcp://stratum6.dogehouse.org:993 -u username.worker -p password x | automine-enabled = 1 This Linux Live system requires no local storage and has no persistence. Passwords and any local configurations will be lost on reboot. It is recommended that any local configurations be stored on a remote persistent store accessed via scp/ssh or pushed to the miner by DHCP. No "CryptoCurrency" exists in this iso, nor does it exist in the mining environment once booted. A miner submits shares on behalf of your payout address. Miners included have been signed with MinerAgent public key. These miners were compiled from author or fork maintainer git repos with no modifications to the source. Always be careful with unknown miner binaries. Malicious miners have been discovered in the wild! Comments, Improvements, Feature Requests and Constructive Criticisms would be appreciated. [email protected] (0xBF8A2DC7) pub.asc 3.13 KB (3203 bytes) - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://mega.co.nz/#!RI9DyBJB!IAKgiUuN2JCqcVEDPgGtBEThEclTYRlnlcuPPBykeQk http://d-h.st/jEN MinerAgent1.4.1.iso (99 MB) - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://mega.co.nz/#!JU1UQBYZ!XRhXalCCGsHYRPsxZpkcUn6_AbWrpDZO943KCNEo5Lw http://d-h.st/pdN - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MD5(MinerAgent1.4.1.iso)= 2aec69eb5b98ab993b60c6ec3b7d6c0c SHA1(MinerAgent1.4.1.iso)= 8c963d6d69da0c18cddc5958690c055a3a139994 SHA256(MinerAgent1.4.1.iso)= 5d79e58e02a9bac5248edb3854ea021fdacaf3ff248b6874323a8f7f4401ba23 MinerAgent1.4.1.iso.sig (543 - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://mega.co.nz/#!FZ1WFSzI!xsMPneCffDuf0xdSuhuj2BUWAaFFfDsEYgoBu3Afjfw http://d-h.st/JR2 - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MD5(MinerAgent1.4.1.iso.sig)= 1cce75f2f6fe4e982cda8ea3a4c3f27a SHA1(MinerAgent1.4.1.iso.sig)= 4da79f81b2925ab953fd5ac6eb80e29b8e801823 SHA256(MinerAgent1.4.1.iso.sig)= 24d7363c705b75f7735136e8c218750a8beeda7b6aff56f710d6a93f3e8e2d95 Debian Live Scripts for generating iso: https://github.com/MiWCryptoCurrencyMinerAgent/MA-DebianLiveConf Thanks, MiW *** CryptoCurrency mining is a resource intensive process. it will attempt to use 100% of CPU resources for mining, generate heat and noise (fans, dhcp logs, etc). If you choose to use this software, please use it responsibly and only on hardware you own or are authorised to use. No responsibility is taken for any damage to hardware caused by the use of this software. Cooling is essential. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2.0.22 (MingW32) iQIcBAEBCgAGBQJS6QeKAAoJEDkhY0q/ii3Hn54P/0UrYPjrLCR7IlUc8hfydKJo Zda41xZRCexFpsUmOhD461A56aCAZdjxMPCoiXjhGy1kGUjYooD4+FzXTSe8qkZJ L95/fq3MbeBvoFIOrpBjVD7xV4S/kVTs3zGLCV8WGw7kQKiFCqoZK5NW4o35Sfei goNFzIYcKHTeRKImwRokJPpeJ5sE7mtBH7ufPKTvBwSeV13IhuZbnHXPeoF4pjv8 JFwnKHPlejn2Gq+ZrGibNr7QBT2+zklQj9R3DDQg8ai8oHbbIhOXGetsFiG8I3a9 G9Yq3BBal25fGC8MpYbrWh6NfiDCv2f2URyvnuaAI5+W5e109BRjs6AoHmjYsNs2 xP0xZ0KYeoFkpdJUY8ubgWFSsBJbukNS/na6FwNIN92FP1Ld80xJC3+emQfpzKnf 7dxc+KwEmV1ViWxInKzpbNCr11lIbpV6WHSBvDS6Eom8f7JOXvecDvV/tL8w715w qP7SfcnWs6j0twqlUfsegZNJNsImkXtako9CLUwALttsrq2IiSxpSXyKlgExwGpJ gRPdj3n0SUlwLKC3uyRUEsw0xiOs1+Pazsw+hW8ImHhQJ6d3IkeKQY6EgHC0Sxa2 RyC3Ylwn4ZNqqU11UhSyfO6dnOj7UTuk5muaAdO3a+nu1WD45vq0BHnbysghiBEt D1HqB0V22kzh+EgJQ4MV =9+VL -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----

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