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  1. Thank you so much for such interesting news. It has been both really entertaining and insightful. Wish you well.
  2. What is the latest movie with him? I've kinda lost a track for a while, would gladly watch.
  3. If we take the same worth of money that belongs to a single holder, there just would be more coins which equally cost as the BTC this abstract holder has now but in different units and quantities. But it's a raw assumption just like the statement about this enormous capitalization itself.
  4. Well, now BTC is dropping. If this gives a push for a higher number of people to purchase — it might at least beat 2000 cap. Or these experts just wanted a little attention.
  5. How are you going to compete with Steemit? Or, are your project something different?
  6. Why should users always follow your countless links to give you statistics for free? Present at least something worthy. If there's no, what's the point in posting?
  7. Like everybody should get own currency. At least, with info like that there would be two times one of such can be mentioned: one time for launching currency and one to announce that it won't have succeeded.
  8. Very nice application of coins, not mandatory but leaves a place for interest. Would be good to receive more news about the project.
  9. Well, pretty much anything can. The absence of unique features, features which didn't quite work in real conditions, absence of investors, inability to convert into fiat, name it. More and more try to make an appearance on the market therefore even more will fail.
  10. Great idea, those searches for something particular are so tiresome. Though, bots may soon become really picky and steal a big chunk of value from this.
  11. Pretty much obvious article that can be summed up into, "Ransomware encrypts data$ it is written by hackers who demand ransom in BTC for decryption; hackers can work in private companies; it's better not get any RW or you can't do anything." Didn't get the "stealing" in the title and picture as any illegal purposed transaction in BTC kinda does the same.

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