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  1. Where is the new wallet? My old one isn't syncing....
  2. Can vote for Nyan coin on cryptsy here https://cryptsy.freshdesk.com/support/discussions/topics/74173/
  3. I wonder who you are Will be swapping from Nyan to your pool once I hit my desired amount of Nyan
  4. Haha yep! Glad my post gave you good news and bad Nyan looks like it could be the next best thing since DOGE, can only wait and see.
  5. The exact same thing happened to me with APE coin, I never saw the coins again, and I'm talking millions ... I have had no issues with Nyan (touch wood)
  6. Nice, anyone kind enough to donate me some to get started? Are there any faucets? KDHQy4cLMU7Gnxmfnpf75n4qMvRSYLkkjX
  7. It really does look more complete compared to the other one.
  8. hehe, you have a few finds too though man!
  9. Solo seems so easy yet so bloody difficult haha Started in that pool, thanks for the link Antsy -e- Found a block instantly
  10. How do I solo this? So frustrating ... do these conf and cgminer bat files look right?

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